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Why Choose LW 3030 Aluminum Extrusion Profile?

You could get the exclusive quality 3030 aluminum extrusion products with the small MOQ request from LW.

LW suppliers & manufacturers have a professional engineering team and the best R& D department to customize any product on your demand.

LW company promises you to provide the best items with high quality. LW is ISO certified company and has a special inspection team to check product quality.

As LW had with 15 years of experience in aluminum extrusion industry, as LW is your reliable 3030 aluminum extrusion manufacturer from China. 

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3030 Aluminum Extrusion Description

LW provides you wide range of 3030 aluminum extrusion profiles with reliable and high quality. LW 30 series aluminum extrusion consists of a special T-slot profile like 3030, 3030A, 3030C, 3030D, 3030E, 3030F, 3030H, 3030K, 3030L, 3030V, 3030W, 3060, 3, 3060L & 30120.
LW T-slot 3030 aluminum extrusion is the most selling product of the 30 series aluminum extrusion profile due to its high durability, great strength, and super flexibility.
LW T-slot aluminum extrusion is lighter than other competitive metals like steel. And it has a smooth surface that is easy to clean dust and dirt and rust resistance that extends its life.
Using LW T-slot aluminum extrusion could save your cost & time efficiently because our LW aluminum extrusion requires very low maintenance.
LW 3030 aluminum extrusion has a high strength-to-weight ratio with a slot width of 8.2mm and a weight of 0.95kg/m. LW 3030 aluminum extrusion has the dimension of each 30mm (30mm x 30mm).
It has a primary purpose to utilize at those places where moderate force or tension is applied, like decoration, industrial module structure, etc.
LW 3030 aluminum extrusion has mostly refined surface is anodizing finish.

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Advantages of LW 3030 Aluminum Extrusion Products


LW as the most professional 3030 aluminum extrusion supplier , we have the excellent engineering team and sale team to custom any product for your project with 100% accuracy.

All Kinds of Processes

LW 3030 aluminum extrusion manufacturer offers you all kinds of processes, including powder milling/welding/drilling/aluminum fabrication/stamping.

Wide Selection Range

LW offers a versatile range of products with different sizes, various shapes, and all kinds of colors, but it is not the limit to facilitate you.

Prime Quality

If you are looking for a dependable & trustworthy manufacturer of 3030 aluminum extrusion, you are on the right platform. LW is ISO certified company with over 15 years of experience in aluminum extrusion manufacturing.

Different Finishing Choices

LW 3030 aluminum extrusion manufacturer offers you powder coating /mill /sandblast /electrophoresis /PVDF coating /wood effect /anodizing (oxidation) finishing. You could choose the best finishing for your aluminum profile.

Supreme Support Service

LW aluminum extrusion suppliers provide you with the best support service to resolve your problems and guide you properly.

3030 Aluminum Extrusion

Your 3030 Aluminum Extrusion Design Guide

LW 3030 aluminum extrusion provides you with different colors, shapes, and sizes to meet your needs. LW manufacturer has expert OEM &ODM administration to provide you with innovative and new designs for your project.

  • Different Colors

LW 3030 aluminum extrusion comes in various standard colors like black, silver, and gray. But here, it is not the end. LW can customize the color on your demand.

  • Various Sizes

LW provides a different range of sizes to ease product size selection. We also customize products according to your need. 

  • All Types of Shapes

You could get many different shapes of 3030 aluminum extrusion for your products and project, at the same time LW could also customize them based on your specifications.

Applications of 3030 Aluminum Extrusion

3030 Aluminum Extrusion in Robot Frame
Robot Frame
3030 Aluminum Extrusion for Decoration
3030 Aluminum Extrusion for Work Station
Work Station
3030 Aluminum Extrusion for Buildings
3030 Aluminum Extrusion for Industries
3030 Aluminum Extrusion for Machinery
3030 Aluminum Extrusion for Automation Parts
Automation Parts

LW 3030 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Verdict

LW 3030 aluminum extrusion supplier and manufacturer is one of the trusted aluminum extrusion providers. We promise to provide the most refined quality product to our customers.

Over 15 years of experience, LW never disappoints its customers. We have a professional team to inspect the quality of the items.

LW has been the leading manufacturer of 3030 aluminum extrusion with the help of our advanced machinery. Best R&D department and excellent engineering team to produce to your specification.

LW 3030 aluminum extrusion is ISO certified company. So you don’t need to worry about your product quality.

LW provides you with humble staff to guide you in every aspect.

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