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LW Reliable Aluminum boat windshield Manufacturers

With passage of time, LW has built their reliable impression on the client as well known and trusted Aluminum boat windshield manufacturer.

As the shapes, size, types of windshield , material like plastic or glass are different, then the cost of 

Aluminum boat windshield will be a little difference. Aluminum Boat windshields can be customized in only one situation, if the boat design is also customized according to client preferences.

With our experience of more than a decade we serve our customers with best services. You can get reliable quality aluminium boat windshield at your doorstep.

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Classification of Aluminium Boat Windshield

Three section aluminum boat windshield
3 section Boat Windshield

 It may console 300M/300W which is good for owner of the boat or increase the power of the standard acrylic center console aluminum boat windshield.

4 section Boat Windshield

The boat windshield is 400M/400W which is used to open cockpit, cuddy cabin and walk around style boats.

Five section Aluminum boat windshield
5 section Boat Windshield

It may come with brasses on both sides of the door to safe and hold the port and starboard front sections.

Six section aluminum boat windshield
6 section Boat Windshield

For more demanding marine environments or applicants acquiring larger windscreens the 600M or W series are most appropriate.

Euro-style aluminum boat windshield
Euro-Style Boat Windshield

The curved windshield provide more sleek and elegant appearance. It’s the 700M or W series is widely used at larger crafts like race boats or business ships. 

Wrap-around Windshields:
  • It is light weight but strong of 800 series. This type of windscreen was previously widely implemented in the sports boats and heavy ships. This 800 series is especially widely engineered to fit into the vinyl deck channel and also added the style and strength to the ship being installed in old days.


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Advantages of Aluminum Boat windshield

Deflects the Air

The aluminum boat windshield could deflect the air perfectly, when wind pass through you and it could keep your face from being constantly hit by the wind, especially when moving at high speeds.

Provide comfort & Elegance

Aluminum boat windshield provide the advantage of comfort over the conventional (simple) fishing boats. It also enhance the elegance of ship and gives a luxury look to the boat. It also shows the good aesthetics of the owner.

Deflects the Water

It could deflect the water mist from bow waves in the sea.Water sprinkles are common in travelling through ship. Windscreen help to see through glass into the water and in the meanwhile keep water away from the passengers.

Source of Protection

Aluminum boat windshield can protect from driving rain. Windshield act as a barrier in front of storms in ocean. It enables you to enjoy the outdoor feeling of water with all sense of purity feel free of tensions.

Integral Part

It’s an essential part of boats cabin and the overall strength of the ship or craft.

Aluminum Boat windshield

Personalized Aluminum Boat Windshield

With years of on-field experience in the aluminum-based materials making market, LW has become a well-known supplier who could provide customization service for you.

Client’s choices are our utmost first priority when designing the custom boat windshield. Aluminum boat windshield widely made for the people who love to travel and explore the sea life. 

Windshield can be customized according to the given choices by client about the color, design, size, style and sections of aluminum boat windshield.

LW also provide the aluminum boat windshield replacements as it’s a fact that, no matter how good windshield is but ultimately there comes a time to replace it. 

In this way, LW always tries to provide best quality aluminum boat windshields to the client at his ease of pocket and also give options of quality and pricing for aluminum boat windshields.

Applications of Aluminum Boat Windshields

Aluminium boat windshield for fishing boat
fishing boat
cabin boat
Aluminum boat windshield for Floating restaurant boats
Floating Restaurant boats
aluminum boat windshield for ferry boats
ferry boats

LW Aluminum Boat windshields – Made with High Quality Aluminum

Aluminum Boat windshield (or windscreen) are fundamental property of almost every craft. 

A complete line of materials uniquely designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the marine environment while maintaining a flexible and lightweight exterior。

A windshield in a boat could also used as a car windshield.LW Aluminum boat windshield will have some advantages compared with other company.  

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