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  • Our aluminum deck framing is strong, durable, and will never fade
  • It outperforms wood decking in so many ways
  • You can effectively use our decking to increase the value of your home

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Aluminum framing is the ultimate deck framing solution and will make your deck look and function as if it was professionally built. 

Aluminum deck framing systems are often used in addition to many other materials. Aluminum can be an integral part of a system or, more commonly, used as a post-beam clip-on. 

Aluminum deck framing provides versatility, durability and ease of installation, making it the perfect solution for any commercial or residential project.

Aluminum deck framing is easier to install, easier to work with, and stronger than wood. 

Aluminum decking is a low-maintenance material that is durable and can outlast other materials.

Aluminum Deck Framing

There’s a reason aluminum deck framing has become so popular. It’s incredibly strong and durable, and it won’t rot or splinter like wood. 

Aluminum framing comes in a variety of styles, including extruded rails and posts, I-beam joists, or T-rail joists.

Aluminum deck framing is the strongest, most durable outdoor framing material available. Aluminum is corrosion resistant and will not rust or corrode, so your deck will look new for years to come. 

It stands up to all weather conditions, can withstand high winds and heavy loads, and won’t split or crack like pressure treated wood. 

Aluminum deck framing systems are easy to assemble, use standard fasteners and require no special tools. 

They’re specifically designed for easy DIY installation by anyone from a homeowner to a professional contractor.

Aluminum Deck Framing


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Aluminum Deck Framing Types

Wraparound Aluminum Deck Framing
Wraparound Aluminum Deck Framing
Multi-TIer Aluminum Deck Framing
Multi-Tier Aluminum Deck Framing
Attached Aluminum Deck Framing
Attached Aluminum Deck Framing
Detached Aluminum Deck Framing
Detached Aluminum Deck Framing
Rootop Aluminum Deck Framing
Rooftop Aluminum Deck Framing
Backyard Aluminum Deck Framing
Backyard Aluminum Deck Framing

LW: Aluminum Deck Framing Experts

Longevity is a guaranteed outcome with our manufacturing processes.

You need aluminum deck framing that’s made to last. It also makes excellent support for components like stair stringers, brackets and posts. Aluminum deck framing is lightweight and easy to install, making it the ideal option for today’s deck builders.

Competitive pricing just for you.

The construction properties of aluminum make it a perfect material for outdoor spaces like decks, porches and patios. We also make sure that this doesn’t have to be exclusive to high-end price tags as we make sure to keep all of our products at a nice affordable price.

Variety is in our catalogs.

Whether you're looking for aluminum tubing, sheet metal, or a combination of all three, our experts can guide you through the steps needed to build a product that meets your design standards while enhancing the look and feel of your home. We are dedicated to providing each customer with absolute piece of mind.

We are an industry leading manufacturer.

Our product is an industry leader in aluminum deck framing. Aluminum deck framing has a wide variety of applications and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. It is often used where wood cannot survive the weather or wear, such as on busy walkways, railings and step treads.

Aluminum Deck Framing

Why You Need to Choose Aluminum Deck Framing

Better than wood in almost all aspects.

When it comes to deck framing, aluminum is the best choice. The aluminum used in our framing products is strong, lightweight and rust resistant. Aluminum is eight times stronger than wood when compared on a weight for weight basis; this means you can build large outdoor structures with minimal material and minimize costs at the same time. 

Best choice for outdoor spaces.

Aluminum deck framing is the best choice for outdoor spaces. Aluminum has a low density and high strength, making it strong but light in weight. Our aluminum deck framing is easy to install, so you’ll be enjoying your new space in no time.

Common Aluminum Deck Framing Applications

Aluminum Deck Framing for the Outdoors
Aluminum Deck Framing for Houses
Aluminum Deck Framing for Buildings
Aluminum Deck Framing for Offices
Aluminum Deck Framing for Schools
Aluminum Deck Framing for Restaurants

LW: Professional Aluminum Deck Framing Experts

Aluminum is the only material with a 50 year guarantee, which means you can count on us for years to come.

With the help of our aluminum deck framing, you can create the deck of your dreams.We offer one-year warranties on all bending and fabrication services and 15 years performance guarantees on all aluminum products.

Choosing the right aluminum deck frame manufacturer warrants a lot of questions and queries that can be quite difficult to answer or seek out the answers. 

The metal also resists weathering and corrosion, which helps ensure decks last longer. This metal does not rot or splinter like wood when exposed to sunlight and moisture.

Here at LW, we make sure that our aluminum deck framing is made of quality materials to last you a lifetime.

Let us help you discover what makes our aluminum deck framing the best choice