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To protect the corners of your home, or other buildings from damage, you should use aluminum corner caps.

They have a wide range of uses, and are often used for landscaping and as decorative additions to add a finishing touch to a house.

We offer our clients these Aluminum and Steel Corner Caps at very affordable prices.

The offered products are widely used in various industries like construction to prevent injury caused due to falling sharp edges on the corners of walls, ceilings, floors and staircases.

Further, our products are ideal for protecting glass windows from damage by cornering equipment or during load handling operations.

Aluminum Corner Caps

Aluminum corner caps are greatly beneficial as they provide protection against unnecessary damage and wear to the edges of walls when furniture, fixtures and other items are being installed.

If you are looking for an easy and budget friendly way to give your pool or patio a modern and stylish look, aluminum corner caps are a great way to do it.

By simply screwing them into holes in the corners of walls, railings, light fixtures, posts and other fixtures, you can add a little glamor to any room. Aluminum corner caps are also very durable!


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Aluminum Corner Caps

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Clear Aluminum Corner Caps
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Colored Aluminum Corner Caps
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Two-Piece Aluminum Corner Caps

LW: Aluminum Corner Caps Expert

We offer more options to our customers.

We offer more options to our customers than any other manufacturer of aluminum corner caps. With so many options, you can find the perfect solution for your project. Our capabilities and product range give us the ability to produce custom designs and solutions to fit your unique needs. We also supply our own comprehensive line of finished aluminum corner caps. Ensure that your products arrive quickly and on time with our dedicated e-commerce shipping team who specialize in providing direct-to-your door shipping solutions for small companies and individuals alike!

Highest quality at the lowest possible price.

We offer you the highest quality aluminum corner caps at the lowest possible price. We have decades of experience in manufacturing aluminum corner caps, and we have built an efficient and reliable supply chain that allows us to deliver a custom product for you cost effectively. Our catalog includes dozens of different colors and finishes, allowing you to design a unique product that inspires your customers to buy!

Producer and distributor of high quality aluminum corner caps.

We produce and distribute high-quality aluminum corner caps at affordable prices. Our product line includes several finishes, such as anodized, powder coated, brushed, and more. We also offer custom products for your manufacturing needs.

Wide range of aluminum corner caps.

We are a top supplier of aluminum corner caps. We have a wide range of aluminum corner caps available in different sizes, shapes and materials to meet the demands of our customers. We make sure that the products we offer to you are durable, reliable and serviceable which do not only provide you with a great product but also enhance the aesthetic value of your building.

Aluminum Corner Caps

Why You Should Utilize Aluminum Corner Caps

Essential part of any home or office.

Aluminum corner caps are an essential part of any home or office. Each aluminum corner cap is 3/4″ deep, with the top side having a radius that allows it to be installed flush with adjoining wall surfaces. These aluminum corner caps can hold up in high traffic areas, as well as provide an attractive finish on the corners of drywall in your home or business. We offer many different finishes, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs

Great replacement for old and worn out aluminum corner moldings.

 Aluminum corner caps are a great replacement for your old, worn out or broken aluminum corner moldings. They come in many different styles to match your home’s look, from a simple square shape to more ornate designs such as rectangular corners and quarter rounds. Whether you need to hide damage to your old trim because it looks better than the new trim you installed or want to give your walls a nice finishing touch, aluminum corner caps are an affordable solution that make any project look higher end.

Common Aluminum Corner Caps Applications

Aluminum Corner Caps for Homes
Aluminum Corner Caps for Businesses

LW: Aluminum Corner Caps Expert

Aluminum corner caps are designed to make your window or door installation process easier. They cover the unsightly edges of cut aluminum profiles and give the overall project a clean look.

Corner caps can also emphasize the design of the profile by contrasting it with bright aluminum on the exposed edge of your window or door.

Aluminum Corner Caps can offer solutions for many different projects. They are easily cut to size with a hacksaw, or pliers.

Corner caps are available in a wide assortment of colors, and can be painted for custom applications in seconds.

Aluminum Corner Caps are engineered to provide an extruded aluminum corner that is durable, strong and can support heavy loads.

The corners are manufactured using different methods so they have a firm structure that is resistant to weathering and corrosion.

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