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LW: Aluminum Cart Expert

Aluminum carts give you the mobility and capacity of a trolley without the added weight.

Because aluminum is one of the lightest materials available, aluminum carts are much easier to push and pull than their steel counterparts.

Aluminum carts also offer more storage space, while they can still be used on all surfaces including carpet.

When it comes to versatility and durability, aluminum carts can’t be beat. Our carts are available in a wide range of finishes, so you can match the cart to a variety of décor styles.

The smooth finish also makes them easy to clean and allows air circulation around food items to prevent spoiling.

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, aluminum carts work well in any type of facility—from kitchens to retail stores and more.

Aluminum Cart

Aluminum carts are a must-have for any business that has to move heavy and voluminous products. They are easy to maneuver and light weight, resulting in less fatigue for your workers.

The benefits of an aluminum cart are unmatched! The value is evident, but many people don’t realize or understand all the advantages.

Aluminum carts are lightweight, easy to carry and maneuver over various terrains, and they provide you with excellent storage capacity.

Aluminum carts are a popular option for heavy duty jobs like construction and manufacturing.

They pack a lot of features into a smaller footprint than their steel counterparts, so they’re easier to maneuver around the job site.

The strength they provide is unmatched by other materials, making them great for hauling heavy tools and supplies over long distances


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Aluminum Cart Types

Kitting Aluminum Cart
Kitting Aluminum Cart
WIP Aluminum Cart
Tuggable Aluminum Cart
Tuggable Aluminum Cart
Warehouse Picking Aluminum Cart
Warehouse Picking Aluminum Cart
Truck Aluminum Cart
Truck Aluminum Cart
Grocery Aluminum Cart
Grocery Aluminum Cart

LW: Aluminum Cart Expert

Adaptive design processes.

As your Aluminum Cart Manufacturer, we will provide you with a wide range of different dimensions, material and customized design cart. The quality of our products is guaranteed by stringent standards that guarantee the safety of our customers' products. Our adaptive design process guarantees that you receive only the best products at low costs. We are committed to being your Aluminum Cart Manufacturer so call us today!

Over a decade of experience.

LW is a company that has been in the aluminum cart manufacturing business for over a decade and our clients include some big names in the market. We know aluminum carts inside out and hence we provide you with only the best quality products With good material and excellent design, our products are manufactured in a high quality and fashion style with competitive price.

Quality control processes meant to guarantee quality.

We are a leading aluminum cart manufacturer. We can make your vision into a reality, and provide you with the highest quality products. We guarantee that each of our aluminum carts is well-designed, durable, and fully functional. We can also help with the design process to ensure that your new cart will perfectly fit your needs.

We suit all needs.

Made to fit your needs, our aluminum cart is built with easy portability and durability in mind. With a customizable design, you get the best of both worlds. LW has created aluminum carts to suit any need from hospitals and offices to hospitals; providing quality products with a low trouble rate. Our designs are lightweight and durable, yet affordable for all budgets.

Aluminum Cart

Why You Should Utilize Aluminum Cart

Excellent, Efficient, and Dependable

If you are looking for an excellent, efficient and dependable solution to your material handling needs, then you should consider the benefits of aluminum carts. Aluminum carts are highly versatile because they can be used indoors and outdoors, in warehouses and assembly lines. They are extremely tough and durable, making them one of the top choices when it comes to high volume material handling.

Perfect for Retail and Grocery Store Environments

 Aluminum carts are perfect for retail and grocery store environments because they are lightweight, mobile, easy to clean and won’t rust. Our aluminum cart options come in both single and double deck styles that include shelves, baskets and drawers. With a variety of sizes to choose from, we can help find the right aluminum cart for your business needs.

Common Aluminum Cart Applications

Aluminum Cart for Retail Store
Retail Store
Aluminum Cart for Grocery Stores
Grocery Store
Aluminum Cart for Warehouse
Aluminum Cart for Factory
Aluminum Cart for Automotive
Automotive Shop

LW: Aluminum Cart Expert

Here at LW, we design and manufacture products for the commercial foodservice industry. Our aluminum carts are used in a variety of applications including: supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores.

We have the expertise to design and build your custom cart to fit the application requirements of your business.

With a sturdy, yet lightweight build, aluminum carts are great for maneuvering in any workspace.

They’re also affordable and easy to clean. With all the functionality that you need from your mobile workstation, you can easily shift between work areas when needed.

The best way to get your products to the customer is directly, but there are many challenges on the delivery route.

Vulnerable items should be in an enclosed cart, including registration tablets, smartphones and electronic devices.

An aluminum cart with a secure lock is the safest way to transport these assets while remaining mobile. Aluminum carts offer the best protection against theft and damage.

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