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LW has been a renowned supplier of aluminum for the last 15 years. LW is famous in the aluminum industry with customers’ trust and loyalty.

Many businesses use these aluminum extrusion. The primary material used for it is 6000 series of aluminum alloy. They are also known as 2020 aluminum extrusion v slot.

As the name suggests, 2020 is the dimension of 2020 aluminum extrusion, 20mm x 20mm. Customization is available for all the customers to meet your requirements. 

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LW 2020 Aluminum Extrusion

Different Series of 2020 Aluminum Extrusion

W-6-2020 Aluminum Extrusion T-Slot Profile

W-6-2020 Aluminum Extrusion T-Slot Profile

2020 aluminum profile usually assembles various projects which are consist of lightweight frameworks.These include a display board, the rack of the instrument, engine cover, and other lightweight structures.

More specifications are as follow:
2020 series T slot aluminum extrusion is made up of aluminum 6063-T5 material. The weight is measured as 0.65kg/m whereas, the product has a length of 6.02m.

Size profile 20mm x 20mm. The width of the slot is 6.2mm.
The length of the product, as mentioned above, is specified, but LW provides you with a custom-cut facility so that you can quickly meet your requirements.

This 2020 aluminum extrusion product fits with an M6 bolt, having a hexagon socket head. LW can sort out all your technical queries with the sales engineers available.

W-6-R2020 Aluminum Extrusion

2020R profile of 2020 aluminum extrusion is generally positioned at the corner of the frameworks’ structure. It is easily connected.

The surface feels smooth with no sharp edges, making it safe to work.
Other specifications are mentioned as below:

The material used for the 2020 aluminum extrusion item 2020R is 6063-T5. It is weighted as 0.80kg/m. The length of this t-slot aluminum is 6.01m. Profile 20mmx 20mm. The thickness of the bar is 1.5mm where the slot width is 6.2mm.

Our technical staff is there for your convenience. Connect with us as early as your requirement to get help for your 2020 series t-slot aluminum.

W-6-R2020 Aluminum Extrusion


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Advantages of LW 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers

Deep process

The deep process for 2020 aluminum extrusion includes drilling, stamping, cutting, bending the aluminum, CNC, assembling them, and then custom aluminum fabrication is also available.

Corrosion Protection

High corrosion protection is provided to secure the aluminum material from rust and other damages.


2020 aluminum extrusions have strong strength to stand in the market. It is low in weight.


Customization of 2020 aluminum extrusion is available for material, temper, shape, size length, color.

Quality Guaranteed

Before shipping, we attest to the samples from the customers. The final manufacturing is produced according to the finalized article on the confirmation of the pieces. Therefore, good quality of the 2020 aluminum extrusion is delivered.

On-Time Delivery

After confirming samples and down payments, we deliver between 5 to 7 days if the size is in the warehouse; otherwise, it takes 25 to 30 days for custom products. LW makes sure to deliver ordered products on time.

Your 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Supplier

With all the series mentioned above of 20 series t-slot, the custom and standard profile of 2020 aluminum extrusion is as follow:

  • Various Shapes 

20 series t-slot aluminum profile provides various shapes for the customers. This aluminum is available in T -profile. Also, LW can customize it according to the need of the customers.

  • Length

Apart from 20 series aluminum specified lengths, it can be custom as per your need.

  • Size

The primary size of the 2020 aluminum extrusion is 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. 

  • Color

The available colors for the 2020 aluminum extrusions are black, silver and grey. LW can customize other colors. 

Various Applications of 2020 Aluminum Extrusion

2020 Aluminum Extrusion for Workstations
2020 Aluminum Extrusion for Buildings
2020 Aluminum Extrusion for Machinery
Robot Frames
2020 Aluminum Extrusion for Decoration
2020 Aluminum Extrusion for Automation Parts
Automation Parts

2020 Aluminum Extrusion Custom Profile

LW has a variety of products for you to choose from. 2020 aluminum extrusion profile is used widely in various fields. It is small in size and is used for small structures. 

LW can customize different sizes, custom lengths, and shapes as per your needs. LW can also customize materials, various surface finishes, and the custom temper. 

20mm x 20mm makes the 2020 aluminum extrusion accurate to measure because of the precise dimensions.

This aluminum profile is used in many industries. These qualified 2020 aluminum extrusion is perfect for frames, workstations, guarding, and robot frames. 

If you require the custom specifications for your products, then LW can help you out. 

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