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Why to select LW Aluminium Corner Profile

LW aluminium corner profile is custom made to your size and color. Moreover we give warranty from cracking or chipping for fifteen years. We also shipped our products across the globe and make sure that during shipping it didn’t get damage.

In case of damage we take the responsibility and replacement item will be delivered as soon as possible with no extra charge.Aluminium corner profile provide a tough, however light, appealing and inexpensive way to secure wall corners from any harm.

LW corners are eminent for their flexibility so suit a number of settings. They are perfect for shielding the outside corners of ceramic tiles cover. Utilizing this kind of profile will also add up to your security assurance. 

Our technicians, material and CAD system makes LW aluminum corner profile the perfect solution for extended range of settings.


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LW Aluminium Corner Profile related products

Aluminum Rounded corner profile
Aluminum Rounded Corner profile

Round aluminum corners profiles are most probably used in frames, awnings, industrial maintenance etc. They also improve corrosion resistance of application along with a shiny look.

Aluminum Outside Corner Profile

In LW outside corner all the corners bolt adjoining shape together to make a ninety degree angle providing strength and safety to application. It is used to wrap up the exterior corners of diamond plate wall panel establishment.  

Aluminum Glass Corner Profile

Aluminum glass corner  profile is often used in doors and windows to fixed glasses. It is famous for its durability, easy to install and longevity .So they are very popular in building industries  for inside and outside.

Aluminum Angle Corner Profile

  We offer you different style and design in angle aluminum corner that is mostly used in constructional appliances, machine parts, racks etc

Aluminum Radius Corner profile
Aluminum Radius Corner Profile

  It is available in extended range of sizes. Normally radius corners are used in electronic, aerospace, machinery etc.

Aluminum Decorative Corner Profile

  LW decorative corners are the one used to display decorative add-on. As the name shows it is utilized to decorate corners of furniture, walls, floor etc.

Advantages of Aluminium Corners Profiles

High Connection strength

Aluminum corner profile is one of the best products of our company unmatchable in its strength and application. Due to its solidity mostly used in big equipment frames. Our aluminium corners profiles are well-gotten and adored by customers.

Association inside diverse shapes

LW aluminum corner profile has the ability to get fix in different shapes include sheets, bars, windows, plates etc that make it unique.

Extensive knowledge in this field

We have highly qualified engineers that take care of all minute details from selection of material to the production of product. No compromise is made on the quality and standard.

Best Client service

Ready to offer OEM and ODM service for you, creating such products for you that will definitely satisfy your desire. Moreover available to answer your queries make sure to contact us.

LW High Quality Aluminium Corner Profile:

It basically work as a connecting angle and becoming very popular in these days so LW is offering you wide range of shapes, sizes and colors in aluminum corner profiles. 

  • Variety of Size: 

LW provides you with customized sizes that will absolutely not only suitable for your project but also keep its elegant look maintained. Most probably they came 48in*0.5in*0.5in- 90 degree, 48in*1in*1in-90 degree, 48in*4.5in*4.5in*-90 degree, 94in*3in*3in*- 90 degree to 120in* 4.5in* 4.5in*- 90 degree. 

  • Shapes: 

Aluminum corner profile in our stock is present in wide range of shapes from square, flat, round, oval, L, T to any custom shape.

  • Simple Installation:

The installation of aluminum corners profile is very simple. Without the technician you yourself can install it and thus it also saves you money so it is the most economical choice.

Applications of Aluminium Corner Profile

Aluminium Corner Profile for frame
Aluminium corner Profile for Awning
Aluminium Corner Profile for Rack
Aluminium Corner Profile for Machinery
Aluminium Corner Profile for Furniture
Aluminium Corner Profile for wall

LW- Internationally recognized Aluminum Corner Profile Dealers

LW is not new in the field of extruded aluminum profiles we are providing our services from over 15 years and aluminum corner profile is well known among them. We provide you with quality customer and after sale services.

Our aluminum corners a made from 6061 and 6063 alloys used in construction, architectural trim or in various appliances. LW Aluminum corner profile is highly corrosion resistive, easy to cut, mould or machine, durable and has high strength to weight ratio.

Moreover it is recyclable and environment friendly.  Not only that we provide service but also give warranty and take responsibility in case of any damage. Our customers are widely spread all over the world and their trust and bonding with our company is that make us worthy.

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