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Are you looking for a trendy but economical Aluminum Carport for your convenience? We, at LW Manufacturers, design the carports in different sizes, shapes and colors to accommodate your needs.

 Nothing can beat the durability and affordability of LW Carports. The high-quality carport not only protects vehicles but also reaps bonus benefits for you.

Our Aluminum Carport is great for car owners who want to protect their vehicles from intense weather conditions.

Exposure to intense sunlight can fade the color of the car and damage the dashboard and seats. Our Carport is the top pick for protecting your valuable car.

Range of LW Aluminum Carport

Presenting a wide range of Carports to choose from

Gable Roof Aluminum Carport
Gable Roof Aluminum Carport

These larger carports have two sloping sides meeting at a point to form a triangular shape, adding extra support to the side walls. They are the most popular style of the carport.

Flat Roof Aluminum Carport
Flat Roof Aluminum Carport

Flat roof carports are the most economical and easy to install carport. The roof is flat but slightly sloping downwards to allow the drainage of rainwater.

Hip roof Aluminum Carport
Hip roof Aluminum Carport

This kind of carport has 4 sided pitched roof, sliding downwards. It is better suited for high-wind regions. It is similar to the modern stylish houses built nowadays.

Attached Aluminum Carport
Attached Aluminum Carport

It is a covered structure attached to and depending on the main building of your house. This type of Aluminum Carport is ideal for houses having limited space to install a carport.

Freestanding Aluminum Carport
Freestanding Aluminum Carport

They are stand-alone carports. It’s up to you to decide where to install it. You have multiple options to use this carport for recreational purposes also, other than the protection of the vehicle.

Vertical Roof Style Aluminum Carport
Vertical Roof Style Aluminum Carport

This is the most durable and widely selling carport for commercial and industrial purposes. It is installed with vertical panels and cross braces with a channel on top for protection.


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Pros of LW Aluminum Carport

Safety and Security

LW Aluminum Carport provides covered protection to your vehicles from debris and dirt.it also protects from sunlight, rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Durability and Affordability

LW Aluminum Carport is more affordable and durable than building a garage to secure your vehicles.it frees you from the concern of space for larger vehicles as multiple size options are there.


LW Aluminum Carport is ideal for every vehicle, be it a car, jeep or truck. The space can also be used as a pet exercise spot or kids' fun space or even for energy production by installing solar panels.


The latest models of LW Aluminum Carport are portable and easy to move. Unlike fixed occupied space of the garage, the carport can work as a temporary shelter for vehicles or other valuables

Easy to Assemble and Maintain

LW Aluminum Carport has Aluminum Frames and is easy to assemble and install without any complicated procedure. Its maintenance is also simple and cost-effective and requires no periodical cleaning.

Property Enhancement

The Aluminum Carports are trendy as well as functional. This modern upgrade makes your home stands out among others in the neighborhood and increases the value of your accommodation.

Aluminum Carport

Additional Provisions of LW Aluminum Carport

  • Further roof options

Apart from the regular types of Aluminum Carport mentioned, we also refine them into:

  • Regular Roof
  • Boxed Eve Roof
  • Dutch Gable Roof


  • Solar Panel Aluminum Carports

We design Carports with the option of Solar Panel Installation. It maximizes the effective use of your parking space by converting sunshine into electricity.

  • Types according to space

Single Carports for one vehicle starting from 12 feet of width.

Double Carports for 2 vehicles ranging from 20-24 feet in width.

Triple Carport for 3 vehicles with 26-30 feet of width.


Application of LW Aluminum Carport

LW Aluminum Carport for Houses
LW Aluminum Carport for Office
LW Aluminum Carport for Industries and Commercial Units
Industries and Commercial Units
LW Aluminum Carport for Car Showrooms
Car Showrooms
Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profiles For Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Kitchen
LW Aluminum Carport for Pet Shelter
Pet Shelter

LW Manufacturers-International Pioneer in Aluminum Carport Manufacturing

LW is specialized in the art of Aluminum carports. We offer a variant range of carports to add to the look of your home along with customization options. Whether you want to ask a query or are concerned about after-sale service, our expert customer care is always at your disposal.

Our carports are made with utmost dedication and precise efforts to give an Architectural look to your parking space. You are always welcome to customize them according to your taste and structure.

LW Manufacturers and Suppliers is your solution to every available type of Aluminum Carport under one roof. We not only meet the domestic needs but also bear specialty in larger carports for commercial, industrial and manufacturing units.

