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LW Aluminum cap Production Company

We make our top best quality aluminum caps with modern or up to date tools , our manufactured product is best choice for the customers in reference to the high humidity areas.

We use standard raw aluminum and make variety of caps with it. They are being in use for bottles, different food tins or beverages can also. LW production makes them in all sorts of shapes .LW is most trustworthy company with the experience of 15 years.

It is manufactured with a very interesting procedure which starts with rolling of aluminum with high temperature. This continuous rolling of aluminum shapes it perfectly into a cap. For the making of aluminum cap we use the method of rolling and casting.

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Classification of Aluminum cap

aluminum crown cap

Aluminum crown cap

The most common type of aluminum cap is aluminum crown cap. These caps are super beneficial for the beverages, soft drink bottles. It comes with the size of 0.18mm which is indeed a very lightweight feature of the aluminum cap .if you are looking for perfect aluminum cap for your drink bottles; water bottles aluminum crown cap is the best choice for you.

Aluminum peel off cap

Aluminum peels off cap the most lightweight type of aluminum is made with the aluminum foil. This aluminum peel off cap is the second layer of the can; the first cap is usually the penny lever is tailored precisely for the packaging of milk formulae for kids, green tea bottles, black tea bottles and coffee bottles.

aluminum peel off cap
aluminum penny lever cap

Aluminum penny lever cap

Here is another renowned type of aluminum cap which is aluminum penny lever can be used for formula milk can, oil bottles, for paint bottles.

Aluminum ring pull cap

Aluminum ring pull cap is specially designed for glass bottle .it comes with the thickness of is very easy to use as you just have to pull the ring of cap upward and the bottle is open.

aluminum ring pull cap
aluminum twist off cap

Aluminum twist off cap

Aluminum twist off cap is another commonly used aluminum cap especially in United States and other countries .these are most specifically designed for wine bottles. The convenient use of these aluminum twist off cap is that it open by just twisting the cap.


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Why You Should Choose LW for Manufacturing of Aluminum cap

Name of excellence

LW is the most trust worthy and reliable company you will ever come across. We use the excellent primal matter for manufacturing so that you can get the high standard products.

Assortment of products

Our company is providing you the assorted verity of aluminum cap. You can find any type and size in LW.

Fast cargo services

When you are choosing LW it means you will get many advantages .the benefit of choosing us is you will get speedy consignment or shipment of your custom- made product.

Brings the customer first

LW gives importance to the choice of customer equally. You can customize the aluminum cap according to your need.

aluminum cap

LW a renowned dealer of Aluminum cap

LW gives you the versatile shapes of aluminum cap. They are designed in such a way that it can easily be used for any type of bottle or can.

  • Size of Aluminum cap:

The aluminum cap size depend upon the bottle for which it is used .for example the aluminum crown cap are 0.18 mm according to the neck size of the water bottle .

  • Colors of aluminum cap:

LW is providing its customer with a huge choice of color for them. Rust, silver grey, white and fawn are the commonly used colors for our aluminum cap.

Applications of Aluminum cap

milk can
Oil bottles
Protect and Enhance Edges
aluminum cap for spice jar
spice jar
aluminum cap for water bottle
Water bottles

LW the Aluminum cap manufacturers

Our company is using only the latest or modern machinery for the manufacturing them. LW has always come up with the betterment of our customer for example  our clients have a very easy choice to make the product as per their demand. 

We have extensive verity of aluminum cap, you can choose any of the type and will get the manufactured product at your door step in a very short time.

When making aluminum cap we use the procedure of rolling and casting which mold the cap into the best shape of your need.

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