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Devoted Aluminum Bar Manufacturing Company

LW is a distinct and reliable manufacturer of aluminum bar that has become a core attention unit among industrialists.

They are strong in their structure, have corrosion-resistant properties, and are highly weldable.

Aluminum bars have diverse shapes. You can mold them in the desired form as per the usage. Usually, they have a longer length and lesser width to accommodate the shape of a bar. 

Their properties make them essential in the railing, stakes, and tine industries. 

Our engineers fulfill the manufacturing requirements of your products, such as temperature, pressure, hygiene, and other necessary factors.

Other than this, we over fast delivery and maintenance services!  

LW Aluminum Bar

Aluminum Bar Related Products

These flat bars have 6063 aluminum alloys, and other alloys can be added if you demand. With customization supports, these bars are the best for industrial use.

It is made with an extrusion process and applies to different manufacturing and production companies. These are evenly colored and get no scratches.

Cold Finished Aluminum Bar
Cold Finished Aluminum Bar

These are often used in screw machine parts. Some mechanical applications are cars, motors, and similar items. 

These bars are often used in spacecraft or aerospace applications. They have been proved a great help in this industry.

These bars are extensively utilized in big machines or the construction of buildings.

These are also cold-finished extruded bars used in the windows for offices, homes, or industries.

Hexagonal aluminum bars are particular to their use. You might use them in the commercial areas. 

Aluminum rectangular bars could be used for different applications with different size and colors.

Aluminum Z bars are commonly usually used construction industry. We could custom them for you.


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Beneficial Advantages of LW Aluminum Bar

Our aluminum bars provide advantages because of LW’s constant effort and unique manufacturing process. You will not find the matching quality near you. The advantages include:


Due to the low melting point of aluminum, these bars are quickly melted and can be recycled. This property makes them environmentally friendly.

Easy Manufacturing

Almost every industry uses aluminum for its welding and accessible molding properties.


Aluminum bars are stable and have great strength to hold weight compared to other light objects.

Corrosion Resistance

Due to the natural ability of aluminum to produce oxide coating around it, your bars become anti-corrosive.

Good Surface Finishing

Your aluminum bars have a shiny outer surface because of the high-quality aluminum we use, which is suitable for the external look and reduces damage.


Although it is lighter in weight, it is known for lifting heavy weight for household applications.

Aluminum Bar

A Genuine Supplier of Aluminum Bar

Aluminum bars have been in the market for quite a long time, and LW has a mass-production system. It accommodates industrial needs so that our clients’ business doesn’t stop.

These are less heavy and contribute a lot in different fields due to their numerous properties. 

A few of their dimensions are discussed below:

  • Sizes

As aluminum bars are high and lengths, the length remains the same, and the width changes according to the use. For instance, 3×16 inches length with different widths of ½, ¾, and ½, inches.

  • Weight

These bars weigh less and are functional for various purposes. They weigh 0.441 lbs/ft, 0.111 lbs/ft, 0.165lbs/ft. The highest weight is 0.292 lbs/ft.

  • Chemical Composition

Your aluminum bars are composed of 98 percent aluminum with other alloys, including Fe – 0.7, Mn – 0.15, Zn – 0.25, etc.

Applications of Aluminum Bar

LW’s well manufactured and high-quality aluminum bars are up for several commercial and residential uses such as:

Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profiles for Buildings
High-Rise Buildings
Aluminum Bar for Window Frames
Window Frames
Aluminum Bar for Aircraft Components
Aircraft Components
Aluminum Bar for Ships
Aluminum Bar for Spacecraft and Satellite Components
Spacecraft and Satellite Components
Aluminum Bar for Power Lines
Power Lines
Aluminum Bar for Household Applications
Household Applications
Aluminum Bar for Industrial Usage
Industrial Usage

Customized Aluminum Bar

LW highly concentrates on the importance of customization because it helps customers get what they want and invest for. 

Our aluminum bars are made through an extrusion process which is not very expensive and offers high precision.

We provide different aluminum bars such as extruded bars, T-bars, and Flat bars. You can alter the design, structure, shape according to your desire.

