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Why to favor LW Aluminium Amplifier Chassis Manufacturers

  LW is providing you the finest and most durable aluminum amplifier enclosures. They are appropriate for all kinds of audio devices.  In order to protect your audio equipment, the aluminium amplifier chassis is the best option with its high-end design and quality. 

LW amplifier enclosure box provides you best audio experience. Our professional team is always ready to listen to your demand, customized enclosure boxes by CNC machinery and many more services like surface treatment.

Not only increase its life span but also beautify your apparatus. The size of audio equipment doesn’t matter you can get the perfect size matched with your device not only this the number of slots also perfectly matched with your audio device.

Do consider us and place your order in first place.

LW Aluminium Amplifier Chassis Product Classification

Aluminium Guitar Amplifier Chassis
Aluminium Guitar Amplifier Chassis

LW guitar amplifier chassis is made with distinct hardware having high quality. Further it gave stable and strong sound quality.

Aluminium Tube Amplifier Chassis

Simply it amplifies the electrical signals produced by your appliance. It is buoyant coupled with great stability. Its protection level can be rated up to IP65.

Aluminium Stereo Amplifier Chassis
Aluminium Stereo Amplifier Chassis

 That one amplifier enclosure box will surely protect the components beside have good heat dissipation performance that increase the life span of your device.

Aluminium Outdoor Amplifier Chassis
Aluminium Outdoor Amplifier Chassis

They are waterproof, competitive in price. Aluminium outdoor amplifier enclosure benefits you by preventing sound cancellation.

Aluminium Hifi Amplifier Chassis

It has a great frequency range, produce sound exactly matched with the source one. So, we can say that it has great control transmission vitality.

Aluminium Power Amplifier Chassis
Aluminium Power Amplifier Chassis

Power amplifier enclosure box increase the magnitude of weak signals and even in the case of recurrent moving encompass good response to the inductively coupled.


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Superiority Of LW Aluminium Amplifier Chassis


Aluminium amplifier cassis is highly compact that quality help to keep all the components of device intact and in their place and also it enhances the sound quality.


Aluminium amplifier enclosure box is light in weight so it is easy to lift and carry to any place. It is also easy to assemble. Despite of its weightlessness it is durable and not easy to break.

Electromagnetic Shielding

Due to its magnificent electromagnetic shielding ability, it protects your audio devices from any electrical interference and also enhance sound quality.

Heat Resistive

Aluminum amplifier enclosure is highly heat resistive so protect your apparatus from overheating. Due to this quality, it helps your appliance to run over long period of time.

Aluminium Amplifier Chassis

LW Aluminium Amplifier Chassis Profile

  • Color: 

LW is offering you number of colors in aluminium amplifier chassis. That may include gray, blue, white, black or other RAL colors. Order according to your wish and requirement. 

  • Lower energy costs:

In this ever-increasing energy crisis era aluminum amplifier enclosure has great advantage as it can be recycled infinitely so it also proved to be highly economical.

  • Aesthetic:

Our amplifier enclosure box not only give your appliance protection and improved sound quality but also give a charming look that will definitely please your heart. 

  • Full Customization available:

LW is providing you with fully customized amplifier chassis. We made such amplifier enclosure boxes where you don’t feel any difficulty to fit the necessary wires and tubes of your appliance but can also easily accommodate power supply and heat sink. The sockets and slots can also be designed exactly according to your device.

Applications Of Aluminium Amplifier Chassis

Aluminium Amplifier Chassis for Headphone Amplifier
Head-phone amplifiers
Aluminium Amplifier Chassis for Radio
Aluminium Amplifier Chassis for Speaker
Aluminium Amplifier Chassis for Power supply
Power supply

LW- A Trusted, Well-known Aluminium Amplifier Chassis Manufacturing & Supplying Company

LW is not only manufacturing but also supplying extruded aluminium products from over long period of time.

Our products are not only well known but also admired by large scale industries, individual clients etc.

LW is not new in this field we are working for more than fifteen years. We have vey strong profile regarding amplifier enclosure box.

Well known all over the world for its durability, longevity available in wide range of color, sizes and finishes. 

Our customers trust us due to our incredible products, quick responses and on time delivery etc.

We use modern technology like CAD, CNC machinery. Our team of expert is available for you twenty-four hours to answer your queries. 

Don’t hesitate and order your aluminium amplifier chassis now!