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With our generation of experience in making Aluminum products, the Aluminum Battery Box production by our workers is a stellar performance. 

We manufacture high-grade Aluminum Battery Boxes that are of use for home appliances such as electrical boards, and in huge appliances such as generators in factories and industries. You can use them in your offices for any electrical appliance. 

We assure you that your Aluminum Battery Box will be safe themselves and would not damage any furniture or discolor the ceilings of your places of commute.

However, we check your requirement for the type of Aluminum Battery Box you need. Different companies have different designs for Aluminum batteries and the wiring has different holes to put them in. So, we refer to your needs in that case. 

To lower your load, we give a Minimum Quantity Benefit for you to invest in our products at a low price.

Feel free to contact us for your customized orders of Aluminum Battery Box.

Aluminum Battery Box Products

Horizontal 2-Battery Box.

Horizontal 2- Battery Aluminum Battery Box

Made with Aluminum alloy. Our Aluminum Battery Boxes are lightweight and have long life. We use graded materials and the latest technology to create a battery box.

Commercial Grade Aluminum Battery Box

Our Aluminum Battery Boxes Protect marine and automotive batteries. Their function is to help against contaminants and leaked battery acid. This type of battery box is suitable for installation on boats, commercial equipment, trailers, and generators. The Aluminum protects it from UV rays, oil, air, and battery acid.

2.Commercial Grade Aluminum Battery Box.
4.Mounatble Aluminum Battery Box.

Mountable Aluminum battery Box

With sun shields, it prevents sun rays from affecting the battery’s functionality. The heat strips keep the Aluminum Battery Box activated for the batteries kept inside of them.


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LW Aluminum Battery Box- Advantages

Strong yet Lightweight

When setting out for a long-hour trip, the Aluminum Battery Box is handy to keep several batteries for backup. They are safe in it. The battery box is strong to hold enough batteries. At the same time, the use of Aluminum makes it light in weight and thus portable.

Saving environment

At the same time, it helps in reducing environmental pollution. The battery radiation prevents the outside environment from getting affected. Rather, the radiations are limited to the battery box alone. The Aluminum prevents the battery itself from harming the box by the UV radiations of itself and sun rays from the outside environment. That way, the Aluminum Battery Box is safe inside the box from other environmental factors such as weather conditions.

Long Life

The factors of lightweight and strength deliver the long life of the Aluminum Battery Boxes. Aluminum can save energy for the battery by preventing the energy from wasting in the environment.

Cool look

For semi-trucks, the installation of our battery box could be a handsome addition to the look of it. Our polished and refined Aluminum Battery Box looks good on your truck.

A Premium Aluminum Battery Box Producer

  • High Grade

The materials used in our Aluminum Battery Box are high grade but they do not sum up to weight other than the weight of your truck.

  • Easy To Install

With their different kinds of frames, they are designed for different styles of mounting and flat surfacing. So, that they are easy to be fixed in the truck. You would not want to be stranded on a far away road with no backup battery. Our Aluminum  Battery Boxes would be beneficial in that case to hold many batteries in it.

  • Energy Savers

You do not have to run the engine to run a piece of equipment in your vehicle. If you want to run equipment inside your truck, just use the battery in the Aluminum Battery Box, and it will work without wasting any petrol from your engine.

  • Fixed 

When you are driving, you do not have to mount the batteries after each commute because they are designed to be fitted inside the Aluminum Battery Box.

Numerous Applications of Aluminum Battery Boxes

Aluminum Battery Box for cars.
In cars
In Freightliners
Aluminum Battery Box for Trailers.
In trailers
Aluminum Battery Box for Semi Trucks.
Semi trucks
Solar power system
Aluminum Battery Box for Direct Power and Water Power.
Direct power and water power
Aluminum Battery Box for Forest River.
Forest river

Customized Aluminum Battery Box

Here, our products are created in a neat and clean environment. You would not see a trace of impurity inside our Aluminum products. In addition to that, our materials that are used in making the Aluminum Battery Boxes are hundred percent qualified for manufacturing. 

