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LW is a market leader in the production of high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight aluminum construction profiles for today’s most demanding applications. 

LW provides a diverse selection of aluminum building options and aluminum construction profiles to meet a variety of aesthetic and practical requirements. 

Because of our manufacturing knowledge, we can give you with a comprehensive profile for any application, as well as all load-capacity and configuration criteria.

Aluminum construction profiles are designed for your most demanding building needs, from readily constructed window frames to fully bespoke aluminum welded structural profiles with high-quality welding solutions and services. 

Our extensive selection of aluminum construction profiles can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from light-duty items like frame assembly to heavy-duty structural parts.

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Supply Aluminum Construction Profiles

Our aluminum construction profiles provide a wide range of building solutions, from roofing and window frames to exterior cladding and interior joinery.

These are simple to install, of good quality, and may be utilized for a wide range of applications.

There are around 1,000 different aluminum construction profile forms, sizes, and geometries. Their diversity ensures effective adaptability to current economic and technological situations.

The advanced application possibilities of these high-tech aluminum profiles demonstrate their exceptional robustness.

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Why You Should Choose Us As Your Aluminum Construction Profile Manufacturer


We know that you expect nothing less than the best from us, we only supply high-quality aluminum construction profiles. We are ISO-certified and have over fifteen years of expertise creating high-quality items, so you can expect nothing but the best every time you order.

We Make it Right, Fast, and Long Lasting

We created a very efficient production line based on the idea "Make it right, make it fast, make it last." With decades of metalworking knowledge, we designed outstanding aluminum construction profiles that are used on architectural projects all over the world.

We Only Use The Best Materials

Our high-performance aluminum construction profiles are already among the best on the market, and all products are produced by professional automatic machinery in China. We do not employ low-quality raw materials or inexpensive labor. Our lightweight yet strong aluminum construction profiles are produced from highly conductive metal that has been precisely cut to size.

Reasons Why Aluminum Construction Profiles Are Great

The Possibilities Are Endless

Aluminum construction profiles have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them easy to transport and cost effective in the long run. Aluminum profiles will be employed in a variety of commonplace applications. Aluminum construction profiles can be used to make flat roofs, arched roofs, walls, and much more.

Easy to Handle and Durable

Aluminum construction profiles are an appealing alternative to steel, concrete, wood, and glass. They can be used for a variety of building activities. They are not only incredibly corrosion resistant, but also sturdy and simple to handle due to the high-quality aluminum composition. You won’t have a rough time figuring out how to use aluminum construction profiles.

An Array of Customization Options All While Being Lightweight

Aluminum construction profiles are important in building because they allow for lightweight construction. They require little or no upkeep. A lightweight design requires less material to enclose a given surface area. The profile selection provides a wide range of forms and sizes based on the needs of the customer and limited by the maximum permissible dimensions of individual profiles that make up an overall surface area.

Applications Where Aluminum Construction Profiles Are Often Used

Aluminum Construction Profiles for Buildings
Aluminum Construction Profiles for Schools
Aluminum Construction Profiles for Skyscrapers
Aluminum Construction Profiles for Stadiums

LW: Your Source for Perfectly Engineered Aluminum Construction Profiles

LW manufactures high-quality aluminum construction profiles manufactured of high-quality aluminum that will survive the test of time.

 All you have to do is fill out the specifications of what you want your final product to be, and we will supply you with an estimate. 

We’ve been in the business for over a decade, so trust us when we say, “You will not need to replace your goods due to bad craftsmanship.”

Our aluminum construction profiles are built to last for decades. All of our goods are handcrafted and subjected to stringent quality-control processes to ensure that they are not only pleasant to use but also look excellent. 

We provide a wide range of profiles that are intended for usage in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. 

Our aluminum construction profiles are designed to survive tough environments, providing you piece of mind when you buy our products.

Our aluminum construction profiles are fully recyclable. Aluminum is well-known for its great strength, durability, and ease of maintenance. LW’s environmental commitment is extensive, as are the ecologically favorable properties of the aluminum goods sold. 

We make sure that in serving you we don’t forget to be as good to the environment too.

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