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LW produces wonderful, safe and secure glass Aluminium profile that gave your home, office and industry not only aesthetic look but comfort, security, weather and sound isolation.

We are expert in the production and designing of Aluminium glass doors, windows, frames etc.

 Our glass Aluminium profile complies with international standards and is enormously acknowledged in diverse number of markets all over the world.

We are highly regarded for our quality items at competitive costs, proficient fabrications, learned sales staff and the committed services that we had been giving to our clients.

We are not only providing you services at commercial and industrial sectors but we also consider residential projects. 

We consider and try to meet your needs and wants of project so make sure to choose us.

Glass Aluminium Profile for Float Glass

Aluminium Profile for Float Glass

LW float glass profile has completed even surface offers you undistorted and clear view. They are often used for smaller windows in houses gave your house an elegant look beside its functional purpose.

Aluminium Profile for Laminated Glass

Aluminium laminated glass profile offers a solid yet transparent surface suitable for places where there is the danger of natural disasters like hurricanes etc. Mostly they are used in car windshields.

2. Glass Aluminium Profile for Laminated Glass
Glass Aluminium Profie for Tampered Glass

Aluminium Profile for Tempered Glass

It is the safest and most strong glass profile and in case of breakage it dispersed into small harmless pieces. Aluminium tempered glass is used in refrigerator trays, cookware, cell phone screens etc.

Aluminium Profile for Frosted Glass

This is a profile of Aluminium glass through which light transmitted but you can’t see across it. They are used in bathrooms or as front doors for privacy purposes. 

4. Glass Aluminium Profile for Frosted Glass
Glass Aluminium Profile for Tinted Glass

Aluminium Profile for Tinted Glass

Tinted glass can change colors most probably used to reduce solar energy transmission so preferred in spectacles and building’s o temperature regulation purposes.

Aluminium Profile for Decorative Glass

Aluminium decorative glass profile is the one that don’t just perform functional purpose but change the outlook of things. We offer you decorative glass for variety of purposes such as stairways, desk, wall, shelves etc.

6. Glass Aluminium Profile for Decorative Glass


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Advantages of LW Aluminium Profile for Glass Providers


LW Aluminium glass is easy to maintain as it doesn’t require any yearly paint and polishing it remain new like the very first day for a longer period of time. Even you don’t need daily cleaning it look will remain maintained.

Energy efficient

It is excellent in terms of energy efficiency so Aluminium glass doesn’t affect with the changes in temperature. Moreover, it reflects most of the UV rays keeping the temperature of your place normal.

Sound- proof

Glass Aluminium profile gave you full privacy especially if you use them as doors and windows it doesn’t allow inside voices out and vice versa.

Elegant look

It not only increases the safety of your hose and commercial area but also gave aesthetic look. In whatever form you used it whether as a railing, furniture, door, window or shelf etc it increases the beauty of that thing and place.

Glass Aluminium Profile

LW Top Glass Aluminium Profile

  • Colors:

We offer different 150 color tones including different shades of grey, green, yellow, brown, beige, ivory, opal, orange, red, pink, ruby, blue etc of Aluminium glass and you can also get customized one. 

  • Size:  

Aluminium profile for glass is available in diverse range of sizes and can be specified according to you application. Its thickness available ranges from 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm and so on, width from 5.5mm, 7mm, 9.5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm to 26.5mm, height is usually 6.5mm and as per your requirement and length can be 5m to what you demanded. 

  • Finishing: 

We offer you variety of finishes like mechanical, chemical, anodising, polyester powder coating and other special finishes. That finishes will increase the durability, life time and beauty of your Aluminium glass profile.

Applications of Glass Aluminium Profile

Glass Aluminium Profile for windows
Glass Aluminium Profile for Door
Glass Aluminium Profile for Shelves
Glass Aluminium Profile for Stairways
Glass Aluminium Profile for Table
Glass Aluminium Profile for Desk
Glass Aluminium Profile for Windshield
Glass Aluminium Profile for Refrigerator tray
Refrigerator trays
Glass Aluminium Profile for Cell phone screen
Glass Aluminium Profile for Handrails

LW-Bona-fide Aluminium Profile for Glass Developers from China:

We use tested high quality extrusion, hardware and material in our products to make sure that we are delivering you standard products.

Aluminium profile for glass is available in variety of sizes and colors in order to fulfill your requirements. 

LW Glass Aluminium profile is not new we are highly expert in this field moreover our customers trust on us.

Our services include site survey, installation, fabrication, glass repair ad whatever you required you will find our services at your door step.

We are not only bound to China but our network is widespread all over the world. 

Contact us now and enjoy our services!