Moreover, we have our professionals in the field who create masterpieces of the Aluminum Battery Boxes.

By following your order demands and instructions, we create the type of mounted or flatbed Aluminum Box that fits your truck and keeps your battery safe. We create awesome Aluminum Battery Boxes that are light in weight yet strong and durable.

However, we are easy to work with and give recommendations to and receive ideas from. Our R&D department emphasizes the production of custom made Aluminum Battery boxes ordered by our customers.

So, we suggest that you visit us for any of your requirements and needs related to Aluminum products. 

Therefore, we give after-sale services to you as a token of our producer-customer relationship.

You can utilize from it by contacting us immediately. 

Aluminum Battery Box

Here at LW we compiled our FAQs about Aluminum Battery Boxes just for you!

Aluminum Battery Box - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. Why Should I Use Aluminum Instead Of Other Metals For My Battery Box?

You should use aluminum battery boxes instead of battery boxes of different metals because of the following reasons:

  • Aluminum has a higher tensile strength than most other metals. Thus, aluminum is used in many industries to make things like casings and battery boxes because of its durability.
  • Aluminum is a lighter, stronger and more durable metal than the other metals used for battery boxes. It is also less susceptible to corrosion than steel and other metals that are used in plastic battery boxes.
  • Additionally, aluminum has a lower environmental impact when compared with lead-acid batteries.

1 - Aluminum Battery Box

Aluminum Battery Box

2. How Long Should I Keep My Battery In The Aluminum Battery Box?

When you first get the box, be sure to test its ampere capacity by putting a battery in.

To extend the life of the battery, it is recommended to keep it in the Aluminum Battery Box for at least six months after the new one has been installed.

2 - Battery Inside Aluminum Battery Box

Battery Inside Aluminum Battery Box

It is suggested to store batteries in a cool dry place that is not too cold or warm.

It is also important that you use a body shop to install your new battery because they will check it and make sure everything is in good working order before they put it in your vehicle.

3. How Does An Aluminum Battery Box Compare To Plastic Battery Boxes?

Aluminum battery boxes are safer for your batteries and your wallet. Batteries contain acid that can be nasty if not handled properly, so an aluminum box makes it more difficult for acid to spill inside the box.

3 - Aluminum Battery Box and Plastic Battery Boxes

Aluminum Battery Box and Plastic Battery Boxes

Plastic boxes are more susceptible to rotting from moisture and water contamination. Aluminum battery boxes are also more durable and will last longer than their plastic counterparts.

Aluminum Battery Boxes are lighter and more durable than plastic battery boxes.

4. How Do I Take Care Of My Aluminum Battery Box?

An aluminum battery box is designed to withstand extreme conditions, so you don’t need to worry about taking care of it. It can be used in any type of weather.

However, over time the natural oxidation process will cause the box to fade or lose a certain amount of its original color due to exposure to the elements.

To maintain its beauty, do not attempt to refinish it or change its color by applying paint or other chemicals; instead, purchase a protective coat that can be applied directly onto your box by an expert at LW.

Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaners or gasoline to clean aluminum. Pressurized air is generally not recommended, as it can cause damage to the internal components.

Instead, use a soft cloth and a dry spray to protect the surface and polish with a spoke card or brush for scratches or scuffs.

4 - Aluminum Battery Box Disassembled For Maintenance

Aluminum Battery Box About To Undergo Maintenance

5. Are Aluminum Battery Boxes Safe From Battery Leakage?

Aluminum batteries are completely safe from leakage, as they do not contain any liquid electrolyte whatsoever.

Aluminum battery boxes are state-of-the-art in design and construction. They are also hydro tested for safety and durability.

5 - Aluminum Battery Box LeakProof

Aluminum Battery Box LeakProof

Aluminum battery boxes are safe for use with any type of battery and are especially recommended for 12 volt batteries because they prevent the electrolyte from getting warm during transportation.

Aluminum battery boxes can be safely transported in the back seats or in the trunk of a vehicle without fear of spillage due to their leak resistant design.

