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Plane and fabricate custom boxes

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LW Aluminum Box Processors your first preference:

LW aluminum boxes come in all shapes and sizes in order to provide you with secure and true capacity in your shop, truck bed, carport, office or wherever required.

We are certified manufacturers of aluminum boxes providing you with service from over fifteen years at national as well as international level. We value our customers, consider their order specifications and dispatched accordingly. CNC designing administrations are accessible.

It can easily endure high impact due to its large tensile strength and rigidity so reliable for any kind of items storage. Further they don’t get affected with longer exposure to UV radiations so the people live in hot areas can also get benefit from it.

We offer the warranty of about a year. In case of any inconvenience our company will take the responsibility. Make sure to consider us while buying any kind of aluminum box.


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LW Aluminum boxes related products:

Aluminum Circular box
Aluminum Circular box

It is an aluminum circular shape storage box present in various sizes and dimensions.

Aluminum Storage box

They are used for various purposes for storing different items like household items and they are easy to carry and can be transported anywhere easily. Also they keep your things safe and secure from getting damaged or corrode.

Aluminum Decorative Box
Aluminum Decorative box

LW Aluminum decorative box is durable featured with classic style along with build in compartments.

Aluminum Rectangular Box
Aluminum Rectangular box

 LW aluminum rectangular box is present in both square and radial edge made up f 6060, 6106, 6063, 6082 alloy under temper of T5 and T6.

Aluminum Plain boxes

Plain boxes are one of the most popular products used at domestic as well as commercial level. Customized sizes are available.

Aluminum Square Box
Aluminum Square box

We offer great deals of aluminum square boxes with different finishing like polishing, anodizing and powder coating.

Benefits of LW Aluminum Boxes:

Aesthetic look:

Aluminum boxes look very great so they are gaining popularity across the globe so for the best option always choose LW aluminum boxes.

Secure to store electronics and gadgets:

As aluminum box are non-magnetic, non-ignitable, keep far electromagnetic inductances so it is safe to store electronics.

Don’t rust and suitable for all environments:

One of the most excellent characteristics of aluminum boxes is that it doesn’t erode and is appropriate for a wide assortment of situations. No matter where you put the boxes is that it doesn’t erode and is appropriate for a wide assortment of situations. No matter where you put the box-in zones where there is direct sun-light, humidity or high temperature without any doubt you can sure that it will remain utilitarian and keep your belongings safe and sound.

Light in weight and tough:

LW Aluminum boxes are sturdy despite of their resilience they are light in weight so easy to carry and due to their quality of toughness they save your items from being fractured, break or wear out.

LW High Aluminum Box Profile:

Aluminum boxes are lockable, light in weight, stackable arrangement outlined to transport and store important hardware.

A few of its dimensions are discussed below:

  • Sizes:

Aluminum boxes are available in variety of sizes made from alloy of 38*25*1.5, 40*20*2.0 to 250*5*3 and can be costumed according to your desires.

  • Weight:

These boxes are weight less and are utilitarian for different purposes. Their weight ranges from 3.055 kg, 5.265 to 20 kg.

  • Chemical composer:

We provide you with aluminum boxes comprised of 98 to 99.5% aluminum mixed with other alloys like 0.12- 0.5 % of copper, 0.7 iron etc.

  • Customization:

Wide range of customization choices is available for aluminum boxes. We can add specialist finishes to nearly all of them including both mechanical and chemical processes and as they can be easily drilled, cut so many other features can be added as per your choice.

Applications of Aluminum box:

LW finds its way in a diverse number of sectors:

Aluminum Box for Truck
Truck boxes
Trailer boxes
Aluminum Box for cage
Aluminum Box for Packaging
Aluminum tool case
Tool case
Aluminum first-aid box
First-aid box
Jewelry box

LW- Genuine Suppliers & Providers of aluminum Boxes:

LW highly recognized company provide you water-proof, corrosion- resistance aluminum boxes and due to its characteristic of EMI shielding it is most suitable for electronics storage with the availability of large number of sizes and styles. We ensure quality product with our professionals available 24/7 to provide you with service. Further we also provide you with secondary services.

Make sure to contact us for further information and to place order!

Aluminum Tool Box- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Purchasing an aluminum tool box is an important decision because besides choosing the metal you want to work with, you must think about how to properly maintain them and other questions.

Here at LW, we compiled the most common questions that we receive on a daily basis regarding aluminum tool boxes and answered them for your ease of access.

Aluminum Tool Box - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. How To Clean Aluminum Tool Boxes?

1 - Dish Soap To Clean Aluminum Tool Box

Cleaning Agents for Aluminum Tool Boxes

  • Using Dish Soap
  1. Wet clean cloth with hot water.

Using hot water, wet a clean cloth.

  1. Spray liquid dishwashing detergent on the surface.

Depending on the color and quantity of oil accumulation on the surface of your aluminum tool boxes, saturate them with liquid dishwashing detergent or a nylon scour brush.

  1. Scrub thoroughly.

Scrub the boxes thoroughly to remove any dirt or buildup.

  1. Rinse with hot water.

Rinse your tool box with hot water to remove any soapy residue.

