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LW Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion Production Company:

LW Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusions are made by the modern extrusion techniques. The extruded aluminum is then shaped into different heat sinks of various shapes. We offer the high quality aluminum  that is  extruded into heat sinks.

LW Aluminum heat sink extrusions are used in many electronic and mechanical equipment. We also manufacture them in different shapes and colors according to your need. Our 15 years of experience guarantee our quality.

Our advanced team can provide fabrication services as well. You can get free samples as well as low MOQ. Our products are monitored for quality before and after production. We also deliver them in least time.

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Product Categories

Classifications of Aluminium Heat Sink Extrusion

Active Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion

The Active Aluminum heat sink Extrusions contain a cooling device like fans to remove heat.

They also work by utilizing liquids to cool down the devices. They could work better than the passive heat sinks.

Passive Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion

Passive Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion

Passive Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusions do not need fan or any other component for removing heat from the devices.

This is their advantage, as they do not need additional forces to work. They are less efficient than active heat sinks.

Reasons Why LW is one of the Best Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion Supplier

LW Provides Reliable Quality Products

Our products are of trusted quality as we use high quality raw material to manufacture them. They are tested with our advanced testing techniques before and during manufacture to maintain the quality.

LW has a Comprehensive range of products

LW Aluminum Heat sink extrusion is utilized in manufacturing a comprehensive range of products. We deal with active heat sinks, passive heat sinks, bonded fin heat sinks, led heat sinks, skived fin heat sinks etc.

LW has the fast shipment

LW deliver their products fast and on time. We have a team designed to take orders anytime from the customers and to ship them on time to save your time. We also deliver free samples on your request.

LW could Custom Design

LW has an expert customization department that works according to interest of the customer. We customize aluminum heat sink extrusions in different shapes like round, square, flat or any other shape of your choice.

LW Surface treats the products

LW has advance machinery that surface treats the products through advance techniques. The aluminum heat sink extrusions are anodized, sand blasted, powder of PVDF coated. This helps the customers to use them for long.

LW is an expert of Deep Processing

LW deep processes their products through techniques like welding, tapping, milling, bending, cnc machining, stamping etc.

LW a Professional Dealer of Heat Sink Extrusion

The Aluminum Heat Sink extrusions are used to cool down equipment or devices. They are used in many electronic, mechanical and industrial equipment. Their purpose to expiate the excess heat produced due to working of machines. It cools them down by transferring the heat to the surrounding.   

  • Size of Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusions:

LW Heat skin extrusions are available in different sizes of your choice or standard that can be utilized anywhere. The size varies depending upon thickness of extrusion.

  • Colors of Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusions:

The color of the extruded heat sink can also be customized according to customer’s choice. The standard colors include black, white, blue, silver, red, champagne and others.

Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion

Applications of Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion

Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion for Computer
Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion for LED
Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion for UPS
Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion for Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner
Aluminum Heat Sink for Healthcare Devices
Healthcare Devices
Aluminum Heat Sink extrusion for Welding Machine
Welding Machine

LW the Superior Quality Heatsink Extruded Aluminum Provider

LW aluminum heat sink extrusion is made of best quality aluminum alloys like 6061 and 6063.

 It has the good manufacturing properties like durability, high strength to weight ratio, good weather resistance etc.

Our products can be used for as long as for decades.We provide the best services that can help you choose us.

The professional team tailors the aluminum heat sink extrusions through advanced techniques and machinery.

We can meet all your requirements with our customization and fabrication services.

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