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LW aluminium square bar is one of our extensive range of products. We are an aluminium supplier company from China that deals locally as well as internationally. 

We have been working for more than a decade to become one of the internationally recognized company in the world. 

LW has various departments with an experienced crew to manage manufacturing, designing and fabrication of their products. 

We have different types of aluminum alloys available for manufacture of aluminium square bars. This specifies them for different applications.

We provide low MOQ and free samples to our customers. Our fast shipping service is one of the reasons customers choose us. 

We customize our products on the specification you provide. So contact us now to get your order confirmed.

Product Classification of Aluminum Square Bar

2024 Aluminium Square Bar

2024 series Aluminium Square Bar

This type of alloy is known for its high strength to weight ratio, so they could be used for many different purposes and fields. It is ideal for aerospace industry. This alloy has low corrosion resistance so is not preferred for marine industry.

3003 series Aluminium Square Bar

This aluminum alloy is not as strong as other alloys but has a moderate strength. This aluminium square bar is used for manufacturing utensils, cabinets, vessels, chemical equipment etc.

2. 3003 aluminium square bar
5052 Aluminium square bar

5052 series Aluminium Square Bar

This aluminium square bar has good strength and can be treated with heat. It is used in making drums, wires, vessels, panels, marine and aircraft industries etc.

6061 Series Aluminium Square Bar

This aluminium square bar comes with good strength, corrosion resistance and can withstand fabrication processes. It can also be welded so is a good choice for many applications. It is widely used in frames, transport industry, aircraft industry and others.

6061 Aluminium square bar
5. 7075 Aluminium square bar

7075 series Aluminium Square Bar

This alloy is known for being the strongest. The 7075 aluminium square bar has high strength, good corrosion resistance and have high mechanical properties. These properties makes it a perfect choice for aircraft industry.


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Advantages for Aluminium Square Bar Manufacturers and Suppliers

Guaranteed Quality Providers

LW has guaranteed the quality of its products. We manufacture them with high quality aluminum and also supervise them to prevent any defect. Our team supervises them by testing them in the labs to make sure the products we deliver are of good quality.

Different Fabrication Techniques

We fabricate aluminium square bar on your request. Our team has different machinery for the fabrication purpose. We provide surface treatment like anodizing, wood effect, PVDF coating, sand blasting, electrophoresis etc.

Best delivery and customer services

LW delivers the fastest due to its services spread out worldwide. Our shipment takes the least time possible this helps save a lot of time of our customers. The LW is also good in communicating with customers.

One-stop shop that provides all the services

LW has all the services available under one roof that makes it one stop shop for our customers. With manufacturing of variety of aluminum products, to designing them into different shapes, colors and sizes we deal with everything.

Surface Treatment

Surface finished aluminium square bar is available at LW. Our other products can also be finished on your demand. We can meet all of your specifications. The products are treated with powder coating, sand blasting, anodizing, electrophoresis etc.

Processing Techniques

LW aluminium Square bar is processed through different methods on request of our customers. In general, we provide cutting, welding, bending, milling, tapping, assembling, drilling etc.

Aluminium Square Bar

Amazing Quality Aluminum Square Bar Manufacturers

Aluminium bar can be manufactured in many shapes like square, round, rectangular etc.

The aluminium square bar has many applications due to its many characteristics.

It is available in different sizes and colors and is also customized according to the specifications you provide. 

We provide free samples before you place the order, and our MOQ is very small to help you choose the product that suits your interest.

LW aluminium square bar is manufactured in black, white, silver, bronze, brown, red, champagne and many different colors.

Applications of Aluminium Square Bar

Aluminium Square bar for aviation industry
Aviation industry
Aluminium Square bar for aerospace industry
Aerospace industry
Aluminium Square bar for furniture

LW Provides the best Lightweight Aluminum Square Bar Worldwide

LW is a company that produces lightweight aluminum like aluminium square bar and supplies it to various countries around the world. 

The aluminium products are manufactured through highly advanced techniques, with good machinery by experts. 

Our company has also achieved an ISO certification due to its hard work and quality maintenance. The prices are affordable and you can save time along with cost by getting all the services under one roof.

We also have fabrication and customization services available for your different project.You could need to send us your detailed requirements.

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