  1. Dry using soft towel.

With a soft towel, carefully dry your box.

  • Using Vinegar
  1. Set aside a spray bottle half-filled with vinegar.

The inside of your aluminum toolbox may be cleaned using a combination of white vinegar and water.

  1. Spray the vinegar on the surface.

Instead of smearing vinegar all over the surface, use it sparingly in parts.

  1. Get a nylon brush with gentle bristles.

A nylon brush dipped in white vinegar may be used to clean the diamond-plated surface. A toothbrush might come in handy if you need to go into confined areas.4. Polish using soft towel.

  1. After washing, polish the metal with a soft towel to add a layer of vehicle wax.
  2. Let dry.

Allow the wax to dry completely before buffing to a high shine.

  • Using Coca-Cola
  1. Gather the required materials for cleaning.

Collect an aluminum tool box, numerous paper towels, a scrub brush, clean water, and clean rags or cotton towels.

  1. Pour the cola bottle

Fill the bottle to the brim with the contents of cola. Rub the can’s surface with a paper towel until it is uniformly covered with soda pop. Allow five minutes for it to soak.

  1. Scrub the aluminum tool box

Using a brush, ensure that you are scrubbing the aluminum tool box from in and out.

  1. Rinse

Rinse the whole aluminum tool box thoroughly with clean water, ensuring that no cola remains inside or on the aluminum tool box.

  1. Let it dry.

Allow to air dry or use paper towels or a clean cotton cloth to dry.

2. Will Muriatic Acid Clean My Aluminum Tool Box?

Yes, muriatic acid can help in the process of cleaning your aluminum tool box and here’s how:

  1. Gather the muriatic acid.

Make sure that you’re getting the proper materials also.

  1. Dilute the muriatic acid.

Add water to dilute hydrochloric acid. Proceed cautiously and gently since the combination may create heat. While you are diluting the acid with water, the acid will not get more concentrated or harmful.

  1. Keep the diluted muriatic acid in room temperature.

When applied at room temperature, acid is most effective. Additionally, it is preferable to utilize metal pieces that are at or near room temperature, since either hot or cold acid may cause burns or chills.

3. Will Power Washing Aluminum Tool Box Clean?

  1. Wear protective gear.

Wear protective clothes and apply a detergent solution to your house’s metal siding before you begin.

  1. Prepare washer and cleaner.

Cleaners are available in washer tanks or bottles; carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure that your combination is produced properly.

  1. Use low-pressure nozzles.

When applying the cleaner, use low-pressure and low-pressure nozzles.

Allow several minutes for it to work before removing it using a medium pressure setting, an angled nozzle, and a brush.

4. How To Polish An Aluminum Tool Box?

Here’s how you can polish your aluminum tool box:

  1. Make sure that your aluminum tool box is clean.

You need to verify first if your aluminum tool box is clean to avoid unnecessary debris.

You may refer to the previous questions for how to clean your aluminum tool box.

  1. Prepare the proper materials.

You’ll need some aluminum polish, a water hose, a wash bucket, gloves, old cloth, and a powerball.

  1. Apply the polish on the ball.

Start anywhere you deem necessary and start slinging the ball/polish anwhere.

  1. Polish until black residue is everywhere.

You’ll need to polish everything until black residue is visibly seen everywhere.

  1. Wipe clean with the old cloth.

Wipe it clean using the old cloth and make sure you don’t miss out on any spots.

  1. Repeat until necessary.

5. How To Use Phosphoric Acid To Polish Aluminum Tool Boxes?

  1. Get the required cleaning materials.

For the purpose of cleaning an aluminum toolbox, phosphoric acid, nylon scrubbing pads, and metal polish are all required.

  1. Wear protective gear

When working with phosphoric acid, it is vital to use safety goggles and latex gloves to prevent injury.

  1. Shape the compound into diamond shapes.

Work the compound into the diamond-shaped treads until the residue has dried; the compound may seem white during this process.

This is normal since the metal polish will bring the treads’ appearance to a conclusion.

  1. Spray with water.

Spray the metal with water and blot it dry with cloths before applying the metal polish.

  1. Wipe.

After applying the product, wipe it off with a soft cloth.

6. How To Paint An Aluminum Tool Box?

2 - Painting an Aluminum Tool Box

Painting an Aluminum Tool Box

Although LW offers surface finishing options that already includes color customization, here are the steps you can take if you want to DIY:

  1. Ensure cleanliness of the aluminum tool box.

Clean and degrease the tool box’s whole surface. It is essential to prepare and paint the surface on the same day.

  1. Get sandpaper and begin sanding.

Use 80-grit sandpaper to scrape the toolbox’s surface for a showroom polish. Sand again with progressively finer sandpaper for an even better finish.

  1. Clean again after sanding with degreasing cleanser.

After sanding, use these methods to clean a power tool box using a degreasing cleaner: To remove tiny particles, dry wipe the surface with a tack cloth.

Peeling paint and rust are both caused by the accumulation of dust and metal particles in the air.

These procedures should be repeated until the aluminum oxide layer is broken down.

