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LW Aluminum connector Production Company

LW is well known for its high quality products and latest manufacturing process. We use aluminum for connectors because it is light in weight but very durable to use for long period of time.

The aluminum connector is used for transmission of is a great choice for you when you want to connect any machine or electrical equipment to a wire.

The aluminum connector is less cheap as compared to copper connectors.Our modern manufacturing techniques are no match. We use latest method to enhance the production of our aluminum connectors

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Classification of Aluminum connector

Aluminum ferrules

Aluminum ferrules

An aluminum ferrule is a type of aluminum connector which works as a protector. Its basic function is to secure the assembled wire is an excellent choice to make loops between wire rope. We use aluminum 6063 alloy while manufacturing these aluminum is a lightweight aluminum connector but that doesn’t mean it’s not good to use /instead it is strong connector which can bear any electricity damage.

Aluminum reducer type terminal ends

This aluminum connector is mostly used for fuse units or ICTP switches. We use 5028 aluminum alloy while making these connectors .these connectors comes in the size of 4Mm sq. You can use the solder or mechanical capture to for its connection. There is also a choice of pin connection it totally depends on how you are conveniently ot which option is suitable for you

Aluminum reducer type terminal ends
Compression type aluminum in-line connector

Compression type aluminum in-line connector

Another significant type of aluminum connector is compression type aluminum in line is a connector which is usually attached with the is connected with the conductor with the help of specific tools and dies. The benefit of theses connector is that it doesn’t require soldering or welding. You do not need a special tool or a device to install these aluminum connector.


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Why LW is your best choice for Aluminum connector?

Guaranteed Quality products

We are the trade mark of quality .you will never regret by choosing us. We manufacture the aluminum connectors with high quality 6063 aluminum alloy. We have a experience of 15 year which is a trademark and guarantee of our quality material.

Assorted Products

LW values its customer. We give high priority to the choice of our clients. You will have the benefit to customize the products according to your preferences. We are providing a huge option for the selection of products .we are not stick to the one and only type ,size or color. You will find a large variety of products in LW

On time delivery

We always send our products at your door step in best short possible time. Our team takes order 24/7 and do their best to deliver it you. Excellent customer care: We have a professional and well-mannered team to entertain you for your quires. our team is always there to help you and guide you while choosing your product.

High level manufacturing process

While manufacturing these stunning and absolutely flawless aluminum connector we use only lasts machinery for it .we know the developing and modern techniques hence we never hesitate to use them in our manufacturing process.

aluminum connector

LW your best choice

Aluminum connector doesn’t come in only one size or color. We have made easy for our customer to choose the size and color.

  • Size of Aluminum connector:

.we are providing you the desired size of aluminum connector. You can customize theses connectors. Our general size of the connector is 6mm.we also offer the size range of the aluminum connector from 1.5 sqmm to 1000sqmm.

  • Color of Aluminum connector:

The grey or silver color is very

suitable for the aluminum connector. You can also customize the connector in black color also.


Application of Aluminum connector

aluminum connector for electrical wiring
Electrical wiring
House wiring
Power grids

LW: The Superior Quality Aluminum connector

LW is well known for its trusted quality. Our 15 year of experience is no match .we manufacture the connector with the aluminum.

It gives the additional benefit to the connector. these aluminum connectors are very light in weight yet strong .

Our 6063 alloy can never be underestimated as it is a strong alloy. These connectors are not difficult to use.

We make them in a way that you feel convenient to install them, you can use it easily in your home also.

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