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LW Aluminum Bed Frame Manufacturers and Providers

LW is a Chinese Aluminum supplying company that serves as one of the best quality aluminum product manufacturers and suppliers. 

Our company provides all kinds of aluminum bed frames for your use. We have a well-trained personnel that keep in view the quality of the products. 

The quality is checked during and after the production in order to provide the best quality to our customers.

LW is rich with experience of dealing of their products worldwide. We have customers from different places and our crew works hard to provide the best services to them. 

Our Aluminum bed frame can be used for any purpose. We guarantee it to be long lasting and easy to maintain. 

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Product Classification of Aluminum Bed Frame

Box Spring Aluminum Bed Frame

This aluminum bed frame consist of aluminum springs inside a box like frame thus called Box Spring frame.

It helps provide ventilation and space and to elevate the bed mattress from the ground.

Box Spring Aluminum Bed Frame
Platform Aluminum Bed Frame

Platform Aluminum Bed Frame

This type of aluminum bed frame has a solid base made of aluminum.

This type of bed does not require any kind of box spring. It can also provide storage spaces in some cases.

Poster Aluminum Bed Frame

This type of aluminum bed frame have columns attached to a base. The columns vary in numbers as two poster beds have two columns while four poster beds have four columns. You can also hang different items like curtains over them.

Poster Aluminum Bed Frame

Bunk Aluminum Bed Frame

Bunk beds are most preferred for kids. This type of beds contain two or three sleeping spaces on over the other.

Aluminum bed frames for bunk beds comes in different designs and are ideal due to their high strength.


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Advantages of LW Aluminum Bed Frame Manufacturers and Suppliers

Customer Friendly Services are offered

LW offers the best customer services. You can have your queries answered anytime as well as can book any product anytime. We also offer different sizes and colors of the aluminum bed frames for your convenience.

LW provides trusted quality

LW provides products made of trusted quality aluminum. We have special techniques and machinery that ensures the quality of raw material as well as the finished products. That is why our aluminum bed frames are no doubt of best quality.

Get a range of Aluminum Bed Frames

LW is an expert in tailoring various designs of aluminum bed frames according to your need. The different designs include poster aluminum bed frames, platform aluminum bed frames, box spring aluminum bed frames and many others.

We deliver at your door step

LW has an extensive delivery service that range among different countries all over the world. Our customers from different places can get their aluminum bed frames delivered in minimum time at their doorsteps. This help us prevent your time from wasting.

Eye catching products

Our LW team can operate advanced finishing techniques in order to make our aluminum bed frames eye catching and to prevent them from extreme conditions. You can demand any type of surface finishing technique like anodizing, sand blasting, powder coating, wood effect etc.

LW also offer Processing services

Processing of the aluminum products is one of the major needs of customers. You can get processed aluminum bed frames if you want. We process our products through various techniques like bending, milling, tapping, welding and many others.

Top Notch Aluminum Bed Frame Supplying Platform

  • All sizes are available:

LW has all sizes of aluminum bed frames available. You can get twin size, twin XL size, King size, Queen Size, full size etc. You can also customize them into size of your choice. 

  • Choose a color of your choice:

We manufacture aluminum bed frames in different colors. You can choose from any of them or can demand a color of your choice. Our color range includes black, white, red, brown, blue, silver and many more.

Applications of Aluminum Bed Frame

Aluminum Bed Frame for Hotel
Aluminum Bed Frame for Prison

LW Aluminum Bed Frame Dealers throughout the World

LW is working as one of the leading aluminum suppliers in China for more than 15 years. 

Our customers love the quality of our products and services and this has helped us recognized as an international supplier of aluminum bed frames.

We provide all the services required by our customers. Our amazing manufacture and delivery services helps customer get the quality products in affordable prices and least time. 

We also offer ODM and OEM on your request. You can check the quality and other details of the products beforehand by getting free samples.

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