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LW Premium Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion

LW is an ISO-certified company located in China. We have an exceptional experience of 15 years in the production of aluminum products. We deal with the sale of our aluminum products on an international level. We are a well-known brand for aluminum products locally and internationally.

LW manufactures the best quality aluminum based products in the whole market. Our company uses unique machinery for the manufacturing of the products. We have a highly skilled engineering team and highly professional staff.

We produce aluminium enclosure extrusion in bulk. We use premium quality alloy in the manufacturing of the products including extruded aluminum boxes. We have a wide range of sizes and designs for these extruded enclosures because of their wide range of applications.

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LW Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion Product Classification

1- Extruded electronic aluminum enclosure

Extruded Electronic Aluminum Enclosure

This form of aluminium enclosure extrusion provides excellent protection for PCBs and other electronics.

Diecast Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

This form of aluminium profile enclosure is used for the installation of electric devices that are used at homes and manufacturing sites.

Diecast extruded aluminum enclosure
Waterproof extruded aluminum enclosure

Waterproof Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion

This aluminium extrusion box possesses a functional design with superior water protection. Suitable to be used for transmitters and power supplies. Mainly used for outdoor purposes.

Hammond Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion

These are lightweight and small in size. Mainly used for small electrical or pneumatic components and circuit boards.

Hammond extruded aluminum enclosure
Heatsink extruded aluminum enclosure

Heatsink Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion

It provides a way of removing heat from inside a system by heat transfer methods for a superior cooling effect.

Folded Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion

This form of aluminium enclosure extrusion is an economical choice for basic, general-purpose outdoor and indoor enclosures and has an extensive range of applications.

6- Folded aluminum extruded enclosure


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How Is LW Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion Different?

One-stop shop

At LW, our one-stop-shop can service all the customers' needs. You can enjoy multi-services and the total solution to your queries under one roof.

Premium quality products

LW has set the quality of the products as its priority. We manufacture the best quality products and that’s why our products are the top-selling products.

Economical rates

LW offers the best extrusion enclosures at economical rates as compared to the prices of other dealers. We have set reasonable prices for our products.

Made-to-order service

LW offers you infinite options for customization. You could get aluminum products in your desired designs and colors by contacting our customization service.

Customer-friendly service

We have highly professional staff to deal with your queries and make sure to satisfy our customers. We provide 24/7 customer care service.

Extruded aluminum enclosure

LW, Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion Manufacturer Expert

LW has an extensive range of aluminum products including extruded aluminum enclosures. 

  • Extensive options to choose

LW is a popular company for its premium quality extruded aluminium enclosures. LW offers a wide range of options to choose from for every single product, including sizes, designs, and colors. You could also enjoy our customization services. Moreover, we offer our customers to choose the aluminum grade of their preference for their products.

  • Exceptional services

LW is famous for its services and quality of the products. We have separate departments for each service which shows our professionalism in being a well-known company world. We make sure to satisfy our customers through our services. Our customers have always good experience with us.

Applications of Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion

Extruded aluminum enclosure for telegram
Extruded aluminum enclosure for junction boxes
Junction boxes
Solar battery storage
Meter cases
Extruded aluminum enclosure for aerospace station
Aerospace station

LW, a well-known Brand For Aluminium Enclosure Extrusion

LW has been providing the best quality aluminum products including extruded aluminum enclosures to its customers from the very start of its business.

We earned an established status all over the world. Our products are top selling in the market.  

Our aluminum extrusion enclosures are highly durable. The durability makes them promising for heavy-duty work.

Our extruded aluminum boxes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Their high corrosion resistance and waterproof property make them favorable for outdoor weather.

LW uses innovative manufacturing techniques. Moreover, our product quality is guaranteed.

You wouldn’t find any complaints regarding the quality of the product and our services. We have millions of buyers worldwide that count as our regular customers.  

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