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Why Choose LW 4040 Aluminum Extrusion?

LW offers you 4040 aluminum extrusion made up of premium quality aluminum alloy. LW never compromises his product quality, always here to serve you with the best products.

According to your application, LW has the best engineering team to satisfy its customers with product design, manufacturing and supply.

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion has high tensile strength and bearing performance. That’s why widely used in many sectors.

 LW promises you to provide all high quality products at a competitive and affordable price.

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LW 4040 Aluminum Extrusion

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion has the dimension of each 40mm(40mm x 40mm), slot width of 8.2mm, and a weight of 1.75kg/m. It is composed of the best aluminum alloy (6063) with a temper of T5 and is used mostly in lightweight structural frameworks.

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion is prepared from 6000 series aluminum alloy. Your leading LW aluminum extrusions are the most reliable and trusted products.

The 40 series of LW extruded profiles consist of T-slot aluminum extrusion like 4040, 4040A, 4040C, 4040D, 4040E, 4040H, 4040HA, 4040HP, 4040L, 4040R,4060, 4080, 4080L, 4080W, 4040W, 40120, 40160, etc.

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion has T shaped profile. That’s why considered to be a T-slot aluminum extrusion profile.

LW T-slot aluminum extrusion has high durability because other metals like steel get rusty over time. Still, aluminum is a metal with a natural resistance to rust which gives it a long life, and you don’t need to paint on it to protect against rust which significantly saves your time and cost-efficiently.

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion has a high firmness, lightweight and attractive appearance.


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Advantages of LW 4040 Aluminum Extrusion

Broad Selection Range

LW offers you a versatile range of 4040 aluminum extrusion in standard or customized shape, size, and color, which helps you finalize the perfect product for your application.

Customizes to your specifications

LW has the brilliant R&D department to custom 4040 aluminum extrusion with perfection. LW provides you with a suitable product according to your need.

100% Quality Surety

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion manufacturer is ISO certified company, so you don’t need to worry about our product quality. LW believed in producing top-quality products for his customers and never compromises on the material used in product manufacturing.

Swift Shipment

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion manufacturer provides you with the quick shipment of our product all over the world within 20 days or less.

Many Surface Finishes

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion manufacturer provides you the excellent surface finishing options, including coating/mill finish/sandblast / powder coating / PVDF coating and mostly used anodizing finishing. LW also customizes to your project requirement.

Your 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Design Guide

LW aluminum extrusion manufacturer provides you with extraordinary and innovative designs to make your project unique. LW offers a considerable number of shapes, colors, and sizes for 4040 aluminum extrusion.

  • Different Shapes

LW provides you with many standard (T-shaped profile) or customized 4040 aluminum extrusion.

  • Various Colors

LW 4040 aluminum extrusion is available in standard colors like black, silver, and grey, but it is not the limited colors. You could custom colors according to your need.

  • Complete Size Range

LW offers his customers the complete range of sizes, standard size or customized size are all available for us.

Applications of 4040 Aluminum Extrusion

4040 Aluminum Extrusion for Frame Work
4040 Aluminum Extrusion for Automotive
4040 Aluminum Extrusion for Automation Industry
Automation Industry
4040 Aluminum Extrusion for Conveying Machinery
Conveying Machinery
4040 Aluminum Extrusion for Workbench
4040 Aluminum Extrusion for Construction
4040 Aluminum Extrusion for CNC Machine
CNC Machine
4040 Aluminum Extrusion for Safety Guarding
Safety Guarding

LW 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Verdict

Over fifteen years of experience manufacturing aluminum extrusion, LW is the best and trusted supplier of 4040 aluminum extrusion in China.

LW owns an excellent inspection team to check the product quality entirely from manufacturing to shipment.

LW provided you with professional OEM & ODM service to check your design correctly.

LW is your one-stop station including drilling / welding / punching / bending / CNC, and aluminum fabrication.

LW is always here to resolve all your problems.

LW provides you with modest staff to deal with you in all matters and appropriately guide you. Also, provide after-sales service to his customers.

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