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LW Aluminum boat dock profiles manufacturing Company

Our company has bound itself with high standards. We choose up to the level aluminum for the making of aluminum boat dock. It is the best choice for weather resistant, it does not catch rust as it is highly oxidized in nature .

We use very strong alloy 6061 –T6 which gives it high strength .they do not need high maintenance at all in fact it is considered to be low maintenance aluminum boat dock. 

The procedure of E channel while making aluminum boat dock , we manufactures them for both small and high shores. 

Here is very appealing feature of our aluminum boat dock is that it can easily be install when it is needed and can be remove at times for small shores.

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Classification of aluminum boat dock

floating aluminum boat dock

Floating aluminum boat dock

Our third type of aluminum boat dock is floating aluminum boat dock. These are super useful for commercial purposes also .the benefit of floating aluminum boat dock is that it can be install in deep water is very light in weight which helps in convenient  installation and removing of these boat docks.

Standing sectional aluminum boat dock

Standing sectional boat dock is super easy to use and install. These docks are comes in different part and you just have to assemble it accordingly. This type of aluminum dock consist of legs and pads .our company designs this type of boat dock  in such a way that u can easily install it when the beach season comes and can be remove if not needed.

standing sectional aluminum boat dock
wheels in aluminum boat dock

Standing wheel –in aluminum boat dock

LW is giving you the choice of another aluminum  boat dock which is wheels –in .this type of boat dock consist of wheels as compared to standing sectional boat dock .wheels –in boat dock can easily be rolled out from the comes in 3 to 9  m of height. You can customize your dock according to your need.


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LW is the initiative for high quality manufacturing of aluminum boat dock

The revelation of standard

When manufacturing aluminum boat dock we keep our signature intact quality of aluminum. Aluminum boat dock is the best choice if you want rust free gangways.

The exponent of variety

As our company is best known for its quality .it is also famous for the variety of products. You will find all type of aluminum boat dock in LW.

Provide sample

LW is valuing the needs and choices of its client. Hence we are providing you the demo product of these aluminum boat dock, so that our valuable clients can easily check the quality of material.

The best customer care

We know that how much our clients are curious to know about our products. We have assembled a team of professional who are compassionate to help our customers.

The assessment of the products

LW constantly keep an eye on the manufacturing of products. The whole procedure of manufacturing of this boat dock is inspected by the experts so that the quality can meet the demand of our clients.

LW professional in aluminum boat dock

You will find the color and shape choice of boat dock in LW with a verity.

  • Size of aluminum boat dock:

The 3/8 diameter of boat needs 1/8 diameter of boat dock .however the size of these boat dock is depend on the boat length an diameter.

 Colors of aluminum boat dock:

You will find the color of aluminum boat dock in LW in brown, charcoal, grey, blue and gold color.

Applications of aluminum boat dock

aluminum boat dock for marine
aluminum boat dock for shorelines

LW the Superior Quality of aluminum boat dock

For the manufacturing of these superior quality boat docks consist of 5000 series and 6000 series of aluminum.

For the boat dock we use special aluminum which is called marine grade aluminum which protects it from the hardness of water.

This series of aluminum is highly weather resistant and rust free. We use the process of extrusion in making these high class boat is made in such a way that it can carry heavy weight.

LW is manufacturing the boat dock as per convince of its client. We make them in a way that it is super easy to install them in times of needs and when not needed you can remove them.

You can customize your boat dock in any shape of your choice, the color you want and type which is your need.

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