You are welcome to visit our store to check by hand the properties, specifications, and designs to get more satisfied with our services.

We readily entertain orders of all quantities and provide you with the best available services in the area. We deal with the payment process through online banking to keep a good record.

Contact us any time to get your queries solved or get product details! 

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Aluminum Bar - FAQ Guide

Aluminum bars have a lot of beneficial features and a lot of questions surrounding the product. It’s important that you’re well-equipped with modern-day information regarding aluminum bars.

Here, we list down the frequently asked questions by people on the internet regarding aluminum bars.

Aluminum Bar - FAQ Guide

1. How To Bend Aluminum Flat Bars?

When it comes to bending aluminum bars, there are many ways that you can do so such as:

  • Using a bending brake
  • Using an arbor press
  • Using your hands

2. How Do I Use A Bending Brake To Bend Aluminum Bar?

Bending Brake for Aluminum Bars

Using a Bending Brake to Bend Aluminum Bars

In general, using a bending brake is an efficient method to bend your aluminum bar. You could read our below guides, then you could know clearly how to operate them.

  1. Prepare the Metal Bending Brake

Prepare the metal bending brake for use.

Also, while you are preparing the metal bending brake, make sure that you’re wearing the proper safety equipment.

It’s important to gear up before using any hardware.

  1. Place the Metal Sheet

Place the metal sheet below the bar that has slipped out of the brake and tighten the screws. Straighten the bar so that it is no longer in contact with the back of the frame. 

Using a 90-degree angle, insert your piece of metal into the bend you want to make. Reinstall the bar in its frame to ensure that it is firmly in place.

  1. Do Necessary Adjustments 

Adjust the brake guide so that a crease emerges along the folded edge of the sheet when the sheet is folded. 

Once the sheet is inside, do all the necessary adjustments so that it’s aligned with the crease alongside the internal edge.

Fold the bar pieces and make them placed on the edge of sheet, let the bar pieces underneath the clamp bar, to bend them.

Please make sure to examine the sheet carefully so that you’ll get a straight product.

  1. Screw the C-Clamps 

The two C-clamps should be screwed immediately to the clamp bar.

Keep a distance for the both ends of the clamp and you use a clamp to mark them.

Immediately after, make sure that the clamp is fastened and tightened in place.

You don’t have to have the clamps placed on top directly over the metal. Just make sure that the clamp is helping the swiveling apron of the brake.

  1. Raise the Apron Handles

To bend the aluminum sheet, raise the apron handles above the sheet to provide leverage. Slowly work your way through the metal; since it is soft, minimal effort is necessary. 

You will see that when you elevate the apron, metal will begin to form over the clamp bar’s edge at the bend point you have chosen. 

Continue to raise your sheet until it takes on the shape you want it to have. The sheet that has been created is immediately useable or may be stored in a work tray.

3. How Do I Use An Arbor Press To Bend My Aluminum Bar?

Arbor Press for Aluminum Bars

 Using An Arbor Press to Bend Aluminum Bar

Using the Arbor Press Method

  1. Prepare the Arbor Press

Prepare the arbor press for use.

  1. Bend the Legs of Your Angle Finder

Angular finders are comprised of two short legs that spin independently of one another and are marked with varying angles in relation to the other leg. 

Bend the legs of your finder into the right position to get the desired angle.

  1. Cut the Additional Wood Between

If your project requires a bend radius, cut a piece of wood that is the same size as the bend radius. 

To cut the additional wood between two lines, use a table saw, a circular saw, or a miter saw to cut the wood. 

When you’re through with this step, you’ll have a piece of wood with a V-shaped groove going down the length of one side. This is an excellent template for forming your metal into the desired shape.

  1. Draw a Line Across the Center of the Object

To create a curve in the aluminum, you must first draw a line across the center of the object at the desired bend place. 

To begin, line a ruler against your workpiece such that one edge of the ruler is aligned with the bend spot you’ve chosen.

Trace your bent line along the ruler’s edge using a pen or other writing tool. This step will ensure that you will be able to see the position of your bend without difficulty.

