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Why Choose LW 2040 Aluminum Extrusion?

LW manufacturer provides you the excellent quality 2040 aluminum extrusion at an affordable price.

LW promises you to improve your brand by offering you a professional R&D department and excellent OEM & ODM service to custom 2040 aluminum extrusion on your demand.

Over 15 years of experience in the aluminum profile industry, LW is the most reliable and trusted  manufacturer in China.

LW cooperation has been manufacturing its products with advanced and high-level machinery to provide you modern designed aluminum extrusion profile.

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LW 2040 Aluminum Extrusion

LW 2040 aluminum extrusion is a widely used product and is made up of 6000 series grade aluminum alloy. Also, belong to the 20 series t-slot aluminum extrusion profile, which has 2020, 2040, 2060, and 2080 aluminum extrusions.

LW 2040 aluminum extrusion is a T-shaped aluminum profile that belongs to the t-slot series and is also known by the name V-slot.

LW V-slot aluminum profile is a high-quality aluminum rail profile that helps you make unique & innovative designs and is easily changeable according to your desire due to its modular nature. 

LW V-slot 2040 aluminum extrusion has a smooth surface, making it dust and dirt-proof and easy to clean.

LW aluminum extrusion profile is the lightest metal used nowadays for advanced engineering projects. Aluminum is more lightweight in weight than other metals like steel. 

That’s why aluminum exhibits a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio than other metals.

LW 2040 aluminum extrusion is one of the lightest weight aluminum extrusions in 20 series t-slot aluminum extrusion mainly applied at lightweight structural framework. As from its name 2040, one face is 20mm, and the other is 40mm (20mm x 40mm). It comprises 6063 aluminum alloy and has a temper T5.

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Benefits of LW 2040 Aluminum Extrusion

Best Surface Finishing

LW provides you 2040 aluminum extrusion with the best surface finishes including coating / mill / sandblasting / electrophoresis / PVDF coating / anodizing finishing / wood effect. With LW, you could finalize the right finishing for your project.

100% Inspection

LW owns an experienced and expert inspection team to check 100% product quality. LW inspects product quality from manufacturing to shipment.

Corrosion Proof

LW 2040 aluminum extrusion can resist corrosion due to the high-quality aluminum alloy.

Great Deep Processes

LW manufacturer offers you extraordinary deep processes like punching/ drilling/ milling/ tapping/bending/cutting/welding /assembling or customized according to your demand.

After-Sale Service

LW facilitates his customers with the tremendous after-sale service for every cooperated customer.

2040 Aluminum Extrusion

Your 2040 Aluminum Design Guide

LW provides you with unique and new designs for your project and customizes the product’s shapes, sizes, and colors to your request.

  • Variety of Colors

LW 2040 aluminum extrusion is available in standard colors,like black, silver, and grey, or we could customize them based on your need.

  • Different Shapes 

With LW, you could get the T shape profile of 2040 aluminum extrusion or customize them to your desire.

  • All Kind of Sizes

LW 2040 aluminum extrusion is available in standard sizes of 6mm 8mm and provides customization to your specifications.

Applications of Aluminum Profiles

2040 Aluminum Extrusion for Decoration
2040 Aluminum Profile for Buildings Construction
Buildings Construction
2040 Aluminum Extrusion for Robot Frame
Robot Frame
2040 Aluminum Extrusion for 3D Printers
3D Printers
2040 Aluminum Extrusion for Machine Frames
Machine Frames
2040 Aluminum Extrusion for Workstations
2040 Aluminum Extrusion for Prototyping
2040 Aluminum Extrusion for Automobile Industry
Automobile Industry
2040 Aluminum Extrusion for Automation Industry
Automation Industry

Custom 2040 Aluminum Extrusion in Bulk

Cooperate with LW, you could get 2040 aluminum extrusion with a competitive price bracket and high durability.

LW is always here to resolve all your difficulties, and with LW, you could achieve all of your project and design requirements.

LW offers you a broad range of selections that helps you choose the suitable 2040 aluminum extrusion profile for your project.

You are on the right platform if you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable 2040 aluminum extrusion manufacturer. LW is ISO verified company, so you don’t need to worry about our product quality.

For any questions and guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Fast Delivery of Your 2040 Aluminum Extrusion

LW offers fast and efficient delivery services. You may get bulk or small MOQs in minimum time at your door step.

No matter in which country you live, LW ensures on-time deliveries in competitive prices.

Save time is saving your money. LW will be your most suitable supplier. 

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