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Utilize aluminum casters to add a professional touch to your furniture and line.

Aluminum casters provide a smooth, consistent motion across a wide range of surfaces and offer superior durability.

Because they are made from high-quality materials, aluminum casters are strong enough to support heavy loads yet lightweight enough to allow for easy maneuvering.

Aluminum casters may be used on virtually any type of flooring, including carpeting and hardwood floors.

Aluminum casters are smooth rolling for added comfort when moving, and are made of high-quality aluminum material.

Aluminum Casters

Aluminum casters are a practical choice for the majority of applications. They offer low weight, high strength, and durability with resistance to salt immersion and oxidation.

Aluminum casters are ideal for many types of commercial environments, as well as areas where there is excessive moisture or humidity.

Aluminum casters can accommodate virtually any type of load you can think of, including people up to 550 lbs., which makes them perfect for healthcare facilities.

Aluminum casters are an ideal solution for applications where weight and performance are an important factor in your purchase decision.

Though they are more expensive than plastic, they are light, durable, and easy to maintain.

Aluminum casters roll smoothly and are shock-resistant, which makes them ideal for high-demand applications where wear and tear is expected.


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LW: Aluminum Casters Expert

We are dedicated to your success.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of Aluminum Casters, look no further. With our expertise and the right equipment, we can help you meet all your needs. We are dedicated to your success and committed to making you happy.

Our mission is to provide the best products.

Our mission is to provide the best aluminum casters with the highest quality. We specialize in aluminum caster spacers and are a leading manufacturer of custom-designed solutions. We offer solutions for a variety of industries, including furniture, medical and retail, resulting in increased productivity and reduced transportation costs.

Efficient and cost-effective manufacturing.

Aluminum casters are a favorite choice for many different industries, including manufacturing and commercial. They’re easy to clean, lightweight and durable. If you need high volume production runs of aluminum casters we have the expertise to help you get it done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our expert engineering teams can help with everything from design to development, prototyping and testing.

Custom-manufacture to the right style you want.

Our aluminum casters are available in a variety of sizes, designs and aluminum alloys. We can also custom-manufacture the right style, material and quantity of casters you need to meet your exact requirements. We stay ahead of trends, providing high quality products and excellent customer service. We are easy to work with and flexible. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, with access to the most reliable supply chain in the industry. We offer competitive pricing and fast delivery.

Aluminum Casters

Why You Should Utilize Aluminum Casters

Add functionality to your business.

Aluminum casters are a great way to add functionality to your business. They’re lightweight, so they don’t add extra weight to the objects that need moving around. Because of this great feature, you can move your products and supplies faster, which will save you time and money in the long run. Aluminum casters also utilize less energy than other caster models, making them more environmentally friendly.

Extremely durable and withstand heavyweight items.

Aluminum casters are extremely durable and can withstand the weight of even your heaviest equipment with ease. Rubber tires are also very beneficial to your product as it can help prevent contamination from fluid contact such as oil and grease. Due to their metal composition, aluminum casters are very resistant to corrosion. In addition, they stay cooler than metal casters which ultimately mean they will have a longer lifespan when exposed to extreme temperatures in both hot and cold climates.

Common Aluminum Casters Applications

AluminuAluminum Casters for Heavyweight itemsm Casters for Heavyweight items
Heavy Items
Aluminum Casters for Transportation

LW: Aluminum Casters Expert

Aluminum Casters can be utilized in any environment where stability and safety are of the utmost importance.

You can easily install these casters onto your existing wheelchair or other medical equipment, thus increasing their functionality and durability.

Aluminum casters are commonly used in manufacturing and retail environments. The durability of this type of caster makes it an excellent option for apparel stores, bakeries, restaurants, food packaging companies and other businesses that require heavy duty casters.

Aluminum casters are ideal for high traffic areas because they move smoothly over different floor surfaces, including carpeting and concrete. They are also strong enough to withstand heavy loads.

Aluminum Casters are a great choice for anyone looking to move heavy equipment, equipment with extremely high levels of weight, or even something that may be older and not in the best condition.

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