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LW Aluminum Canopies Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW is one of the best aluminum products suppliers in China. We deal with different types of aluminum canopies that are used for residential or commercial purposes. Our team provides any kind of customization services requested by the customers.

With our experience of 15 years, we are able to provide OEM and ODM to the new and small businesses. Our after-sale services can help you with easy installation of the products. LW Aluminum Canopies are of best quality, lightweight, long lasting and are aesthetically beautiful. 

We are continuously improving our services. Our products are widely used in many industries like transportation, aerospace, water bodies and others.

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LW Aluminum Canopies

Types of Aluminum Canopy

Fixed Aluminum Awning

Fixed Aluminum Canopies

It is the most preferred type of aluminum awning.

It is usually installed in houses or outside the shops. It is quite strong and have good weather resistance.

It is called fixed because it is installed at one stop and cannot be moved to anywhere else.

Retractable Aluminum Canopies

This type of Aluminum Canopies is installed over patios and decks. It is a foldable awning that can be folded or unfolded when needed.

It is good against sun protection but not preferred against harsh weather.

The retractable aluminum awning can be of two types. Electric retracting and non-electric retracting.

The electric retracting is bit expensive but easier to use.

Retractable Aluminum Awning


Curated Products


Long-term cooperation customers


Product Categories

Advantages of LW Aluminum Canopies Manufacturers and Suppliers

A Platform to meet all your Requirements

LW is a one-stop shop. It is an umbrella under which each and everything related to the customer’s needs is available. We provide manufacture services, customization services, processing services, delivery and after delivery services.

Excellent Customer Support Service Providers

Our LW team is professional in communicating with clients from different countries. We not only communicate 24/7 but also help customers clear their doubts about the products. We also have FAQ guides available at our websites regarding our products and services.

R & D department for the products

LW is skilled in customization services due to high class R & D Department. We can customize any design, shape and color of the products on customer’s demand. We have many designs available for Aluminum Canopies.

Quality is Guaranteed

LW team strictly follows the SOPs while manufacturing products. We are known for providing the best quality aluminum products around the world. Our Aluminum Canopies are of high quality and can be used for decades.

Finishing of the Products

The products are treated to make them look aesthetic and beautiful. The surface finishing also prevent them from corrosion. The aluminum awnings are treated with PVDF coating, sand blasting, powder coating, anodizing, electrophoresis etc.

Various Processing Techniques

You do not need to worry about processing of your products anymore. LW provides all the processing techniques done by their experts. The aluminum awning can be deep processed by the following techniques like welding, cutting, bending, tapping, drilling, milling, assembling, punching etc.

Aluminum Awning

Your Trusted Aluminum Canopiesg Suppliers

LW provides the best quality aluminum awnings with variety of designs and colors. You can choose from our wide collection for any purpose. 

Unique designs of Aluminum Canopies:

Our expert team can tailor different and unique designs of aluminum awnings. It includes pan type, dome style, convex style, panorama, Austin standing seam, imperial marquee etc. 

Many colors to choose:

LW aluminum canopy is available in various colors like black, white, silver, bronze and champagne etc.

Other than that, they are customized into any color of your choice.

Applications of Aluminum Canopies

Aluminum Awning for Door
Aluminum Awning for Window
Aluminum Awning for Deck
Aluminum Awning for carport

Best Quality Aluminum Canopies Providers throughout the World

LW is an internationally recognized aluminum company. It has an ISO certification that provides all aluminum products throughout the world. We deal with unique designs of aluminum canopies that can be used for various purposes. 

We are working diligently to provide quality services to our customers.  Our team has an experience of 15 years that helps the customers get their desired product. We provide low MOQ to our customers that can save your money and time.

Aluminum awning is largely used for sun protection, to keep houses or shops cool and protection against rain and snow etc. They are available at economical prices. Aluminum is the best choice for manufacturing awning as it is lightweight, durable, easy to assemble and cannot be damaged due to corrosion.

You do not have to worry about the quality of products as our quality control department monitors the quality of products before and after production. 

So, request a quote now. You are just one click away to get the best quality aluminum canopies.

Supply Aluminum Canopies In Bulk

Purchasing aluminum canopies requires a little bit of knowledge and some surface know-hows to fully maximize your applications.

Here, LW compiles frequently asked questions we receive from our clients who have purchased aluminum canopies.

Aluminum Canopies - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. How To Install Aluminum Canopies?

It is essential to follow the right installation procedures for your aluminum canopies for your safety and efficiency.

Please ensure that you are properly equipped and protected while doing this, and that you consult a professional if feasible.

  1. Determine the size of the installation space.

It is critical that you measure the area where your aluminum canopy will be installed.

Obtain out a ruler, a tape measure, a pencil, and any other tools you’ll need to get the right markings and measurements.

  1. Drill a pilot hole in the measured installation area.

Begin pre-drilling on the designated regions after the plan has been measured.

If you’re installing more than one canopy, repeat this step for each one.

