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LW: Aluminum Cross Expert

Aluminum Cross is aluminum that has been extruded into a cross-shaped bar. These bars are typically square or rectangular in shape, with lengths ranging from a few inches to several feet.

Aluminum Crosses are available in various sizes and configurations, designed to meet the needs of individual projects.

They can be used as interior and exterior trim, construction material framing and support, handrails, kick plates and window mullions.

Aluminum cross is easy to use and provides the best possible results. It might be complicated but it doesn’t require special skills or an experienced person to operate. Aluminum cross is user friendly and affordable too.

We have many aluminum cross options to choose from. We can also provide you with a complete aluminum cross solution including injection molding, sub-contract finish parts, subcontract assembly and even logistics.

We are committed to making your business more efficient and profitable through innovation in technology.

We have been manufacturing aluminum crosses for more than 15+ years. We have consistently delivered high quality aluminum crosses that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful and useful. 

Aluminum Cross

Aluminum Cross is the perfect alternative to common steel or cast iron cross brace designs. The aluminum cross makes a great addition to your shed because it’s lightweight, durable and easy to install.

Aluminum Cross is provided with precision and accuracy. The customers can avail from us the Aluminum cross in different sizes, shapes, colors and finishing.

The aluminum cross is constructed of the highest quality materials and workmanship. The piece is strong and durable, yet flexible enough to be bent into a variety of shapes and positions.


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Latin Aluminum Cross
Latin Aluminum Cross
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Celtic Aluminum Cross
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Budded Aluminum Cross

LW: Aluminum Cross Expert

Leading manufacturer in aluminum cross.

We are the manufacturer of aluminum cross and we are also a leading manufacturer in aluminum cross. We have been serving our customers with quality workmanship and outstanding customer service for many years.

We have many options for aluminum crosses.

Aluminum Cross is one of our best sellers. We can improve on the design for your project and create a flawless polished product that is light, durable and easy to use.

15+ years of experience in the industry.

We have over 15+ years of experience in manufacturing aluminum cross. We are capable of producing customized crosses according to your design and specifications. We can help you create the best design with one of the highest quality in the market. Get started today!

Constant delivery of high quality products

At our facility in China, we use quality materials to create a product that is unmatched in durability, ease of use and beauty. Our aluminum cross is small enough to fit into any space and large enough to convey deep meaning.

Aluminum Cross

Why You Should Utilize Aluminum Cross

Ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Aluminum Cross is the ideal choice for a variety of applications. It’s made with high-quality aluminum and comes in a wide range of finishes, including satin and polished. Aluminum Cross will not corrode or rust, and it’s strong enough to support a sign while still looking sleek and stylish in any environment.

Distinct beautiful look maintaining its popularity.

Aluminum Cross has its own beautiful look, as this is one of our most popular items for its elegant design. The aluminum cross is made of the highest quality material and has a strong construction. It will last a lifetime if properly cared for, or can be passed on as an heirloom. People who use our cross love it because the aluminum design makes it unique from many other crosses available on the market.

Common Aluminum Cross Applications

Aluminum Cross for Churches
Aluminum Cross for Prayer Rooms
Prayer Rooms
Aluminum Cross for Altars

LW: Aluminum Cross Expert

Made from anodized aluminum to resist corrosion, our aluminum cross is a strong, durable and attractive addition to any garden.

The cross is made from two pieces with a natural looking wood finish that is mounted on the top piece of your choice.

An adjustable mounting option allows you to position your cross at multiple heights up to 24 inches tall.

Aluminum cross is an item of religious jewelry that is designed to be worn around the neck. It can also be worn on a bracelet or as an earring, but either way it’s typically found in silver or gold.

When worn by someone who follows Christianity, a cross may symbolize a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and/or membership in one or more Christian denominations. Crosses may also represent beliefs about salvation, redemption or suffering.

Aluminum Cross is crafted from quality materials, ensuring its long-lasting durability. It can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and the cross is weather resistant.

The church bell is made of aluminum and the traditional design will blend seamlessly with any decor. It makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

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