  1. Get a cloth soaked in alcohol.

Before applying the etch primer, rub the alcohol-soaked cloth on the tool box and let it to evaporate.

  1. Apply the etch primer.

The aluminum tool box must be primed with etch primer by violently shaking the container for two minutes. Two even coatings with a 5-minute interval between each coat.

First, you should let the first coat of etch primer dry for at least 20 minutes. Then, you can start painting.

  1. Paint the tool box.

Apply a layer of high-heat paint or all-weather paint on the metal after sanding.

 Spray the paint lightly and let each layer to dry completely before applying the next. Throughout its lifespan, your tool box will be exposed to temperatures ranging from below freezing to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

High-heat or all-weather paints are more resistant to these circumstances than standard paints and do not flake or scale.

7. Can You Powder Coat Aluminum Tool Box

3 - Powder Coating an Aluminum Tool Box

Powder Coating an Aluminum Tool Box

Yes, aluminum tool boxes can be powder coated!

Just in fact, LW offers powder coating as the surface finish treatment during manufacturing.

8. What Type Of Aluminum Is Used In Aluminum Tool Boxes?

4 - 7075 Aluminum Alloy

The 7075 Aluminum Alloy

The 7075-aluminum alloy is the most often used grade of aluminum for aluminum toolboxes.

 It is 99.5% pure commercially, but may include up to 2% silicon, a trace quantity of magnesium, and trace quantities of iron, chromium, copper, and zinc.

9. How Much Are Aluminum Tool Boxes?

The price of aluminum tool boxes, just like any other product, depends on a lot of factors during the manufacturing.

However, to give a general ballpark figure, aluminum tool boxes can range from $12-$200 apiece.

10. Do Aluminum Tool Boxes Last Longer When Compared To Other Tool Boxes?

5 - Tool Box

Tool Boxes and Different Materials

Yes, aluminum tool boxes outlast tool boxes made of other materials.

This is because the aluminum component’s qualities set it apart from other metals used to create the same product.

While aluminum is not as robust as stainless steel or ordinary steel, it provides more durability than raw strength alone.

Aluminum’s corrosion resistance ensures that it will last at least 25 years with regular care.

11. How Long Does It Take LW To Make An Aluminum Tool Box?

Just like the price of aluminum tool boxes, the manufacturing time can also depend on a lot of variables such as order quantity, treatment options, and customization.

Larger orders with specific treatment options and highly complex customization can take up to a month before sending out! However, don’t be alarmed as we make sure that it comes out as perfect.

12. Can You Rhino Line Aluminum Tool Box?

6 - Rhino Line Tool Box

Rhino Line

Yes, assuming that you clean and make sure that the surface is spotless you may definitely rhino line your aluminum tool box.

13. How To Reinforce Aluminum Tool Box?

7 - Reinforcing Aluminum Tool Box

Reinforcing Aluminum Tool Boxes

Are you looking to reinforce your aluminum tool box and get the most bang out of your buck by making sure your aluminum tool box is equipped to be more durable? Here are the options you can do:

  • Ensure that your aluminum tool box isn’t placed in an open area hit by direct sunlight.
  • Make sure that your aluminum tool box Is far from moisture.
  • Don’t make the aluminum tool box carry too much heavy items exceeding 600kg.
  • Before receiving the aluminum tool box, make sure that it has a nice surface finishing option that’ll enhance its durability and longevity.

14. Which Is Better Aluminum Tool Box Or Steel Tool Box?

8 - Aluminum Tool Boxes Next To Steel

Aluminum Tool Boxes Next To Steel Tool Boxes

When choosing tool boxes, experts will advise you to choose from two materials that are considered the best metal to work with when it comes to making aluminum tool boxes.

There’s a reason as to why these two metals are the most popular metals to choose from and what you should choose all depends on what you’re looking for and what you want to do with the tool box.

Aluminum Tool Box

The aluminum tool box consists of a tool box made from aluminum that has great corrosion-resistance, longer durability and is overall a better product when it comes to making the most out of your money.

While the aluminum tool box isn’t stronger than the steel tool box, it still possesses a tool box that’ll last you almost a life time and you won’t get to spend more in the long run.

Moreover, aluminum tool boxes are cheaper than steel tool boxes which is great if you’re looking for quality on a budget that won’t bust a hole in your pockets.

Its natural corrosion-resistance properties also make it an excellent accessory to an already great surface finishing treatment that enhances its durability.

Steel Tool Box

Steel tool boxes are the heavyweight tool box built for the heaviest equipment and tools without much regard to the longevity of the tool box.

These tool boxes are used to carry around heavy equipment and protect them from the surroundings to avoid scratches, weather damage and many other things.

Although, since they are made from steel they will be more costly in the long run because you’d face corrosion issues and the pricing of steel in general.

15. What Size Is Aluminum Tool Box?

9 - Standard Aluminum Tool Box

Standard Aluminum Tool Box

An aluminum tool box can be fully customized to your taste but in general aluminum tool boxes fit the back

of most pickup trucks.

Fits most full-sized pickups (71.36-in. X 19.57-in. X 17.21-in.)

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