  1. Align the Pipe on the Face

Attach a section of pipe to your piece of metal by taping it together using masking tape.

Align the pipe on the face that will be on the inside of the curve, following the bend line, so that it will finish up on the inside of the curve.

Make sure you wrap the pipe with tape in sufficient quantities to keep it in place. This pipe will serve as the one that presses.

  1. Place the object on the middle of the V-block of the press.

As you place the block on top of the pipe, make sure the anvil is on one end and the concave is on the other end of the block. 

Ensure that the press is placed appropriately while considering both the anvil and the notch so they’ll be properly in place.

If you’re done with the adjustments, place the component and start the bending process. 

  1. Push the Press

Initiate pulling on the lever to allow the lowering of the anvil to occur which will initiate the press to apply weight on the metal.

Observe carefully whether the metal is bended by keeping an eye on the angle.

Once done, just make sure to wipe it off clearly.

4.How Do I Bend My Aluminum Bar Using My Hands?

Aluminum Bar Being Bent By Hand

 Bending an Aluminum Bar By Hand

Bending an Aluminum Bar by Hand. Please take a lot of safety precautions as this could harm you.

  1. Draw Out Where You Want It To Bend

Start mapping out where you want the bend to happen using your pen.

A black felt-tip marker should be used to draw an arrow on your bend line.

Going from one side of the piece to the other or at least straight enough that the edges will be able to be aligned after the item has been bent.

  1. Make Sure That You’re In A Spacious Workspace

 When bending your metal component, make sure you have a sturdy, spacious workstation or table. 

Assure that the aluminum is organized to make sure that the bend exceeds the edge.

  1. Clamp A Scrap Piece Of Wood

Clamp a scrap piece of wood to the bent line to keep it from slipping off. 

Lay the wood edge out and straighten it.

Put it against a flat piece of metal while also making sure to leave some visible space between both the wood and the line where you want to bend.

  1. Hold the Wood Using C-Clamps

To hold the wood and make sure that it stays where you put it, use a c-clamp.

While its against the metal sheet, pinch them altogether, place the aluminum on top of the wood and clamp it.

Do the same with the anvil.

Finally, please rotate the screws to tightened them by clockwise direction.

  1. Bend the Metal Using By Hand

The extra metal may be bent up by hand, which will aid in the process of fastening the metal. 

One hand holds the end of the metal, while the other is used to bend it over and around the component you are working on. 

To acquire an appropriate curve, adjust the angle at which you are holding the metal until you have a satisfactory result. 

When you are satisfied with your work, remove the clamps, and discard any scrap wood that has accumulated.

5. How Much Are Aluminum Bars Typically Worth?

An Aluminum Bar

An Aluminum Bar

Aluminum by itself is not that expensive which is why an aluminum bar is also inexpensive.

However, please take note that the aluminum bars from LW manufactures are subject to a lot of factors such as aluminum grade, customization, and many other factors.

6. How To Cut Aluminum Bars?

Aluminum Bar Cutting Tools

 Tools Used To Cut Aluminum Bars

There are a lot of ways that you can cut aluminum bars and those are highly dependent on what type of equipment you can utilize and the experience you have.

Please remember to proceed with caution and equip yourself with the proper protective equipment to ensure that you won’t have to deal with injuries.

Here, we list down the top ways that you can cut aluminum bars:

  • Using a hacksaw
  • Using an angle grinder
  • Using a circular saw
  • Using a miter saw
  • Using a grinding disc
  • Using a simple ruler and blade
  • Using an oscillating tool
  • Using a reciprocating saw
  • Using a grinder

7. How To Clean Aluminum Bars?

Aluminum Bars Cleaned

 Tools Used To Clean Aluminum Bars

It’s important to properly take care of your aluminum bars by scheduling times where you’d be cleaning them appropriately.

Here are the ways that you can clean your aluminum bars:

  • The Vinegar Method
  • The Hose Method
  • The Borax Method
  • The Mild Detergent Method
  • The Brush Method

8. How To Paint Aluminum Bars?

Aluminum Bars Being Painted On

Aluminum Bar Being Painted On 

While LW can manufacture the aluminum bar to your desired color, if you’re looking to do it yourself here are the steps.

