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LW renowned Company for 8020 aluminum

We make 8020 aluminum with the help of modern machinery and the latest techniques. 8020 aluminum is the most adjustable aluminum, which means it can b converted into any shape and size. We use superior quality material for our product.

LW 8020 Aluminum is used in almost every field of life, from industrial to engineering areas, from construction to transport regions. We customize the product according to the desire of our clients. We have 15 years of vast experience in this field which puts the trust of our clients in us.

Our trained and capable team gives fabrication services as well. We offer free presentation copy as well. Our qualified team monetizes the whole process of manufacturing 8020 aluminum. We claim to deliver the product in the best short time.

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Classification of 8020 Aluminum

20 series 8020 aluminum

20 Series 8020 aluminum

These 20 series 8020 aluminum are very light in weight. This aluminum is used for a lightweight framework of different doors and windows.8020 aluminum is also used in the industrial area where delicate weight equipment is manufactured.

30 series 8020 aluminum

30 series is another type of 8020 aluminum. This is another type of lightweight aluminum, but here is the additional info you need to know about series 30 aluminum, i.e., it also comes in heavyweight. The 30-series aluminum can bear a mild or average load. It is commonly used for glass doors and windows, which need support and strength

30 series 8020 aluminum
40 series 8020 aluminum

40 series 8020 aluminum

The series 40 is a more heavyweight type of 8020 aluminum. It can carry more weight than the 30 series aluminum.it is used chiefly for heavy-duty purposes in industrial areas

50 series 8020 aluminum

The most vital type of 8020 aluminum is series 50. It can take most heavyweight like it is used in beams when making a bridge or commercial plaza or apartments.

50 series 8020 aluminum


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Reasons Your Choose LW As Your Best 8020 Aluminum Dealers!

LW gives Reliability of Products

LW always strikes a balance when it comes to the quality of the product. Our customer trusts us the most, so we keep their trust in us by making products with top-quality material. And keenly check the product when it comes in final shape or form.

LW is a versatile company

LW not only deals with a wide variety of types of 8020 aluminum but also manufactures different shapes of 8020 aluminum. The most common form of 8020 aluminum is T- shape aluminum.

LW fast consignment dealers

LW could delivery products to you once we finished manufacturing. At the same time, LW will have a carefully and professional quality inspection for every products.

LW customization center

LW knows that customer is the backbone of any company; hence it provides the best customer care services, which you can never find elsewhere. Our company manufactures the product in any shape and size as 8020 aluminum is also the name of versatility.

LW is Skillful in modern techniques

LW constantly checks the up-to-the-minute means and procedures. We only use modern methods to make a top-quality product.

8020 aluminum

Supply Professional 8020 Aluminum Wholesaler

The 8020 Aluminum could be used for different area, and they are used in many industrial types of equipment; and their purpose is to make outdoor furniture. 

  • Size of 8020 Aluminum 

The size of 8020 aluminum depends on the shape and its type .but the standard size starts from 1,0″ or 1.5″ as per the demand of our clients.

  • Colors of 8020 Aluminum:

The color of the 8020 aluminum is also depended on the choice of the customer, but we have a standard color of grey, green-blue, white, and silver

Applications of 8020 aluminum

Residential Frames
8020 aluminum for industrial frame
Industrial Frames
8020 aluminum for panel
Picnic Table
8020 aluminum for van cabinets
Van Cabinet

Manufacturing Superior Quality 8020 Aluminum

LW uses 6105 –T5 alloys, the finest quality material for any product. This aluminum is categorized into different types according to its weight-bearing properties.

The weight tolerating features begin with lightweight to heavyweight tolerance.8020 aluminum is best known for its variability.

It can be transformed into any shape and size with the desirable color selection.

We care the most about our customers; we provide the best customer service. We provide detailed information about the product, its material, and possible shapes you can customize, and it saves the time our clients.

Our manufacturing team keeps in touch with the latest inventories so that they can be used for manufacturing purposes. We can meet all your requirements based on your detailed requirement.

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