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LW: Detail-Focused Aluminium Skirting Profiles Experts

Our Aluminium Skirting Profiles are handmade with a diversity of styles and designs. We have over 300 models for your choice. 

The aluminum skirting profiles are made up with high quality material and beautiful finishes, along with the resin materials, our products are excellent in waterproof property and corrosion resistance.

Our skirting profiles are made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is light and durable. Besides, our factory has an ISO9001 quality system certification and many years’ experience in making skirting profiles.

We use high-strength aluminium alloy to ensure the high strength and robustness of our products’ structure. Our products are easy to install, corrosion-resistant and have excellent heat dissipation performance.

Aluminium Skirting Profiles is a professional manufacturer for profile extrusion, our aluminium skirting profiles are commercial-grade with high quality. 

We have our own factory, and we take good care of your products from the beginning to completion of production!

Aluminium Skirting Profiles

Aluminium skirting is a very popular, strong but lightweight and highly durable material. Aluminium is perfect to use for making skirting as it allows an uninterrupted view of the floorboards.

Our Aluminium Skirting Profiles are designed to add an edge to any skirting. 

Its stylish and contemporary design adds that finishing touch to any project, whilst maintaining the durability you expect from our company.

Aluminum skirting profiles are the best solution for the interiors that need to add elegance and class to their walls. 

Aluminium skirting profiles offer stylish look, durability, strength and high expandability with a long life expectancy.


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Aluminium Skirting Profile Types

Ogee Aluminium Skirting Profile
Ogee Aluminium Skirting Profile
Bullnose Aluminium Skirting Profile
Bullnose Aluminium Skirting Profile
Lambs Tongue Aluminum Skirting Profile
Lambs Tongue Aluminium Skirting Profile
Square Edge Aluminium Skirting Profile
Square Edge Aluminium Skirting Profile
Torus Aluminium Skirting Profile
Torus Aluminium Skirting Profile
Ovolu Aluminium Skirting Profile
Ovolo Aluminium Skirting Profile

LW: Aluminium Skirting Profile Experts

Equal importance towards customer service and satisfaction.

You should give us the chance to be your Aluminium Skirting Profiles manufacturer because we believe that product quality and customer service are equally important. So we can control the whole manufacturing process well and provide you with a good after-sale service.

ISO-Certified Manufacturer.

Our Aluminium Skirting Profiles are made according to the international standards and are also in compliance with the national quality standards. So you don't need to worry about the products quality issue. At the same time, we also could provide excellent after sale service for your very order.

We only make the best.

Here at LW, we are committed to serving you the best aluminium skirting profiles possible. We know the importance of customer satisfaction, so we go the extra mile to give our customers what they want. We deliver a variety of colours and sizes so that you can create stunning features at home. Our products are sturdy and long lasting as we use first class quality raw materials in every manufacturing process. Get in touch today to place your order!

No need to adjust because we make sure it works for any application.

Aluminium skirting profiles are one of the most important factors that determine the outer look of your building, which is why we only use the highest quality materials to produce them. Our Aluminium skirting profiles are made using an aluminium alloy with a high-purity iron content and are resistant to corrosion and weathering. They fit in with a wide variety of architectural styles and can be used for both commercial and domestic applications.

Aluminium Skirting Profile

Why You Should Be Using Aluminium Skirting Profile

Upscale your projects and applications.

With our expertise and experience in the aluminium skirting profiles, we strive to provide a world-class service for your needs. You should use aluminium skirting profiles to improve the quality and the class of your projects.

Solid choice for interior and exterior designs.

Aluminium skirting profiles are made from high-quality aluminium alloy that is both light and hard. They are corrosion-resistant and the best choice for exteriors and interiors. You can use them for window trimming aluminum profile, roofing aluminum profile, decoration aluminum profile and so on.

Common Aluminium Skirting Profile Applications

Aluminium Skirting Profile for Indoors
Indoor Projects
Aluminium Skirting Profile for Outdoors
Outdoor Designs
Aluminium Skirting Profile for Roofing
Roofing Designs
Aluminium Skirting Profile for Decorative Applications
Decorative Applications
Aluminium Skirting Profile for Houses
Aluminium Skirting Profile for Buildings

LW: Why We Are Aluminium Skirting Profile Manufacturing Experts

We produce high-grade aluminium skirting profiles and aluminum windows and doors. Our products are used for many years in the construction of modern buildings, public and private facilities. 

Our company is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers which located in China. Aluminium Skirting Profiles are found in many homes. 

We take great pride in our products, constantly looking for ways to improve them and to make them even better than previously.

Factory or warehouse aluminium profiles are proved to be cleaned easily, low maintenance and beauty design. 

There are many reasons why aluminium skirting is a popular choice for homeowners and builders. Due to its strength, light weight, versatility and durability, there have been many new ways of using skirting profiles developed over the years. 

Using these profiles as a mere decorative device has definitely got to be one of the most popular application