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Why to prefer LW Aluminum Brackets Suppliers

LW has the working experience of over 15 years within the field of aluminum extrusions beside this we have wealthy experienced proficient specialists and engineers. We are very strict in case of quality management and responsible for QC in each portion of generation.

We can assist you to select the suitable aluminum profile brackets suitable for your any kind of fitting. Further extra administrations are also provided like brushing, drawing, smoothing and machining given. LW aluminum brackets with centering carries empower fast, exact gathering with security against turning. They are manufactured and muster from built cross sectional aluminum shapes.

You could custom solar panel mounting brackets or any other aluminum brackets from LW. Provide you with one-stop design whether it is relevant to designing, assembly or delivery or either it is relevant to fabrication & installation.

Our aluminum brackets provide your products maximum support in situation of any disaster like earth quake or storm. So don’t hesitate to choose us as we regard and facilitate our customers.


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Product Categories

Product Classification of LW Aluminum Brackets

Classification of Aluminum Lighting Trusses

Aluminum U Bracket
Aluminum U Bracket

Our endless catalogue of aluminum brackets incorporates variety of aluminum U bracket to suit any embellishing or auxiliary purposes in design.  

Aluminum Angle Bracket
Aluminum Angle Bracket

Aluminum angle bracket hardens structures without buffers and appropriate for exact arrangement of interlocking. Most specifically flexible to 45, 60 and 90 degree.

Aluminum L Bracket
Aluminum L Bracket

Aluminum L Bracket to suit any enhancing or basic purposes in design. It is idealize latch for furniture, windows or screens etc.

Aluminum Bracket with Holes
Aluminum Bracket with Holes

 It is solid strong and difficult wearing. LW bracket is perfect for giving a strong and also consider desk area fixing. Appropriate for 18-21 mm thick sheet and can be customized.

Aluminum Flat Bracket
Aluminum Flat Bracket

LW flat rackets are generally utilized to clad the intersection between two auxiliary parts or to mount things like it may include sensor, bearing or engine on your motor vehicle.   

Aluminum Z Bracket
Aluminum Z Bracket

LW Aluminum Z Brackets suitable for boats, RVs, trailers etc. Give a beautiful look along with durability.

Aluminum Mounting Brackets
Aluminum Mounting Brackets

They are specially outlined for holding module together. It is made up of aluminum alloy 6063 under T6.  

Supremacy of LW Aluminum Brackets:


It doesn’t need any welding like steel as it can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes due to its property of malleability. Complex structures are effortlessly shaped through a single form and plan.

Easy to manufacture

It is exceptionally simple to prepare the desired details by penetrating, sawing, punching and other forms. Due to this characteristic of aluminum bracket it finds its way in lots of applications.

Lighter in weight

Aluminum brackets are five times lighter than steel brackets but can endure great load. It is due to its low density.

Environment friendly

After being disposed of aluminum bracket will not cause any contamination and easily recycled and can be mold into other aluminum fixtures.

LW Aluminum Bracket Profile Expert

  • Easy to fabricate:

It is very easy to install and can carry to distant places and assemble without any expertise due to its weightlessness, durability, less need of maintenance.

  • Finishes:

LW provides you with number of finishes anodized, mechanical, chemical, electroplating, powder coating etc. We can anodize it in different colors; black, clear and colored ones as per your choice. It will give aesthetic and textured look to your things.

  • Size and weight:

Aluminum brackets are available in various sizes from 20*20*3, s30*30*3, 45*45*3 to 200*200*12 in a wide range of weight as per your requirement 0.9 kg/M to 36.6 kg/M or and can be custom according to your requirement.

Applications of Aluminum Bracket:

Due to corrosion resistance and efficiency aluminum brackets are widely used in different sectors:

Aluminum Bracket for Mounting
Aluminum Brackets for holding shelves
Holding shelves
Aluminum Brackets for ultra light structure
Ultra light structures
Aluminum Brackets for Furniture
Aluminum Brackets for Windows
Aluminum Bracket for Screen
Aluminum Bracket for boat
Aluminum Bracket for RVs
Aluminum Brackets for Trailer
Aluminum Bracket for Computer

LW Aluminum Brackets- A Highly Trusted Company

We are providing you with services related to extruded aluminum for a long period of time.

