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LW the Worldwide Aluminum Bike Frames Suppliers

LW is the aluminum selling company in China that manufactures the aluminum bike frames from the best quality aluminum. 

We tailor them through the various advanced processes with highly advanced equipment. We have a great demand for our ODM and OEM services. 

LW tailors the exclusive designs for aluminum bike frames with durable and lightweight aluminum.  We have different departments to deal with manufacturing, packaging, supplying of the products. We also supervise the quality of the products through strict SOPs. 

 LW is one-stop platform where you can get all your requirements fulfilled. You can customize your products according to your interest here. 

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Classification of Aluminum Bike Frame

6061 Aluminum Bike Frame

6061 Aluminum Bike Frame

6061 aluminum bike frames are tough have good machinability and are anti corrosive. These frames are highly strong due to the aluminum they are made of. Due to having good anticorrosive properties they can last longer.

6066 Aluminum Bike Frame

6066 aluminum bike frames are of good strength. They can easily be customized and fabricated due to their good machinability. They are welded and extruded as well. They are a good choice for bike frames after 6061 aluminum bike frames.

6066 Aluminum Bike Frame
6069 Aluminum Bike Frame

6069 Aluminum Bike Frame

6069 aluminum bike frames can be called as high strength aluminum bike frames.  They have the same characteristics as 6061 aluminum but are higher in strength. They are used in manufacture of gas cylinders and bike frames.

7005 Aluminum Bike Frame

7005 aluminum bike frames also have good strength but not as good as 6061 aluminum bike frames. These frames are lightweight and can be welded easily. They are a good choice for making sports aluminum bike frames.

7005 Aluminum Bike Frame


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Characteristics of LW Aluminum Bike Frame Manufacturers and Suppliers

Innovative techniques for Manufacturing Products

LW has a wide and innovative setup with up to date equipment for the manufacture of products. This can aid in manufacturing new and unique designs of aluminum bike frames and other products. We have a special team that operates the manufacturing machines without any difficulty.

LW offers fabrication

Fabrication of the aluminum products is an important element in Aluminum industry. LW offers all the fabrication services for aluminum bike frames like surface treatment and processing. The service include anodizing, sand blasting, powder coating, PVDF coating, electrophoresis etc. The processing include milling, drilling, bending, cutting, welding etc.

Affordable Services With Fast Shipment

LW offers many different and low cost services to their customers. We have affordable products with amazing quality. We provide customization and fabrication services of your choice. We deliver door to door in least time possible.

Strict Quality Supervision

Our professional team strictly supervises the quality of aluminum bike frames. We check the quality of raw material before initiating the manufacture process. The products are observed during and after production also to maintain the quality for longer.

LW A Supplier of Aluminum Bike Frames

  • Different range for Aluminum Bike Frames:

Aluminum bike frames are present in different shapes for different types of bike frames like recumbent bike, folding bike, mountain bike etc. The designs are also customized according to the specification of customers. 

  • Color customization is offered:

Customers at LW can customize aluminum bike frames in standard and customized colors. You can choose from any color according to your need and desire. The colors can be black, white, blue, silver, bronze, red, green, yellow etc.

Applications of Aluminum Bike Frame

Road Bike
Aluminum Bike frame for mountain bike
Mountain Bike
Aluminum Bike frame for touring bike
Touring Bike
Aluminum bike frame for recumbent bike
Recumbent bike
Aluminum Bike frame for folding bike
Folding Bike
Track Bike

LW an ISO Certified Aluminum Bike Frame Supplier

LW has been working as one of the aluminum suppliers in China for more than 15 years throughout the world. 

With our potential team and services, we have achieved a milestone of being one of the leading and outstanding aluminum companies in China. 

Our quality products and services has made us a customer favorite platform. We have a very good and friendly environment for our customers so that they can get all their requirements without any difficulty. 

We also offer free samples for the customers who have doubts regarding the products.

LW aluminum bike frames are being used worldwide for their superior quality. They last for longer period due to their good quality, strength and durability. 

They are used to manufacture different lightweight bikes like sports bike, track bike etc. 

LW has an expert team to communicate with the customers 24/7 and to deliver their orders on time with our fast shipment services.

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