For those looking to customize their aluminum bars and paint on them here’s how:

  1. Ensure that the Aluminum Bars Are Cleaned

Make sure that your aluminum bar is fully clean and fully dry before painting on them.

This is to make sure that it will look good and will stick.

The method used to clean the aluminum bar won’t matter if it’s squeaky clean.

  1. Get A Piece of Sandpaper and Begin Rubbing

Get sandpaper and start rubbing it on the surface of the aluminum bar.

Make sure that the first sandpaper used is coarse and then the next one used is fine-grit.

  1. Bring Out Self-Etching Primer

Bring out your self-etching primer and then wait for it to dry once more.

After it finishes the drying process, whip out once again a fine-grit sandpaper and then repeat the sanding process.

  1. Bring Out Your Paint

If you already have the paint with you, bring it out and choose the color you want.

Now that the paint is out, get a brush or any painting medium but preferably a brush.

Start applying the paint on the aluminum bar. Don’t forget to apply a lot of coats and sand in between.

  1. Apply Enamel Sealer

Top it all off by applying enamel sealer.

Here’s a useful video to watch about painting on aluminum surfaces and bars:

9. How To Polish Aluminum Bars?

For some applications, aluminum bars are required to have a mirror-finish wherein you can see your own reflection in it.

Are you looking to polish up your aluminum bars? Here are the many ways that you can achieve a well-polished aluminum bar:

  • Using aluminum polish.
  • Manually polishing the aluminum bar.
  • Regular cleaning.
  • Tartar cream.

10. How Do I Use Aluminum Polish To Polish My Aluminum Bar?

Aluminum Bars Polish

 Aluminum Polish for Aluminum Bars 

Step one: Prepare the aluminum polish for use on your aluminum bar.

Step two: Begin applying the aluminum polish on your aluminum bar.

Make sure to grab a soft cloth before doing so because that will serve as your application tool.

Wipe the soft cloth dipped in aluminum polish and rub the surface using a circular motion.

Step three: Begin buffing the aluminum bar.

You’ve now officially finished polishing your aluminum bar using aluminum polish!

11. How Do I Use Tartar Cream To Polish My Aluminum Bar?

Aluminum Bars Tartar Cream for Aluminum

Tartar Cream for Aluminum Bars 

Step one: Prepare and make sure that you have tartar cream available.

Step two: Get a soft cloth as this will be your way to apply the tartar cream.

Step three: Mix the tartar cream with some water.

Step four: Dip the soft cloth into the tartar cream that was mixed with some water.

Step five: Apply the cloth that was dipped into the tartar cream on the surface of the aluminum bar.

Step six: Get a dry cloth and use it to dry the aluminum bar’s surface.

12. How To Protect Aluminum Bars?

Just like any other thing that you purchase and utilize, it’s important that you take care of your aluminum bar.

Here are the things that you should be avoiding and taking into consideration when you’re planning on taking care of your aluminum bar:

  • Make sure to keep your aluminum bar in a scratch-free container.
  • Avoid placing it in an open area with extreme climates and harsh weather conditions.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance and make sure that it’s clean from time-to-time.
  • Don’t put it near fire.

13.Can You Weld Aluminum Bars?

Aluminum Bars Being Welded

 Aluminum Bars Being Welded

Yes, you can indeed weld aluminum bars.

But this is highly dependent on the aluminum alloy grade and the method you’ll be using to weld.

Some aluminum alloys don’t have excellent weldability and sometimes the method you’ll be using will be ineffective.

14. What Are The Common Aluminum Bar Grades?

When it comes to aluminum bar aluminum alloy grades, here are the common aluminum bar grades used:

  • Aluminum Alloys from the 6000 Family
  • Aluminum 3003

15. How Much Weight Can An Aluminum Bar Hold?

The good thing about aluminum bars is the fact that they can carry a lot of weight.

Aluminum products are typically super strong and have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Aluminum bars can hold up to 75,000 pounds!