  1. Check the horizontal spacing of the knife plates.

This step is necessary because the dimensions you take will be instantly transferred to the wall where the canopy will be installed.

  1. Place the knife plate in place.

Use the same horizontal spacing and dimensions that you used for the knife plates.

Begin measuring the distance between the plates and the wall, ensuring that they are all aligned.

Now that they’re all leveled, mount them straight to the wall and attach them.

  1. Installation of the canopy wall.

While ensuring that the Pacman and knife plates are appropriately leveled and aligned, place the canopy on top of the lift and align it.

The canopy’s projection should correspond and be leveled with the knife plates’ height.

Begin drilling the canopy’s backplate using your pre-drilling dimensions as a guide.

After you’ve completed drilling, attach the canopy to the wall.

  1. Initiate the tie-rods and knife plates connection.

To determine the dimensions, grab the tie rod and a measuring tape.

Take notice that the length of your tie-rod will be determined by the distance between the Pacman and the center of the knife plate’s hole.

Adjust the tie-rod as needed based on the measurement.

After that, start fastening your tie rod and knife plate correctly. After mounting the Clevis pin to the Knife plate wall, begin making final adjustments to the tie rod.

With the cotter pin, secure everything.

Aluminum Canopy Installation Process

For a video guide, here’s a video on how to properly install your aluminum canopy:

2. How To Paint On Aluminum Canopies?

Customization is critical, which is why it’s essential to follow the appropriate procedures when it comes to painting aluminum canopies.

The following are the actions you should do before preparing your paintbrush and slapping on some paint ready.

  1. Determine the sort of painting technique you want to use.

Before you begin, choose the sort of painting media you will use.

There are several paints to pick from, and for some designs and applications, certain media may be unavailable, while others may need highly specialized techniques to obtain the required result.

  1. Create a solution of water and powdered detergent.

After mixing the solution, use a hose and rinse the aluminum canopy to ensure that the completed result is clean.

  1. Make a 1:3 solution of bleach and water.

Directly on the canopy, spray the bleach-water solution.

This is to guarantee that all molds are removed.

  1. Sand the canopy.

Sand the flaky areas of the metal canopy using sandpaper.

Once it is bright and smooth to the touch, take a brush and clean away any dirt that has accumulated on the canopy.

  1. Tape the area using painter’s tape.

Just in case an accident occurs and you spray paint everywhere.

  1. Prime the surface.

To get that clean and smooth aluminum surface, the primer should preferably be a metal-priming paint.

  1. Begin painting.

You may now begin painting.

Painted Aluminum Canopy

Painting Aluminum Canopies

3. How Does LW Maintain Quality Control For Aluminum Canopies?

LW ensures this by adhering to the highest quality and most stringent requirements.

Our quality control procedures are as follows:

  1. Periodic quality control and verification

From the time we get the raw material, we ensure that its chemical composition meets our specifications and that it can exceed those specifications.

We next begin the extrusion process for the aluminum canopies.

Once completed, we pay close attention to the aesthetic components to ensure that everything appears nice and efficient.

We subjected it to an exhaustive measuring procedure once again to guarantee that its dimensions are precise for you.

  1. Aluminum laboratory on-site

Unlike other factories and manufacturers, LW ensures that our laboratory testing are conducted in-house.

LW engineers and experts conduct laboratory testing to ensure that our aluminum canopies meet China’s government requirements for aluminum manufacture.

Aluminum Manufacturing Process

Aluminum Canopy Manufacturing Process

4. How Are Aluminum Canopies Better Than Other Materials?

There are many reasons why canopies are better made using aluminum, and here are the standouts:

  • More lightweight than other materials.
  • Easier to maintain in the long run of the application.
  • Much better to look at as a structure.

5. What Is The Difference Between An Aluminum Canopy And An Awning?

Canopies and awnings are similar, but the main difference lies in the architecture and the materials used to make them. 

Awnings are made from fabric and are built on top of glass windows and doors whereas canopies are freestanding structures that are built with posts.

Aluminum Canopy and Awnings

Aluminum Canopies and Aluminum Awnings

6. Are There Size Limitations To Aluminum Canopies?

While aluminum canopies are typically bought as is based on the standard sizes and the stock available, a lot of aluminum canopies could be made to exceed the sizes based on the requirements.

Here at LW, we offer full customization of aluminum canopies that could fit your every need.

7. Does LW Offer Stock Sized Aluminum Canopies?

Yes, LW offers stock sized aluminum canopies for sale.

8. How Much Do Aluminum Canopies Weight Normally?

Canopies are typically heavy but since aluminum canopies are lightweight, most of them do not exceed more than 65kg.

9. How Do I Clean Aluminum Canopies?

Aluminum canopies, like any other product, need frequent cleaning, especially because the majority of them will be used outside.

  1. Gather the necessary tools.

You can clean your metal canopies using a variety of household products, like a brush, a mop, or even your dish sponges!

  1. Combine a gallon of water and two ounces of detergent in a measuring cup.

Once the gallon of water is prepared, take out your brush and begin cleaning it on the metal canopy.

