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LW: Aluminum Cargo Rack Manufacturer

Aluminum Cargo Rack can handle a lot of weight, which means it doesn’t require extra maintenance when in use.

The light weight also means that these racks can be installed on almost any vehicle, which includes trucks, patrol vehicles and boats.

We manufacture Aluminum Cargo Racks, which are known for their durability, strength, and safety. Aluminum Cargo Racks are suitable for varying applications in our society.

Aluminum Cargo Rack is an integrated frame and tail light system. It features an elegant design and includes all necessary accessories. Designed to fit a wide range of bikes, it mounts on the frame with the loading platform attached to the rear wheel.

Aluminum Cargo Racks have many advantages over other installations such as softness of the surface for easy cleaning and lightness for easy packing.

Aluminum Cargo Racks/Aluminum Hitch Racks are the perfect compliment to any vehicle. With that said we will be your aluminum rack, and cargo carrier provider. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality product to you at a fair price.

Aluminum Cargo Rack not only looks great but also offers an aesthetic value in the form of being extra stylish.

Aluminum Cargo Rack

The Aluminum Cargo Rack is a great option for anyone looking to organize their vehicle. Its simple design means it’s easy to install, and provides tons of space for your belongings.

Aluminum cargo racks are a fantastic way to transport and store additional gear while traveling. The durable material they are made from is light, yet strong, so they can handle any type of load securely.

Aluminum cargo racks can also be easily installed on the vehicle or trailer bed.

The aluminum racks can accommodate up to ten pairs of wheels per side and come in a variety of styles — some with crossbars while others are straight.


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LW: Aluminum Cargo Rack Expert

High-grade raw materials combined with modern technology

As an aluminum cargo rack manufacturer we make sure that our aluminum cargo racks are built with high-grade raw material and modern technology, equipped with a long production experience, we are dedicated to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

Best services and manufacturing innovations.

They are highly versatile since they can be used for carrying bicycles, fishing poles, boards and other items which may have to be transported around the house or yard. All you need is a strong rack that can withstand your weight. Given this, we make sure to offer our clients the best service and the best manufacturing innovations.

We make sure that you’ll receive maximum visibility and vehicle aerodynamics.

Aluminum cargo racks are a reliable, long-lasting solution for transporting your preferred items from point A to point B while providing the ease and convenience of being mounted in a vehicle. We make sure that you’ll receive a durable Aluminum cargo rack that maximizes visibility and helps your vehicle's aerodynamics, as well as its hauling capacity.

Our racks are built to last.

Aluminum cargo racks are the best option for your cargo space. The sturdy design provides maximum strength and durability. Our racks are built to last, so you don't have to worry about rusting or cracking like weathered steel racks. These aluminum hitch racks will not rust or corrode due to their powder coating finish.

Aluminum Cargo Rack

Why You Should Utilize An Aluminum Cargo Rack

Store much more load!

Aluminum cargo rack gives you more flexibility to store the various loads. The rack is designed with a sleek and sturdy design to make it strong, sturdy and durable. It has the ability to protect your stuff from falling and rusting. If you are looking for an easy way to organize your storage items, it would be the best choice for you since it can hold a large range of weight.

They fit almost all bikes and everything!

Every individual has a different interest, and every individual is looking for what works for them. We strongly believe that these racks are the best in class for consumers. Not only is our design aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also the most functional rack on the market. Our aluminum cargo bike rack has been designed to fit all types of bikes, including children’s scooters and wheelchairs. This sturdy and safe rack will fit where other racks do not. 

Common Aluminum Cargo Rack Applications

Aluminum Cargo Rack for Trucks
Aluminum Cargo Rack for SUVs
Aluminum Cargo Rack for Cars

LW: Aluminum Cargo Rack Expert

Aluminum Cargo Rack is an excellent rack that is made from materials like aluminum, steel and even plastic. They are easy to install and can be used on all kinds of vehicles.

Aluminum Hitch Racks can be widely used in the workshop, factory and other industries, such as production line, warehouse, storage and other places to store various types of goods. Its parts are all made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

Aluminum cargo racks are strong, lightweight and versatile. They can work as a bike rack or simply hold your luggage when you’re on vacation.

Aluminum cargo carriers are also a great option if you have small hatchback cars and don’t want to bother with installing a vehicle-specific cargo carrier. And they’re made of aluminum, so they’re very affordable compared to other options on the market.

Our aluminum cargo rack is built to last with a heavy duty design and powder coated finish.

All parts are made from 6061 T-6 aluminum, making this product extremely durable and corrosion resistant. 

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