16. Can I Place My Aluminum Bar Outside?

Aluminum Bars Outsied (1)

 Aluminum Bars Being Placed Outside

Yes, you can place your aluminum bar outside given that you also make sure that you check up on it usually.

Placing your aluminum bar outside won’t necessarily be harmful to the longevity of your aluminum bar because aluminum bars are equipped with anti-corrosion and a lot more.

17. Can I Place My Aluminum Bar Underwater?

Aluminum Bars Underawter

 Aluminum Bars Placed Underwater

Yes, you may absolutely place your aluminum bar underwater.

However, please take note that marine grade aluminum is commonly limited to 5000 and 6000 aluminum alloy grades.

If your aluminum bar isn’t made from marine grade aluminum, try to avoid placing your aluminum bar deep under the water.

18. Does LW Offer Ready-made Aluminum Bars?

Yes, LW offers ready-made aluminum bars that come in the standard sizes.

These aluminum bars are capable to be used in a lot of applications that require the standard dimensions of aluminum bars.

19. How Long Does It Take For LW To Manufacture Custom-made Aluminum Bars?

LED panels often require the usage of a heat sinks because they need a way to properly redirect the heat to travel from the LED panel to the outside world.

20. What Are The Possible Surface Finishing Options For My Aluminum Bar?

When purchasing aluminum bars, you have the option of selecting the kind of surface treatment you want.

There are several alternatives available when it comes to surface treatments for aluminum bars. The following is a list of the most frequently used surface finishing options:

Anodized Aluminum Bars

Aluminum Bar Anodizing Surface Treatment Option


  • Anodizing is a popular method of completing aluminum bars.
  • In this situation, an anodized treatment will ensure that aluminum’s corrosion resistance is enhanced even more.
  • This is ideal for those who care about the appearance of their metal bars.

Aluminum Bar About To Be Painted On

Aluminum Bar Liquid Painting Surface Treatment Option

Liquid Painting

  • Wet painting is often employed by those who want to alter the color of their metal.
  • Because this is mostly a cosmetic modification, there is nothing more to do except alter the outside appearance.
  • A variety of colors are available, and they may be reused.

Aluminum Bar Powder Coated

 Aluminum Bar Coating Using Powder Surface Treatment Option

Coating Using Powder

  • Once the powder has been put to the metal bar in its entirety, it may be easily molded.
  • Due to the powder coating procedure, it is preferable to utilize the aluminum bars outdoors.
  • Powder coating protects against abrasions caused by external surfaces, so you won’t have to worry about them as much.

21. What Measures Does LW Take To Ensure Aluminum Bar Quality?

LW has over 15 years of experience when it comes to manufacturing aluminum bars.

Given the wide experience we have, we make sure to have a checklist for quality control.

  • Test out the workability of the aluminum bar.
  • Ensure that the aluminum alloy grade used is appropriate for the application.
  • Strength tests.
  • Corrosion resistance testing.
  • Heat treating.
  • Surface treatment options to strengthen aluminum properties.

22. What’s The Typical Waiting Time When It Comes To Aluminum Bar Orders From LW?

Our aluminum bar is in stock and can be sent within 5-7 business days (if it is a size we carry in stock). 

Custom-made aluminum bars take 25-30+ days to complete (depending on color and technique requested).

23. What Are The Things I Should Be Looking For When Purchasing Aluminum Bars?

Aspects to consider when purchasing aluminum bars include:

  • The reputation of the manufacturer and their experience.
  • In general, the price and the workability of the entire aluminum bar.
  • The tensile strength that is determined by the aluminum alloy grade.
  • Choosing a surface treatment for the surface.
  • The location in which the aluminum bars will be manufactured.

24. Does LW Have After-Sale Services When Purchasing Aluminum Bars?

Yes, any product that we put out for sale comes with after-sale services to make sure that you are satisfied.

Our after-sale services can be as follows:

  • Aluminum bar warranty.
  • Aluminum bar product consultations.
  • Aluminum bar research and design.
  • Aluminum bar customization.
  • Aluminum bar product installation.

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