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Want to add elegance to your home and open up your interior with more space and light by installing Aluminum Bi-fold door. You have come to the right place. LW manufacturers and suppliers are your one-stop solution in this quest.

As obvious by the name, a Bi-Fold door is divided into multiple sections, which fold into either one or both sides of the frame. It is a preferable choice for those who want to give their homes an elegant and stylish look.

We design the finest Aluminum Bi-fold doors with a sleek and ultra-modern look. With numerous flexible opening options, our Aluminum doors provide smooth and stylish access.

We feel honored to claim to be the most trusted and opted choice of masses in Aluminum Bi-fold door.

Extensive Range of Aluminum Bi-fold Door

We offer different styles to fit different spaces.

2 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door
2 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door

 This door type is suitable if you have limited space or are looking for replacing the old sliding door.it can be folded outwards to let the opening completely open.

3 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door

This is one of the popular options when it comes to the Bi-fold door. You have the choice to slide all 3 doors to one side or you may use a traffic door to function like a regular one.

4 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door
4 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door

This door is the top choice for those with larger spaces and who want a simultaneous look. You have more options; fold all to the right or left, two on the right, two on the left or fold 3 and use 1 door as a traffic door.

5 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door
5 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door

This door is best for people with vast space and they want ample light, fresh air and an outside view in their home. It’s an ideal choice to use it as a garden door or patio door.

6 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door
6 Panel Aluminum Bi-fold Door

This type of door is preferred mostly for luxury homes with lavish space and views.it may also be used for wardrobes and dressing rooms to give a customized and traditional finish.


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Plus points of LW Aluminum Bi-fold Door

Thermal Performance

LW Aluminum Bi-fold door provides a high level of insulation so as to keep your interior cool in summer and warm in winters. This, in turn, reduces your energy bills.

Flexibility to Choose

LW manufacturer give you an extensive range of possibilities to choose from Aluminum Bi-Fold Door. No matter the style of your space, we surely have a Bi-fold gate to suit it.

Great View

Aluminum Bi-fold Door gives you easy access to the marvelous view and fresh air while in the comfort of your home. The ample light from outside gives your room a more spacious and refreshing look.

Take Less Space

Our Aluminum Bi-fold door save the inner space of your desired area as they open both ways; inwards and outwards. The outward opening is preferred the most as it provides more space to the interior.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Aluminum requires less looking after and it makes the Aluminum Bi-fold door a perfect choice of all.It doesn’t have multiple frames or panes and can do fine by just wiping it with a damp cloth.

Lightweight, Smooth and Stylish

The Slim profile of the Aluminum Bi-fold door gives maximum visibility without compromising strength. It is lightweight and the sliding is noticeably smooth. It gives your living space elegance and style.

Aluminum Bi-fold Door

Specifications of LW Aluminum Bi-fold Door

  • Wide Choice of Glass

 We manufacture Aluminum Bi-fold door in double and triple glazed, colored glass, solar control glass, acoustic glass and much more.

  • Dual System

 We present to you the doors operating in both ways; top-hung system and bottom rolling system.

  • Ready to Use

 Aluminum Bi-fold Doors produced by LW Manufacturer are supplied as ready to assemble and install sets, with no complex fittings and manuals.

  • Customization

 We offer amendments according to our customer’s demands. Our customization varies from the panels to the styles and colors choice.

Applications of Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Bi-fold Door for Garden Room
Garden Room
Dressing Room
Aluminum Bi-fold Door for Bathroom
Aluminum Bi-fold Door for Balcony
Aluminum Bi-fold Door for Office
Aluminum Door for Bathroom in Hospitals

LW Manufactures-Ultimate Choice for refined Aluminum Bi-fold Doors

We are a globally recognized and trusted name in Aluminum products. We claim to have the most unique and versatile collection of Aluminum Bi-fold Doors.

Our finest quality and vibrant designs are themselves the epitome of elegance and uniqueness.

We are major suppliers of Aluminum Bi-fold doors for not only residential purposes but also for commercial purposes. Our doors are durable yet reasonable. You may visit our site for viewing the entire collection.

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