The Core Aluminum Cabinet

  • Non-flammable
  • Aesthetic look
  • Smooth finishing

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If you are looking for renovating and remodeling your home the first thing you should start working on is your cabinets. The cabinet is an essential part of your home that adds versatility and charm to your home .When it comes to the cabinet, choosing the right material and color is so necessary to make your place look attractive and appealing.

There are many materials used for making cabinets, but the most in-demand material is aluminum because of its superior qualities the aluminium cabinets are trending and most in-demand.

The cabinets made from an aluminum metal have anti-bacterial properties, germs, and are light-weight and non-flammable, all of these qualities made aluminum a premium choice for making aluminum trailer cabinets that are being used in both industrial and commercial places

Varieties of aluminum cabinets

Kitchen aluminum cabinet

Kitchen aluminum cabinet

The aluminium kitchen cabinets are the trending one that gives your kitchen an aesthetic and appealing look and also it is anti-resistant to germs making your kitchen hygienic and safe. The aluminum are used for making kitchen cabinets, drawers, shelves, islands, and many kitchen essentials.

Closet aluminum cabinet

Aluminum is also used for making wardrobe cabinets that are made up of chemically stable aluminum that is non-corrosive and keeps our clothes safe and secure also giving our wardrobe a simple and elegant look.

Closet aluminum cabinet
Bathroom aluminum cabinet

Bathroom aluminum cabinet

The bathroom cabinet is constructed with a rust-free and chip-free aluminum finish. It has a coverage mirror with a silver frame door mounted in the bathroom for storage and interior design. 

Sideboard aluminum cabinet

The sideboard cabinet is used for ornamental purposes. The sideboard is made from thick aluminum metal with a tough texture, it has two main doors with a set of drawers in the middle. It can be used in the drawing rooms, for porch tables, and many more.

Sideboard aluminum cabinet


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Benefits of aluminum cabinets

Heat and humidity tolerance

Aluminum metal has a high thermal resistant property that makes aluminum cabinets bear the maximum temperature as the average temperature of the kitchen remains high, so these cabinets can usually beat the high temperature and humidity without burning.


The cabinets made from aluminum are waterproof, so there is no fear of getting our cabinets spilled. It is of premium quality which makes it suitable for making bathroom cabinets.

Termite free

Getting a termite or pest on your furniture is a serious issue, but the cabinets are termite–free, which makes our home cupboard, shelves, and closet free from pests and keeps our environment safe and secure.

Easy maintenance

The cabinet made from aluminum metal is easy to maintain, we can easily wipe off the dirt and dust from an aluminum surface and in case of any breakage, the cabinet can easily be mended or repaired.

Smooth finish

The cabinets made from aluminum have a fresh and smooth surface that gives your aluminum an appealing look making your home look versatile and adding charm and attraction to your furniture.

Custom-made and DIY Aluminum Cabinets

  • Custom aluminum cabinet

Personalize your cabinet with unlimited design and color, we manufacture custom aluminum cabinets of unique design and attractive colors according to the customers’ specifications. We also made aluminum trailer cabinets on customers demand.

  • DIY aluminum cabinets

We make cabinets from DIY cast aluminum metal that has high conductivity, and a high strength-to-weight ratio. These cabinets are made on customer demand and it is cost-effective as compared to alternate processes.

  • Different varieties

There are different varieties of cabinet available. You can get a high-quality cabinet for your wardrobe, or your modular kitchen. We have every kind and size available according to the customer requirements.

Application of Aluminum Cabinet

Furniture industry
Aluminum cabinet in interior designing
Interior Designing
Glass door
Office furniture
Aluminum cabinet in commercial use
Industrial places

LW Manufacturer- Innovative style and appealing look

Since LW manufacturer deals in all kinds and sizes of cabinets and custom aluminium cabinets according to the demand of our respectable customers.

If you are looking forward to renovating and remodeling your home and want to add charm and attraction to your place. 

You must consider our variety of custom aluminium cabinets having all kinds of cabinets. Whether it is for your room, for your closet, or aluminum trailer cabinet, or for giving your kitchen a modular and trending look. 

The aluminum made cabinet also has a huge demand in industrial and commercial places because of its superior quality and demand. 

The cabinets that we are providing are made under the supervision of our well-qualified staff by using the highly innovative technique to give your cabinets an appealing look that makes your home look attractive and eye-catching. 

For the selection of the right material, and any guidance about the product, you can contact our staff as we are always there to assist you.