Contact us today to have a smart investment choice for your home.

Premium Aluminum Carport Manufacturing

Are you looking to use aluminum carports for your business or personal applications?

Or, do you have questions about aluminum carports?

If so, you don’t have to worry because we have studied aluminum carports, so you don’t have to.

In this guide, we will answer all your questions about aluminum carports. So keep reading.

Aluminum Carport – Ultimate FAQs Guide

How Much Does An Aluminum Carport Cost

The market prices of aluminum carports can vary because of factors such as:

  • Location
  • Metal used
  • Size of carport
  • Size of order

The average prices for standard aluminum carports can range from $900 to $5000.

Always buy from the best aluminum carports suppliers such as LW to get the best quality aluminum carports for the best prices.

How To Install Aluminum Carport ?

To install aluminum carports, you will need the carports parts and tools such as:

30-inch rebar anchor: this is used to anchor the carport for dirt, gravel, or asphalt applications.

Concrete anchor: this is used to mount the base rail to concrete ground.

Self-tapping gasket screws: this is used for fixing pieces together.

Dowels: the dowels are used to attach two pieces such as the rafters to the legs.

Corner bracing: is used to provide structural support to the frame of the carport and also prevent it from swaying.

Base rail: the base rail is used to hold the frame of the carport.

Leg post: the leg post is used for the frame of the carport. The leg post also holds the roof of the carport.

Rafters: this is used for constructing the roof structure of the carport.

Aluminum carport

Aluminum carport

Follow the process below to install an aluminum carport:

Build the Carport Frame

The first step to installing aluminum carports is building the frame.

To install the frame, you will need the carport frame parts such as:

  • Legs  
  • Rafter
  • Dowels
  • Corner brace

First, you lay out the rafter, dowels, and legs on the ground in the order they will be installed.

 Rafter, dowel, leg post, and corner brace

Rafter, dowel, leg post, and corner brace

Next, you slide a dowel in the end hole of the rafter and use a self-tapping screw to join them together.

Also, remember to screw the opposite ends.

Next, you slide the other end of the bowel to the leg post to connect the leg and the rafter through the bowel.

Next, screw the bowel and the leg together using self-tapping screws.

Self-tapping screws

 Self-tapping screws

Next, attach the corner braces to the top corners of the aluminum carport frame.

Next, screw the bottom part of the corner brace to the legs and screw the top part of the corner brace to the rafter.

These corner braces are used to stop the carport from shaking or swaying.

Repeat this process for the other sides to finish building the aluminum carport frame.

Now you have all your rafters and legs joined together.

The next step is to pick up the frame with the rafter attached and insert the frame legs into the dowel in the base rail.

Aluminum carport base rail

Aluminum carport base rail

Repeat this process to install the aluminum carport frame on the base rail.

Next, use self-tapping screws to connect the leg posts of the frame to the dowels in the base rail.

You must also ensure to keep the frame of the aluminum carport 100% percent square for easy installation.

The next step is to install the cladding on the frame.

You will need step ladders to climb and transfer the sheets onto the roof of the aluminum carport.

Next, arrange all the sheets on the carport roof before screwing them.

Next, use a drill and self-tapping screws to join the roof sheets and rafter.

Installing a Rear Wall

You may want to install a rear wall to your aluminum carport.

Follow the process below to install the rear wall:

The first step is to take the base rail for the new wall and lay it at the base rail of the carport in the position it is to be installed.

Next, fix a 90 angle corner bracket between the corner where the wall base rail and the carport base rail meet.

Next, use self-tapping screws to connect the corner bracket to the base rails to join them together.

The next step is to install the stud or uprights on the base rail using a 90 angle corner bracket.

Screw the upright and base rail together from the holes in the 90 angle corner bracket.

Next, connect the top part of the stud to the bottom of the rafter by screwing them together using 90 angle brackets.

You may have to cut the top part of the stud to fit the shape of the rafter.

Can Aluminum Carport Be Recycled ?

Aluminum carports can be recycled because it is made from aluminum alloys such as 6063 aluminum which is about 80% recyclable.

The recyclable nature of aluminum makes it suitable and environmentally friendly for application with wide-scale use such as carports.

Can Aluminum Carports Be Extended ?

You may be able to extend your aluminum carports depending on the location and method of installation used for the carport.

To extend the aluminum carport, you will need more base rails, leg posts, rafters, dowels, and corner brackets.

To extend your aluminum carports, you may need to remove either the front or back wall.

Can You Screen In An Aluminum Carport ?

