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LW Aluminium Tube Connector Supplier Company

LW is a Chinese company that manufactures high-quality aluminum-based products and sells them on an international level. LW is a trustworthy name in the aluminum market and has thousands of regular customers worldwide. We manufacture all the aluminium based products and have a great variety.

LW manufactures the best quality aluminium tube connectors that have immense durability and effectiveness. It is used for residential as well as for commercial purposes. The high-quality extruded alloys 6060 and 6063 are used for the manufacture of the aluminum tube connectors which make them stable to support heavy-duty systems.   

LW is a highly established company and quality maintenance is our top priority. We have different departments to ensure the quality of our products before they are sent to you. Moreover, we have a customization service available to organize your product according to your choice.     

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LW Aluminium Tube Connectors Products Classification

Aluminium square tube connector

Aluminium Square Tube Connectors

Aluminium square tube connectors have square hollow and are designed to fit a variety of tubing profiles. It is used in both internal and external applications.

Aluminium Round Tube Connectors

Aluminum round tube connectors have round hollows and are used for urban signage, light poles, parking shelters, buildings, machines, and storage spaces

Aluminium round tube connectors
3- Heavy duty aluminium tube connectors

Heavy duty Aluminium Tube Connectors

These aluminium tube connectors are designed with extruded aluminum that has immense durability and is used for tube connection in heavyweight structures.


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LW, An Upgraded Aluminium Tube Connectors Manufacturer

All-in-one store

LW is a leading company so you could estimate the variety of collections available at our one-stop shop. You could visit us and check out our great collection of aluminum tube brackets.

Economical rates

LW has set economical rates for our products that allow everyone to get our aluminum pipe brackets at affordable prices.

Quality products

Quality maintenance is our top priority and we have been maintaining it since the start of our business. We have quality checking departments for this purpose.

Customization service

We have a great variety of aluminum tube connectors. Moreover, you could get aluminium tube clamp and other products in our desired form on a customization order.

Customer care service

Our team is available 24/7 to answer your queries and give satisfaction to the clients by clearing their doubts.

Aluminium tube connectors manufacturer

LW, A TrustWorthy Name For Aluminium Tube Connectors

LW is one of the leading companies and has earned many certifications for its services and quality products.

  • Sizes

We offer all sizes of aluminum pipe connectors for you to create flexible and versatile framing systems. Our aluminum tube brackets are available in different sizes.Different sizes of aluminium tube connectors are used for different fittings. As they are usually small in size so their size range generally starts from one inch. You could get aluminum pipe brackets in your required sizes from LW.

  • Designs and colors

Our products are available in different colors and designs. The aluminum tube clamp is stocked in different colors including white, black, grey, dark brown, blue, and reddish brown. These have round or square hollows. Moreover, we offer a customization service so you could get your products in your desired color and design.

Applications Of Aluminium Tube Connectors

Protective Grid Construction
Cage construction
Exhibition stand construction
Aluminium tube connectors for bike racks construction
Bike racks construction
Aluminium tube connectors for yard fencing
Yard fencing
Aluminium tube connectors for table construction
Table framing
Aluminium tube connectors for trailer construction
Trailer construction

LW Your Best Choice For Aluminium Tube Connectors

 LW is working for 15 years in this field and we are equipped with contemporary machinery. The facility of CAD system is also available.

We use extruded aluminum for the production of our products. Our products are sold on an international scale. We have several departments and employment areas all over the world.

From manufacturing procedures to the packaging and shipping of the products, every step is operated by our different departments with excellence.

You could get any aluminum product from us and could also give customization orders. We always try to fulfil our customer’s requirements.

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