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LW: Manufacturers and Suppliers of Aluminium Profile for Windows

LW is one of the trusted aluminum suppliers in China that has been working for 10 to 15 years. Our exceptional quality products have been using by our customers worldwide. We have a good check and balance on our product’s manufacturing and delivering processes.

LW Aluminium profile for windows are used for manufacturing different types of windows on customer’s demands. Our range includes fixed windows, sliding windows, casement and bi-fold windows etc. The color and size can be tailored according to your interest. 

We have the best team that not only manages the production and delivery services but also the after sale services. We also provide free sample to our customers for their convenience. 

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Product Categories

Classifications of Aluminium Profile for Windows

Aluminium Profile for Fixed Windows
Aluminium Profile for Fixed Windows

These windows are immovable and are fixed to the wall from all sides. This type of window is meant for viewing rather ventilation purpose. It also is used for lightning. This window does not open from any side.

Aluminium Profile for Casement Windows

These aluminium window frame profiles are fixed from the side to the wall. It consists of a sash that is attached to the aluminum window profile with the help of a hinge. It is opened from the other side that is not attached. 

Aluminium Profile for Sliding Windows
Aluminum Profile for Sliding Windows

They consist of two sashes, one of which slides over the other. There are two panels one fixed and other sliding. The sliding panel slides over the fixed panel. These windows are good for lightning, ventilation as well as view.

Aluminium Profile for Awning Windows
Aluminium Profile for Awning Windows

They are fixed to the aluminium window frame from the upper side. The window opens from the bottom looking like an awning. These windows provide good protection from rain along with other uses.

Aluminium Profile for Bi-fold windows
Aluminium Profile for Bi-fold Windows

This type of window opens completely providing wide space. It consists of two panels that are folded inward or outward.

Advantages of LW Aluminium Profile for Windows Suppliers

Certified by ISO

LW has been awarded ISO certification due to its amazing services. Our Aluminium profile for windows that are delivered throughout the world are made of high quality aluminum and are used for longer. We use 100% good quality raw material for manufacturing our aluminum based products.

Our service is available 24/7

We are available for our customers day and night. Our hardworking team is there to communicate with you anytime you want. We answer all your queries about our aluminium profile for widnows and help you book the one you desire

Advanced Testing Equipment

LW has an advanced testing equipment that checks the quality of raw materials and finished products. Due to this, we are able to maintain our quality for years and are known as best quality aluminium profile for windows suppliers.

We provide all kinds of Customization services

Our customers can customize their product in any way they want. They can choose color, shape and size of their choice.

Long lasting products due to Surface Treatment

We provide surface treatment to our products to make them long lasting and good looking. The surface treatment protects them against corrosion and harsh weather. The aluminium profile for windows is also treated with various techniques like sand blasting, powder coating, PVDF coating, anodizing, wood effect etc.

Design your product through Processing techniques

LW can tailor and design your products according to your interest. The deep processing of the products is done through some techniques like welding, punching, milling, drilling, bending etc. You can get processed aluminium profile for windows as well.

LW, The Dealer of Aluminium Profile for Windows

LW is dealer of Aluminium profile for windows in China. We provide a good range of aluminium profile for windows in color, shape and size of your choice. 

The color choices include black, silver, white, red, pink, blue, brown, grey, champagne etc.

The sizes vary from mm to meters according to the need of customers. The shapes can be standard or customized on demand.

Aluminium Profile for Windows

Applications of Aluminium Profile for Windows

Aluminium Profile Window for Kitchen
Aluminium Profile Window for Sunroom
Aluminium Profile window for cafe

LW the best quality Aluminium Profile for Windows Manufacturers

LW is providing the best quality aluminum in China as well as throughout the world. We deal with distinctive designs of Aluminium profile for windows that is applied in different areas like our houses. They are also used for commercial purposes. 

We also provide free samples to make it easy for you to choose our products. Our quality in products and in services is unavoidable. We work day and night to meet with all of your requirements. 

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