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LW Manufacturer-Aluminum bar grating

LW manufacturer has good experience in making aluminum bar grating of different kinds and sizes. 

With a great experience of 12 years, we have been serving our valuable customers with high-quality aluminum bar grating used for making different products.

Our experts use a highly innovative technique for aluminum bar grating. By keeping in mind, the uses and application of aluminum bars, and their application in both commercial and industrial fields.

The high-quality staff always embarked on a development journey from colors to designs, focusing on making good quality products at reasonable rate.

We promised our clients a high-quality product made from the highly-innovative techniques for your major commercial or industrial projects.

We are often engaged to find out the queries related to any material and assist our clients with any of our products.

Quadrilateral Aluminum bar grating

Aluminum bar grating is grating into quadrilateral shape to become the uniform product in manufacturing fields.  The quadrilateral bar with a hard line, bearing ball inside the crisp interlock each other. It can be ornamented, coated and extruded.

Floor Aluminum bar grating

 Floor Aluminum bar grating is another type of aluminum bar. It has been punched into different holes and shapes and it’s a great choice due to its slip resistance and lightweight property.

Aluminum bar grating ladder rungs
Aluminum bar grating Ladder Rung

The aluminum bar grating ladder is another type of aluminum bar. These safety grating ladder rungs are suitable for a new ladder because of their slip resistance property and to fit the standing ladder.  

Pressed lock Aluminum bar grating
Pressure locked aluminum bar grating

Pressure- locked aluminum bar grating is one of the artistic products made from aluminum bars. It is made by joining two bars in such a way that they interlocked each other and joined together to carry the weight they are supposed to do. The cross bar on this metal makes it a perfect choice designed for big projects used in architectural and marine industries.


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Advantages of Aluminum bar grating


The bar aluminum grating is ecological. The products made from aluminum are environmental-friendly and sustainable.

Heat resistance

Heat resistance is another quality of aluminum bar grating. On exposure to heat, the aluminum bar also gets warm, but it also resists sudden changes in heat.

Appealing appearance

The aluminum bar grating has an aesthetic appearance, and the design and quality of the metal will give your product a clear and vague image. The aluminum metal appearance is flat, vibrant, and uniform.


Non-corrosion is another quality of aluminum bar grating. The aluminum metal bar is lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust. Their anti-rust property proves to be a good choice for making non-corrosive aluminum products.


Elasticity is another advantage of aluminum bar grating. It is used for grating bars into different shapes and sizes according to the needs and requirements of products.


Aluminum bar grating is non-toxic like the other metals, and aluminum is non-toxic and resists bacterial growth.

LW Manufacturer believes in customer’s versatility and satisfaction

  •       Sustainability

Our aluminum bar grating is economical and environmentally free. The products made from the aluminum bar are sustainable, recyclable, and non-corrosive, and the anti-rust and anti- bacterial growth properties of aluminum make it a premium choice for an eco-friendly environment.

  •     Spacing

 The aluminum bar grating is characterized by different kinds and sizes according to the space and area required for the proposed product. The aluminum metal can be ground into different sizes and shapes according to the given criteria. 

  •       High-quality

 The aluminum bar grating is of high quality as our expert grate aluminum bars into different shapes and sizes. The quality of our product is very high especially made for your special projects according to the need and requirements of our clients.

Common Anodized Heatsinks Applications

Aluminum bar grating in ladder threads
Ladder threads
Fire escape
Architectural structure
Aluminum bar grating industrial use

LW manufacturer – The premium aluminum bar grating

Our aluminum bar is grated especially according to the correct specification of the required products.

Our products have the specific characteristics of easy maintenance, much space, different bar sizes and shapes, and a high-quality grating style and design.

 LW manufacturer owes to provide our valuable customers the premium quality of the aluminum bar. 

You can take advice from our experts about selecting the appropriate grating material.

As we are discovering the quality and requirement of your projects and keep focusing on how to increase the quality of metal essential for your products.

Feel free to contact our experts and get a piece of premium advice about the selections of the correct material.