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Aluminium Sliding Channel is a self-supporting track used for door and window installation. The system is installed in pairs with a sliding channel on each side, providing the same support as a solid board. 

The channels are fitted directly to the wall, requiring just one screw per channel and leaving your door completely free to open/close.

 Made from high grade aluminium, these sliding channels are suitable for a wide variety of applications within the construction industry.

They can be used in conjunction with a range of other materials, including drywall and plasterboard.

An aluminium sliding channel is a great cost effective solution for a wide range of applications ranging from industrial doors to glazing systems, which include glass and polycarbonate panels. 

The channels can be used for lightweight, heavy duty or anti-slam door applications.

Aluminium Sliding Channels

Our aluminium sliding channel is high quality, durable and easy to install. The product can be used in different industries like kitchen fitting, batten and furniture. 

It is made of high strength aluminum material that gives it a long life span. The channel is also lightweight yet strong enough for heavy duty use.

We are a professional Aluminium Sliding Channel manufacturer with rich experience. We always focus on the quality and prices of our products. 

Our factory has passed SGS certification, ISO9001 and ROHS certification; we have our products inspected before shipment. 

Our goal is to provide high-quality products at low cost, high safety and good service for customers all over the world.

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Latest Manufacturing Technology

Our production facilities are equipped with the latest technology available, which aids us in meeting tight deadlines and reducing costs. We have always made it our prime objective to offer durable products at competitive prices, which is evident from the fact that we have served several clients both locally and abroad.

Professionals and Experienced Engineers

We have a team of professionals and experienced engineers who will help you in designing the best aluminium sliding channel. You can also customize your own aluminium sliding channel with us according to your requirements. We use premium quality raw material for manufacturing our products which ensure that our aluminium sliding channels don't get oxidized even after several years.

We Offer The Best Quality

We are a professional aluminum sliding channel manufacturer at your service. Our aluminum sliding channel have the following advantages: strong and durable, wear resistant and rust resistant, energy saving and environmental protection. Customized designs for your special requirement can also be available.

We Are The Best Partner

We are able to provide the best solution for your building needs. We have many experience and we understand customer requirements. We can work with you on the design and manufacture, while you focus on project completion

Why You Should Be Using Aluminium Sliding Channels

Blend with any decor.

The fact that these channels are corrosion resistant makes them ideal for use in bathrooms and toilets where moisture is always present. They can also be used in kitchens where grease may be an issue. Aluminium sliding channels are easy to install using the appropriate fittings and available in a range of colors so they will blend in with any decor

Efficient and effective.

Aluminium sliding channels are an essential part of aluminum sliding doors because they keep the real glass panel in place while allowing for smooth movement. The low coefficient friction coefficient and long-term usage of nylon wheels make them incompatible with glass. Due to the various coefficients of hardness, a pure brass wheel will wear out when it comes into touch with glass.

Applications of Aluminium Sliding Channels

Aluminium Sliding Channel for Kitchens
Aluminium Sliding Channel for Construction
Aluminium Sliding Channel for Energy-Saving Applications
Energy-Saving Applications
Residential Applications
Aluminium Sliding Channel for Commercial Buildings
Commercial Applications

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Aluminium sliding channels are great for use in your building project. They can be used in a variety of different locations, and are surprisingly strong for their size. Here are a few reasons why you should have some aluminium sliding channels in your tool shed.

Aluminium channels have a number of uses, including their most common function as the framework for self-supporting structures. It can be used in a variety of industries, from construction to ship building, but it is also used in the automotive industry as a guide rail system.

Aluminium sliding channels are lightweight, strong and durable. They are ideal for numerous applications such as furniture and DIY, or any project where you need to move or adjust an object or piece of equipment with ease.

The aluminium sliding channel is a very useful tool in a wide range of home and work environments. The smooth action and durable materials make it an ideal choice for those who need to move large or heavy items.

Sliding channels are an essential part of any DIY or home improvement project. They’re great for fixing cupboard doors that won’t stay closed, creating extra storage space in a cupboard, or simply decorating your home with unique sliding door designs.