Our aluminum brackets profile is well organized included non-combustible, excellent weigh to ratio, good conductors, and non-toxic, resilient, expeditious to market.

We take care that the holes either mounting or countersunk are exactly in the position that are shown to you in the product drawing.

We provide you both threaded and non-threaded aluminum brackets having different shapes. To satisfy our customers is our top priority.

Feel free to contact us to place your order or for any query!

Wholesale Aluminum Brackets

The use of aluminum brackets is very common when it comes to installation purposes. If you are in the business of installing or building something, you should be needing them for sure.

Are you looking to buy aluminum brackets in bulk?

You should refer to this FAQ Guide and clear all the questions that you may have in mind.

Aluminum Brackets – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Can You Use An Aluminum Bracket On A 12v Battery?

Yes, you can easily use an aluminum bracket on a 12v battery without any issues. In fact, you can have these brackets in several designs and colors for your battery to be chosen from.

Aluminum Bracket for 12V Battery

Aluminum Bracket for 12V Battery

What Is Hs Code For Aluminum Brackets?

The HS code for aluminum brackets is 76101000.00

How To Make Aluminum Brackets?

You can make aluminum brackets step by step using this guide provided below:

  • Take an aluminum sheet of suitable width and start marking the points of their turning where they will be bent down from.
  • Now on the end from where you will be securing the bracket with a screw, take that portion marked and make a point where you would like to make it secured from using a screw.
  • Drill that point to make a hole for the screw to pass.
  • Finish the edges using an aluminum scraper so that there are no pointed ends.
  • Now with the help of a bender start bending the required sides, you have already marked the points of bending so just place the sheet on the bending point and with force immediately bend the sheet.

Making of aluminum Brackets

Making of Aluminum Brackets

How To Remove a Clear Coat Off Aluminum Brackets?

You can remove a clear coat off aluminum brackets using paint remover that is used for removing airplane paint. Either apply the remove with the help of a brush or a spray and remove the paint.

You will need to let it sit on the aluminum bracket for at least ten minutes and make sure to keep away from direct sunlight.

Rinse it off when done and if you think there is some coat left you can repeat the process.

Removing Clear Coat from Aluminum Bracket

Removing Clear Coat from Aluminum Brackets

Where To Buy Aluminum 2020 Corner Brackets?

Yes, among all the material options available in terms of brackets aluminum is the strongest material to grab. You may be rest assured while choosing them that they will keep everything you wish to hold very tightly.

They are although very light in weight on their own but their strength is totally on point.

Are Aluminum Brackets Strong

 Are Aluminum Brackets Strong?

Are Aluminum Brackets Strong?

A lighting truss is made through a process of extrusion where different shapes are formed from metals such as aluminum or steel.

After the extrusion, different extruded aluminum pieces are welded together to create the light truss parts.

What Aluminum Is Used For Bracket?

EN AW-6060 T66 aluminum is used for the making of aluminum brackets.

This is one of the most suitable alloys that offers a strong and durable bracket to be made.

In addition, these brackets serve their purpose really well.

Why Might I Pick An Aluminum Bracket Over Steel?

There are several reasons that may compel you to invest in an aluminum bracket rather than steel, a few of these reasons may include the following:

  • Aluminum is the lightest metal of all available options, and if you compare it to steel it is five times lighter than steel and hence a suitable choice in selecting it for a bracket.
  • Aluminum is a rust-free option; it is also free from corrosion, so if you fix something using it you are always at peace that it won’t wear out.
  • Aluminum has the property of being malleable, hence bending it and shaping it as per requirements is very easy and hence variations of brackets may easily be made with aluminum.
  • Aluminum is also environmentally friendly material, so when you use aluminum brackets you are always sure that you won’t damage the environment and these aluminum brackets will be recycled.

How Do You Cut Aluminum Brackets?

One thing that is a must to have in order to cut all kinds of aluminum oriented objects is a miter saw. It helps quick cutting of aluminum brackets however, just make sure that the miter saw has blades tipped with carbide.

Cutting Aluminum Bracket

Cutting Aluminum Bracket

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