6. How Much Are Aluminum Battery Boxes?

The price of an aluminum battery box highly depends on several factors such as aluminum alloy grade, size, quantity, customization, and many other things that can be determined easily by contacting us for free!

7. Are Aluminum Battery Boxes Fireproof?

Yes, Aluminum Battery Boxes are fireproof.

6 - Aluminum Battery Box Fireproof

Aluminum Battery Box Fireproof

They are not laminated or hardened, but they are treated with a non-flammable material that keeps flames away from the battery box itself.

8. Can You Put An Aluminum Battery Box Underwater?

Aluminum Battery Box, an excellently waterproof and rust proof battery box, has excellent corrosion resistance when used with alkaline batteries in a variety of applications.

7 - Aluminum Battery Box Waterproofed

Aluminum Battery Box Waterproofed

They usually come with a lid that protects the aluminum battery box and keeps it away from water. Many aluminum boxes come with a felt lid to help prevent de-sulfation.

9. How Do I Clean My Aluminum Battery Box?

Cleaning your aluminum battery box is an important part of maintaining your battery box, here are the steps you need to follow when you’re planning on cleaning.

When you have batteries that are corroded inside your aluminum battery box:

  1. Deploy throwaway protective gloves
  2. Remove the battery cover
  3. Remove the damaged batteries with care and place each one in a separate plastic bag that may be sealed.
  4. Remove any loose rust using a disposable towel.
  5. Pour a tiny quantity of white vinegar into a cup or bowl.
  6. Using a cotton swab moistened with vinegar, clean the corroded contacts with care. Repeat as required to eliminate all white residue.
  7. Moisten the tip of a new cotton swab with water and clean the contacts once more to remove the vinegar residue.
  8. Place new batteries in the compartment after drying the contacts with a disposable cloth or fresh cotton swab.
  9. Clean the workspace using a moist towel
  10. throw away all used goods
  11. Deliver the bagged batteries to your community’s battery recycling or hazardous waste collection facility.

8 - Cleaned Aluminum Battery Box

Cleaned Aluminum Battery Box

10. How To Prevent My Aluminum Battery Box From Rusting?

Here are a few things to remember in order to prevent your aluminum battery box from rusting and to maintain utmost longevity:

  • Many people like to use their batteries indoors, in the winter. A warm battery box is the best possible protection from a frozen battery.
  • Almost all metal battery boxes are more susceptible to rusting due to the presence of acid in batteries. This type of corrosion is caused when sulfuric acid in your batteries interacts with the aluminum.
  • To prevent this type of corrosion, it’s necessary to protect your aluminum battery boxes with special coatings or films.
  • There are different types of films on the market and they are applied in many different ways that help keep exposed metal parts safe from corrosion.
  • Maintain a proper maintenance schedule that’ll allow you to clean, sanitize, check, and assess your aluminum battery box from time to time.

9 - Rust Safe Aluminum Battery Box

Rust Safe Aluminum Battery Box

11. Are Aluminum Battery Boxes Heavy?

No, aluminum battery boxes are not heavy but this all depends on the size, aluminum density, and many other factors but in general aluminum battery boxes are one of if not the most lightweight component.

Aluminum Battery Boxes are very light, and easy to carry around. Aluminum is easy to maintain, scratch-resistant and durable.

10 - Lightweight Aluminum Battery Box

Lightweight Aluminum Battery Box

You will find that they will provide long-lasting service, can be installed in places that are difficult to reach, or require extra accessibility because of how lightweight they are.

12. How Do I Polish My Aluminum Battery Box?

Polishing your aluminum battery box can be a tricky process, especially if it’s been abused and is in need of some TLC.

Polishing your aluminum battery box is simply a matter of being patient and using the right tools for the job. To begin, you’ll need some fine steel wool, a buffer (such as a car buffer), and a rag to protect your work surface. Once you have all of these items, it’s time to start polishing!

1. Clean the aluminum battery box using baking soda and water.

This will remove any dirt or other contaminants that may be on the aluminum box.

2. Use fine steel wool.

This will take off any remaining scuff marks and help restore the shine to your battery box

Proper polishing may help hide scratches, dents and blemishes on car body panels. Although there are many different methods of polish, some people prefer to use natural stones and others prefer to use liquid paste polishes.

