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New to the market is LW’s aluminum corner extrusion. The feature of this corner is its excellent corrosion resistance, which can prevent most weather conditions from damaging it. This will withstand all damages and is highly resistant to rust, thus ensuring a long-lasting performance.

Its remarkable weather resistance, combined with its exceptional corrosion resistance, makes it very useful everywhere you may use it. Our extrusions are perfect for a variety of purposes, such as in store fixtures and shower enclosures. You can also use them for window frames, elevators, furniture or displays and much more.

Aluminum corner extrusions from LW are built of a high-performance aluminum alloy. The weather extrusion may be utilized both indoors and out. It was created with weather and corrosion resistance in mind, as well as anti-rust and anti-chemical reaction properties, as well as scratch and damage resistance.

This extrusion may be utilized in a variety of sectors, including optical, mechanical, electrical, and household products.Our high-performance aluminum corner extrusions are corrosion resistant and can survive even the harshest conditions. Our design team of highly experienced engineers is committed to creating the best materials available


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Advantages of LW Aluminum Corner Extrusions

Efficiency and Design

LW make sure to create a balanced approach towards manufacturing aluminum corner extrusions by giving attention to both efficiency and design. We understand that aesthetics and efficiency can be both achieved rather than having to exclude one from the other. If you’re looking for a manufacturer that’ll easily help you achieve the perfect mix for aluminum corner extrusions, we’ve got you covered!

Focus on Security

For further corrosion protection, we apply a hot-dip galvanization treatment to all aluminum corner extrusions. Brush, troweled, and powder coating are just a few of the colors and finishes available on our high-performance extrusions. For additional information on any of our aluminum products, please contact us immediately.

Well-Trained Experts

We understand that each company's demands are unique, therefore we provide a comprehensive choice of aluminum corner extrusion solutions to meet all of your commercial construction needs. To protect it from both exterior and interior conditions, this aluminum corner extrusion is coated with an anti-corrosion enamel substance.

Cutting Costs without Cutting Quality

Aluminum corner extrusions are cut to precise measurements, saving you the time and money you'd otherwise spend cutting them yourself. They are appropriate for usage in sites exposed to extreme environmental conditions, such as along the seaside or in industrial zones, because of their corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Corner Extrusion

Advantages of LW Aluminum Corner Extrusions

Fit for All Businesses

Whether it’s rail car production you’re looking for, or a more universal extrusion that can be used in a vast array of applications, our aluminum corner extrusions are a perfect addition to any business. The corrosion resistance and precise fit of our aluminum corners are mathematically optimized for maximum performance.

High-Quality Pieces that Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Aluminum corner extrusions are utilized in both construction and electronics as structural framework. Our extrusions are composed of high-quality extruded aluminum and come in a range of shapes and sizes. We make precise extrusions for a variety of sectors, including construction and electronics, among others, at our world-class production plant.

Common Aluminum Corner Extrusion Applications

Aluminum Corner Extrusion for Electronics
Household Products
Aluminum Corner Extrusion for Buildings

LW: Your Go-To for High-Quality Aluminum Corner Extrusions

Have you ever had trouble paying attention to the smallest things when shopping? Yes, we have! As a result, we’ve opted to keep our prices low while still providing you with high-quality items. We’ve had a lot of success sustaining partnerships throughout the years, demonstrating that our clients can trust us.

We strive to provide the highest quality aluminum corner extrusions to our clients at LW. Our staff is made up of specialists that are committed to listening to your demands and meticulously producing each product that leaves our facility.

LW Aluminum is a leading corporation in the aluminum production sector with a global reputation. LW is committed to building relationships as a provider of many types of aluminum goods.

At LW, we understand that providing excellent service comes first. We pay attention to our clients’ needs and offer a product that will last for many years. Each product is handcrafted by a team of experts to ensure that it reaches the highest standards.

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We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of workmanship. Our staff consists of devoted, detail-oriented specialists that have one goal in mind: to ensure that you receive the best result possible.

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