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LW High-quality Alu u profile

LW is an ISO-certified Chinese company that deals with the manufacturing and supplying of all aluminum products. LW is a highly established company and has a great experience of 15 years in the aluminum production industry.

LW provides the best quality of aluminum products to our customers and the alu u profile is one of them. We use the rich quality aluminum for the manufacture of aluminum u profile to ensure its durability.

We have an extensive collection of alu u  profile that comes in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes depending on your requirements. We mainly use alloys including 6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6463, etc for the manufacture of aluminum u profile.

 Shop from LW and enjoy great varieties of alu u profile.

Alu Equal U Profile

The alu equal u profile possesses an equal length of bottom and legs. It is applied to the different support structures, shoring, etc.

Alu Unequal U Profile

They possess equal lengths of legs but unequal lengths of the bottom. It has the same applications as alu equal u profile. Different shapes and sizes are constructive to meet your various needs.

Aluminum double u profile
Alu Double U Profile

They are mainly double u-shaped aluminum profiles and have great durability. It is ideal to use as a sliding track for glass windows and doors etc


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How is the LW Alu u profile Manufacturer Different?

One-stop service

Valuing your time and motives LW provides a one-stop service to its customers. So have a deal with us and save your time.


Alu u profile is highly cost-effective. We aim to provide quality products at an economical rate. That makes people prefer our services.

Rich quality products

LW has been providing rich quality products for the last successful 15 years. Our services and worldwide status validate the quality of our aluminum-based products.


LW provides customization services to meet the requirements of our customers. You can customize aluminum products in different sizes, shapes, and colors according to your will.

Processing of products

Our highly experienced engineers use different modes to process the aluminum products including milling, cutting, fabrication, and bending of the products.

Customer-friendly service

At LW, we provide 24/7 customer care service and timely delivery service to our customers. Our customer services make our company more reliable to our customers.

Alu u profile

LW your Alu u profile Manufacturer Expert

LW offers alu u profiles that are light, supportive, and tough with a wide range of sizes and styles.

  • Numerous sizes

LW is at your service to help you get the exact alu u profile according to your need. Mainly the sizes range from 6mm to 29mm or can be costumed according to your need.

  • Designs

LW provides a diversity of designs to its customers to need your requirements. You could also costume them by having a deal with us.

  • Diversity of colors

LW provides high-quality alu u profiles in vast colors including white, golden, grey, rose gold, black, silver, blue, and other colors depending on your requirements.

Common Anodized Heatsinks Applications

Glass Railing
Alu u profile for slides
Protective Edges
Alu u profile for trim
Alu u profile for decoration

LW an Internationally Recognized Company

LW has earned market success on both national and international levels. LW has been providing its services for over the past fifteen years.

The durability and quality of our products validate our successful services. We are equipped with distinct machinery and the facility of the CAD system.

Our aluminum products are of exceptional quality and budget-friendly. LW provides excellent customer service.

We have earned the trust of millions of our customers worldwide. Our mission is to continue providing our services to our customers and keep going to the next levels of achievement.

 These qualities increase our demand in the market at the international level.

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