3. Begin sanding using your sandpaper.

This is one of the most important steps to make sure that the surface is smooth for polishing. The key step is to use different grades of sandpaper while properly sanding the surface.

4. Apply aluminum polish.

Finally, apply your aluminum polish and begin polishing your aluminum battery box until deemed enough to your preference!

11 - Polished Aluminum Battery Box

Polished Aluminum Battery Box

13. What Are The Customization Options Available For Aluminum Battery Boxes?

Aluminum batteries are an excellent choice for your next project. These boxes can be customized to fit almost any size battery and at a range of prices.

Aluminum Battery Boxes can be customized as per your requirements and preference. You can choose to order a custom made battery box that fulfills your specific requirement.

12 - Customized Aluminum Battery Box

Customized Aluminum Battery Box

The designs and dimensions can differ based on your business needs. For instance, you can pick the size of your battery box, material type, logo or brand name etc., thus reflecting on the overall look and feel of your business or needs.

In addition to the standard options, including custom colors and printing, the aluminum battery box can be customized in other ways. You can choose from several different styles and finish to make your individual packaging stand out from the rest.

14. Do Aluminum Battery Boxes Easily Break?

No, aluminum battery boxes are very durable and robust therefore they don’t easily break. They are made with high-quality materials and mold-protected against leaks, so they can last a long time.

However, without proper maintenance and many other external factors that could damage your aluminum battery box – it might cause these aluminum battery boxes to deteriorate in terms of durability much faster than normal.

13 - Durable Aluminum Battery Box

Durable Aluminum Battery Box

The aluminum battery box is made of anodized aluminum, which is extremely lightweight and stronger than other materials. So, if you put faulty equipment in the battery box, it won’t affect the strength of the battery.

It’s important to take care of your aluminum battery boxes the same way you’d treat any other material as this is key towards making sure that you make the most out of them and they won’t break easily.

15. How Long Does An Aluminum Battery Box Last?

An aluminum battery box will last a long time if you take care of it properly. When storing the battery, it should be stored in an area where the temperature is constant and not too hot or cold.

14 - Long Lasting Aluminum Battery Box

Long Lasting Aluminum Battery Box

Also, avoid placing objects on top of the battery. Aluminum battery boxes can last an entire lifetime, as long as you don’t abuse them.

The lifespan varies depending on the type of battery box you install and how aggressively it’s used in your car. If used properly, an aluminum battery box won’t need to be replaced for many years.

16. Are Aluminum Battery Boxes Compatible With Every Battery Type?

Yes, Aluminum Battery Boxes are universal in compatibility since they can be used for all types of batteries.

Aluminum Battery Boxes are compatible with every battery type. You just need to know how the cells are packed in your battery, and how many pieces of each cell you have; this information is included in the technical specifications of most batteries.

17. What Are The Features Of A Standard Aluminum Battery Box?

The standard aluminum battery box is one of the most common and economical options for batteries. It provides a hard, smooth surface on which to mount your battery.

The aluminum battery box is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is an ideal material for transportation and storage.

15 - Aluminum Battery Box Features

Aluminum Battery Box Features

The battery box uses internal anti-corrosion and anti-leak protection technology to ensure the safety of the product.

Some aluminum battery boxes use a complex system to hold the batteries together. We use aluminum so that we can be easy to handle and have a small footprint.

Aluminum is also lightweight, strong and can support up to 100 pounds.

18. What Are The Specifications Of A Standard Aluminum Battery Box?

The typical specifications of a standard aluminum battery box can be found in the table below:








1 kg (2.2 lbs)

Manufacturing Country


Charge Cycles

4000 cycles @ 1C discharge rate, 25 C
2000 cycles @10C discharge rate, 25 C

Recommended Charger

.8 – 8A

Environmental Rating

IP 66

Operating Temperature

-30 C to + 60 C

Storage Temperature

-40 C to +70 C


Please do remember that we offer customized aluminum battery boxes to fit your needs!