Aluminum carports are designed for you to be able to add screens to the carport structure.

Follow the steps below to add basic screens to your aluminum carport:

  • Start by installing the screen frame.
  • Next, use a hammer drill, a masonry bit, and tap con screws to attach the base plate of the screen frame to the concrete floor.
  • Next, attach the top plate and side plates of the screen frame.
  • Next, install the studs to finish the framing.
  • Finally, install the screen to the frame.

You can use different types of screens for your aluminum carports, such as fiberglass screens or wooden screens.

Screen on a carport

Screen on a carport

How To Remove An Aluminum Carport ?

Follow the process below to remove aluminum carports:

  • Start by unscrewing and removing the trim from the top of the aluminum carport using a screw gun.
  • Next, unscrew and remove the roof panels from the top of the carport.
  • Next, remove all the screws from the frame of the aluminum carport.

Use a screw gun to remove the screws from the leg post, the trusses, base rails, and the 90 degrees brackets.

  • Next, detach the trusses from the frame of the aluminum carport.
  • Next, remove all the leg posts from the base rails.
  • Next, remove the anchors from the base rails.
  • Finally, remove the base rails and store all the aluminum carport parts securely to prevent damage.

How To Dress Up An Aluminum Carport ?

You can dress up your aluminum carport to make it more functional and attractive.

People often dress their aluminum carports to make the structure look less like a shelter for cars and more like another part of their home.

There are a few things you can do to dress up your carport, such as:

  • You can enclose your carport by adding walls to the sides.
  • You can add electrical wiring to the carport to add lights, fans, and sockets.
  • You can add windows to your carport to make it more breathable.

More doors and windows also help maintain a suitable temperature for the carport.

  • Insulate your carport if you plan on using it as a room.
  • Paint your carport to make it look attractive and more like a living area.

How To Enclose An Aluminum Carport ?

Enclosing your aluminum carport can help protect your property from being stolen. Aluminum carports also provide privacy and protection from the sun and harsh weather.

You can use metal sheets or wood boards to enclose the aluminum carport.

Metal sheets are easier to maintain and last longer than wood. But metal sheets may be more expensive than wood.

To enclose an aluminum carport with metal sheets, you will need:

  • Metal sheets
  • Clamp
  • Drill bit and Screw gun
  • Nuts and bolts

You may also need another person to help you hold the metal sheets during the enclosing process.

Follow the process below to enclose an aluminum carport with metal sheets:

 Metal sheets for carport

Metal sheets for carport

Start by measuring and cutting the metal sheets to the required length of the aluminum carport.

Next, place the metal sheets on the sides of the carport and screw them to the leg post of the aluminum carport. You may also need to use a clamp to hold the metal sheet to the carport frame as you screw them.

Next, you will need to overlap and screw the next metal sheet to the first one to join them together. This overlapping screw should also pass through the leg posts of the aluminum carport.

Next, screw the lowest part of the metal sheet to the base rails of the carport. Then screw the top part of the metal sheet to the roof.

Repeat the process around the frame to enclose the aluminum carport.

You may also use wood to enclose the aluminum carport, but wood is not waterproof, and it is prone to termite infestations.

Aluminum carport with enclosed walls

Aluminum carport with enclosed walls

How To Install Privacy Lattice On Aluminum Carports?

You can attach a privacy lattice to your aluminum carport to increase privacy.

You can use different lattice types for your carports, such as vinyl, wood, or polyethylene.

To install a lattice, you will need tools like a drill bit and a self-tapping screw to fix the privacy lattice to the frame of the aluminum carport.

Follow the steps below to install a privacy lattice on an aluminum carport:

  • First, measure and cut the privacy lattice to the required length of the carport.
  • Next, use a drill and self-tapping screw to fix the ends of the privacy lattice to the carport posts.
  • Finally, repeat the process until all the privacy lattice has been installed.

You may want to use a vinyl privacy lattice over a wooden privacy lattice because wood can absorb water and is prone to termite infestation.

Though, a wood privacy lattice is commonly used because it is a cheaper alternative to more expensive types of privacy lattice.

rivacy lattice on a aluminum carport

Privacy lattice on aluminum carport

How To Replace Aluminum Carport Support?

The aluminum carport structure is mainly supported by the leg posts.

You may need to replace a bad leg post to restore balance and function to the carport structure.

