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We have a choice of Aluminium Threshold Strips manufacture which will best serve the needs of your business. 

We are a leading aluminium threshold strips manufacturer and supplier, who have been in the industry for over 15 years. 

We offer a wide variety of aluminium threshold strips that can be tailored to meet your specifications. 

Our expert staff will provide quality service and assistance, helping you make informed decisions about your project requirements. 

We aim to deliver on time each and every time, giving you peace of mind as you navigate through the selection process. 

If you need assistance or if there is anything that we can do in order to help improve your experience with aluminium threshold strips, please contact us.

Aluminium Threshold Strips

Our aluminium threshold strips are light, strong and easy to install. They can be used on both internal and external floor threshold. 

There are many different sizes of aluminium strips available in the market but we manufacture a single size of aluminum thresholds with a 20mm high bar and a 15mm deep groove. 

Our aluminium threshold strips are made from 6005-T5 grade aluminium alloy, which will not rust even after years of exposure to weather elements. 

The material is also very light, meaning that it will not add any extra weight to your door, while still maintaining its strength. 

This makes our products ideal for any door installation project requiring an aluminium threshold strip.

Aluminium Threshold Strips


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Aluminium Threshold Strips Classifications

Aluminium Threshold Strips for T Bars
T-Bar Aluminium Threshold Strip
Aluminium Threshold Strips for Reducer Moulding
Reducer Moulding Aluminium Threshold Strip
Aluminium Threshold Strips for End Bars
End Bar Aluminium Threshold Strip
Aluminium Threshold Strips for Stair Nosing
Stair Nosing Aluminium Threshold Strip
Aluminium Threshold Strips for Skirting Boards
Skirting Board Aluminium Threshold Strip
Aluminium Threshold Strips for Scortia Trim
Scotia Aluminium Threshold Strip

LW: Proven Aluminium Threshold Strips Experts

All-in-One Manufacturer

Aluminium threshold strips from us are crafted using the best grade aluminium. The strips are known for their durability and supreme features. We have years of experience in manufacturing and supplying aluminium threshold strips to our customers, who have been highly satisfied by our product quality, service and the competitive pricing. We are your one stop shop for all types of aluminium threshold strips whether it be a custom design or standard aluminium threshold strip.

We Make Everything a Perfect Fit

Aluminium threshold strips are an important part of the aluminium industry. As a metal fabricator, we know that aluminum must be cut to size and shape before it can be used. The best way to achieve that is by installing an aluminium threshold strip. At LW, we specialize in manufacturing high quality aluminum threshold strips that are custom made for your business. We ensure that your aluminium threshold strip fits perfectly and looks great with its brand image so that customers will love coming into your establishment every time.

Quick Delivery Service

Our aluminium threshold strips are made from industry-leading aluminium, which is designed to create an attractive and attractive look that will impress your clients. We manufacture them with the highest quality aluminium so that they can last a lifetime. With our wide range of colours and sizes, you will easily be able to find the right aluminium threshold strip for your project. Our quick delivery service means that we can get your order to you in no time.

We Enhance and Secure

Aluminium threshold strips are used to secure and enhance the appearance of door thresholds. When used in conjunction with aluminium threshold plates, they act as the finishing touch to any polished aluminium entrance door system. They can also be applied to concrete or timber floor substrates to match the same appearance of your door.

Aluminium Threshold Strips

Reasons You Should Be Using Aluminium Threshold Strips

The Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio

 Aluminium threshold strips can be used for many reasons, but they have been designed primarily with protection in mind. They help prevent dirt and debris from entering your building via the gap created by the flooring meeting another surface. The aluminium material also provides thermal insulation, helping reduce energy loss through heat from cold floors such as concrete.

Improve Your Home’s Appearance

 With many properties, such as a superior resistance to high temperatures, ability to absorb sound, low maintenance and lightweight nature; this product is guaranteed to improve your home’s appearance and better its energy efficiency. The Aluminium Threshold Strips are an excellent choice for doorways, staircases and hallways.

Where You Can Use Your Aluminium Threshold Strips

Aluminium Threshold Strip for Domestic Applications
Domestic Applications
Aluminium Threshold Strip for Commercial Buildings
Commercial Projects
Aluminium Threshold Strip for Door Thresholds
Door Thresholds
Aluminium Threshold Strip for Window Sills
Window Sills
Aluminium Threshold Strip for Window Frames
Window Frames
Aluminium Threshold Strip for Floors

LW: Your One-Stop Fabrication Shop for Aluminium Threshold Strips

Aluminium threshold strips are ideal for use in domestic and commercial projects.

They can be used in a variety of applications including door thresholds, window sills and window frames to protect against water damage from rain, snow or ice build up.

Made from high quality aluminium, our threshold strips are ideal for use as a strong and durable alternative to carpet underlay or wood.

Aluminium threshold strips are very easy to use, available in a range of lengths and thicknesses and the cost effective solution to a wide range of different applications.

Aluminium threshold strips are suitable for use on concrete floors or timber floors which have been sealed with an oil based stain or varnish.