Assemble a hose to rinse away the solution after the filth has been entirely gone.

  1. Verify that you didn’t miss any spots.

It’s often difficult to tell if you missed a place or two.

Occasionally, bees or other tiny creatures may be collected underneath.

Ensure that you clean every nook and inch.

Aluminum Being Cleaned

Aluminum Canopies Being Cleaned and Scrubbed

10. How Much Weight Can Aluminum Canopies Hold?

Canopies can support a lot of weight owing to its aluminum build and the support built around it.

Approximately, aluminum canopies can hold up to 300 pounds or more!

11. What’s The Difference Between Canopies And A Tent?

Canopies and tents may seem to be the same at times, but there is a significant difference between the two.

Based on how you use it alone, canopies don’t share the same common use with tents since tents are often used for camping by individuals.

Canopies are often utilized to give shade from the sun or rain during events or for other purposes.

A canopy has a roof but no sides other than the poles that support it, while a tent has a roof and sides!

Aluminum Canopy Tent

 Aluminum Canopies and Tents

12. What Should I Look For In Aluminum Canopies?

When purchasing any aluminum product including aluminum canopies, its essential that you take these factors into consideration before purchase:

  • The aluminum alloy you will be using.
  • How lightweight do you need your application to be.
  • The money you are willing to spend.
  • What you’re going to be using the aluminum canopy for.
  • The durability.

These are the five things that you should know first before ordering aluminum canopies.

13. What Are The Surface Finishing Options Available For My Aluminum Canopies?

Aluminum Surface Finishing Options

Surface Finishing Options Available For Aluminum Canopies

When you buy aluminum canopies, you may choose the kind of surface treatment you desire.

When it comes to surface treatments for aluminum canopies, there are various options. The following are some of the most common surface finishing options:


  • Anodizing is a common technique of finishing aluminum canopies. • In this case, an anodized treatment will guarantee that aluminum’s corrosion resistance is increased even more. • This is great for individuals who are concerned about the look of their metal bars.

Titanium Tunnel Stacks

Anodizing Surface Finishing Option

Liquid Paint

  • Those who wish to change the color of their metal commonly use wet painting. • Because this is largely a cosmetic adjustment, there is nothing more to do except change the outer look. • A range of colors are available, and they may be reused.

Liquid Paint Surface Finish

 Liquid Paint Surface Finishing Option

Powder Coating

  • Once the powder has been applied to the whole metal bar, it may be readily shaped.
  • Because of the powder coating method, it is recommended to use the aluminum canopies outside. • Powder coating protects against abrasions produced by external surfaces, so you won’t have to worry as much about them.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Surface Finishing Option

14. How Long Does It Take LW To Complete An Aluminum Canopy Order?

How long it takes to finish manufacturing an aluminum canopy depends on the specifications as needed.

More complex orders will take some time as manufacturing has a lot of processes but standard sizes and those in stock will be readily available to ship out!

15. Are Aluminum Canopies Resistant To Flames?

Yes, aluminum canopies are pretty much resistant to flames but it’s important that they don’t get too hot.

16. How Does LW Extrude Aluminum Canopies?

Extrusion Machine

 Extrusion Machine for Aluminum Canopies

  1. The aluminum alloy grade selecting procedure

Right away, you must decide what grade of aluminum you want since various grades serve different functions and have distinct features.

  1. The aluminum billets’ pre-heating procedure.

This procedure involves obtaining aluminum billets and pre-heating them to a certain temperature for extrusion.

  1. The extrusion method.

This is the real extrusion process, in which the hydraulic molds the softened metal into the shape of the aluminum canopy.

  1. The process of cutting and shaping.

The cutting and shaping procedure is often carried out following the extrusion process.

After that, form the metal to the specifications you want.

  1. Apply the surface treatment option of your choice.

This may be whatever you want it to be.

17. Does LW Provide Mounting Accessories For The Aluminum Canopies?

es, LW provides mounting accessories for the aluminum canopies such as:

  • Brackets for support
  • Z-brackets
  • Ends of the Eye
  • Angle brackets and splices
  • Brackets for threaded rods
  • Trolleys on wheels
  • Trolleys overlapping with steel wheels and a draw rope
  • Nuts and bolts

Mounting Accessories

Mounting Accessories for Aluminum Canopies

18. What Are The After-Sale Services That LW Provides For Every Aluminum Canopy Order?

The following are the after-sales services that come with LW’s aluminum canopies:

  • Warranty services.
  • Design services and accomodations.
  • Simple setup.
  • Product guidance.
  • Customization.
  • And many, many more!

19. What Are The Popular Aluminum Alloy Grades Used For Aluminum Canopies?

The popular aluminum alloy grades used for aluminum canopies typically are aluminum alloys in these series:

  • Aluminum 2000 Series
  • Aluminum 6000 Series


This is because these two series are easy to treat when it comes to heating and is highly resistant to corrosion.

It’s important that your aluminum canopies are highly resistant to corrosion since most canopies are placed outside which makes them much more susceptible to corrosion.

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