Follow the process below to replace the leg post support for aluminum carports:

  • First, you will need to remove the roofing of the carport structure from the legs of the frame.
  • Next, use a screw gun to remove the screws from the roof, the dowels, and the leg post of the carport frame.
  • Next, remove and replace the damaged leg post support from the structure.
  • Next, screw the parts and pieces of the structure together and assemble the aluminum carport.

How To Secure Aluminum Carport ?

You will need to use proper anchors to secure your aluminum carport to the ground.

You can use 30-inch rebar anchors to secure your aluminum carport to sand, gravel, or asphalt ground.

Rebar anchor

Rebar anchor

Use concrete anchors to secure the base rails of the aluminum carport to the cement ground.

 Different types of concrete anchor

Different types of concrete anchor

How To Secure Aluminum Carport From Swaying ?

Different factors can cause your carport to sway, such as loose bolts or the location of the carport.

Follow the steps below to secure aluminum carports and prevent them from swaying:

  • Install sidewalls to your aluminum carport to help support the frame of the carport.
  • Try not to install your aluminum carport in open areas where the wind is strong.
  • Check for loose bolts on the frame of the carport and replace them or tighten them.
  • Use anchors that are deep enough to prevent your carport from swaying.
  • Attach corner braces to the corners of your aluminum carport to help prevent swaying.

    Corner braces

     Corner braces

How To Waterproof Aluminum Carports ?

You can enclose your aluminum carport with metal sheets to prevent water from entering the carport.

Make sure there are no gaps or holes in the walls or roof of the aluminum carport.

Waterproof metal sheets are better to use than wood, especially in rainy weather.

Where Can I Buy An Aluminum Carport ?

Purchasing aluminum carports is the first step of the process.

You will need to buy your aluminum carport from a trusted supplier to ensure you get the best quality aluminum carport for the best prices.

LW is among the most professional aluminum carport suppliers in China and worldwide.

You can visit our website to browse the best collection of aluminum carports for the most affordable prices.

How To Remove Gutters From Aluminum Carport ?

Follow the process below to remove gutters from the aluminum carport roof:

  • The first step is to measure and mark the part of the gutter on the aluminum carport roof.
  • Next, cut the marked part of the gutter from the carport’s roof.

What Are The Advantages Of Having An Aluminum Carport Over a Traditional Building ?

Aluminum carports have several advantages over traditional buildings, such as:

  • Aluminum carports are faster and easier to construct and teardown.

But traditional cement buildings take more time to set up or tear down, and you may not be able to easily change the location of the traditional building.

  • Aluminum carports are lightweight and portable, while traditional buildings are heavy and cannot be moved.
  • Aluminum carports are low maintenance because aluminum is a strong material that can last long without significant damage.
  • Aluminum carports are also resistant to insect infestations like termites that affect traditional buildings that use wood.
  • Aluminum carports are also waterproof, unlike traditional buildings that have cement and wood that can hold and retain water.

What Are The Standard Sizes Available For Carports?

There are different standard sizes of aluminum carports made to fit the different amounts of cars.

For example, a standard carport made to fit a single car is 12 feet by 20 feet wide and usually 7 to 12 feet tall.

Carports can be used to store as many as five cars at once. There are also carports used for trailers that can go as high as 20 feet tall.

Carports can also be customized to fit a significant number of cars in them.

Also, carports for trailers are also taller than regular carports.

Aluminum carport for two cars

Aluminum carport for two cars

How Can I Order A Custom Aluminum Carport?

You can order custom aluminum carport from reputable suppliers, but they may not have the customization you are looking for.

You will need to contact an aluminum carport supplier to see if they have the customization you are looking for.

You may also need consultancy from a reputable supplier to help you plan out and purchase the specific customizations you will need.

Contact a professional supplier such as LW if you are looking for a quality custom aluminum carport for the most affordable prices.

How To Paint Aluminum Carport?

Painted Aluminum Carport

Painted aluminum carport

You must use a primer and paint that is suitable for aluminum.

Painting your aluminum carport can reduce the chances of corrosion, and paint can help the carport look better.

Follow the process below to paint your aluminum carport:

  • The first step is to clean the surface of the aluminum carport to prepare it for painting.

Do not use harsh detergent or soap to clean the aluminum carport because it can damage the powder coating applied to the surface.

  • Next, allow the aluminum carport to dry before painting it.

Also, use a clean rag to remove any water or dirt on the surface of the aluminum carport.

  • Next, allow the first layer of paint to dry before adding the second layer of paint.

An extra layer of paint produces a smooth, shiny and consistent paint finish to the aluminum carport.

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