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LW Aluminium Round Bar Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW is an Aluminium Round bar manufacturing company in China that deals within or outside the country as well. We have an experience of 15+ years in manufacturing and supplying of round aluminum bars. They are widely used in many applications like residential, commercial or industrial fields. 

The LW aluminium round bar is made of different grades of aluminum alloy each having a different purpose and function. They are lightweight, easy to install and are durable. They also have good weather resistance so are used for outdoor purpose as well. We strictly test the quality of our products before delivery. 

LW provides other services to save your budget and time. We can treat aluminium round bars with any technique of your choice. Visit our website to choose the product you desire.

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Classification of Aluminium Round Bar

1000 Series Aluminium Round Bar

1000 series aluminum is an alloy grade series that is used to manufacture aluminium round bars.

This type of aluminum has high corrosion resistance, good conductivity and are non-heat treatable. It is a good choice for electrical or electronic purpose.

1000 series aluminium round bar
3000 Series aluminium round bar

3000 Series Aluminium Round Bar

This aluminum alloy series have good strength. It is not suitable for heating purpose but can be extruded.

It has good machinability and have good corrosion resistance. They are good choice for utensils, sheets, roofs etc.

5000 Series Aluminium Round Bar

The 5000 series Aluminium round bar has bit high strength than 3000 series. It has good welding properties but it is also non heat treatable.

Its good anticorrosive property helps it to be used in marine industry. It is also a good choice for bridge construction.

5000 series aluminium round bar
6000 Series aluminium round bar

6000 Series Aluminium Round Bar

This alloy series is the best choice for manufacturing aluminium round bars. It has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance property as well as is durable.

It can also be heat treated so is the best choice for purposes where heat is involved.

7000 series Aluminium Round Bar

Though 6000 series is the good choice for aluminium roun bars but they can also be manufactured through 7000 series alloy.

It has high strength property that can help it to be used in heavy duty applications. 


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Advantages of LW Aluminium Round Bar Manufacturers and Suppliers

Diverse product choices

LW has diverse range of products for you to choose. We manufacture aluminium round bars, square, rectangular and flat bars and other products like channels, tubing, extrusions etc. The aluminium round bar is present in different colors and sizes as well.

A good operating team

Our team is highly experienced with an experience of 15 years and more. They are skilled enough to operate the advanced machinery in manufacturing processes as well as quality testing. The team also operates the other services like keeping in touch with the customers and providing customization services on their demand.

Free Samples are provided

To ensure our customers about quality and uniqueness of our products we also provide free samples. This will help you choose the right kind or product without any doubt.

Quality Testing of Products

LW supervises the Quality of the products to maintain their quality. It is done by advanced lab tests that are used to check the quality of the products. Our quality control department has advanced equipment for this purpose.

Surface Treatment

Surface finishing of the aluminium round bars is done on customer’s demand. We provide different kinds of techniques that help them stay for longer and look beautiful. The products are PVDF coating, powder coating, sand blasting, electrophoresis etc.

Deep Processing

The aluminium round bars are deep processed according to your choice. The processing can be done by welding, milling, drilling, tapping, punching, bending, cutting and others.

Aluminium Round Bar

Quality Aluminium Round Bar Providers

Aluminium round bars are also called aluminum hollow bars as they are also manufactured as hollow tubes. 

The tubing and bars have almost same functions but can be used for different purposes as well. They are available in standard and customized colors and sizes. 

In general, LW could provide black, silver, gold, or we could custom the colors based on your detailed requirements. 

About the size, you could choose different length, thickness, diameter for different aluminum round bar for your different project.

Applications of Aluminium Round Bar

Aluminium round bar for machinery
Aluminium round bar for construction industry
Construction industries
Aluminium round bar for spacecraft

LW the International Aluminum Round Bar Production and Supplying Company

LW aluminium round bars are used worldwide due to their top quality and easy installation.

Their other features like good machinability and strength helps in different low or heavy duty applications. They are used in almost all commercial and industrial applications.

The LW with its good experience has been recognized internationally as one of the best aluminum suppliers.

Due to this we are able to offer ODM and OEM to other companies to help them excel. 

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