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LW Aluminum – the Most Preferred Choice of Aluminum Decking

Aluminum Decking has been functionally used for residential and commercial purposes for the last few years. It is a decking made of extruded aluminum. LW Aluminum has been the leading trademark in the manufacturing and supplying of these decking.

LW Aluminum Decking is more durable as compared to wood and other metals. They are free from the decaying due to moisture or sun exposure. They require the minimum maintenance.

We are honored to offer you high-quality decking at the most reasonable price. Our team of experts and skilled labor render the excellent of their services to make sure that you get nothing but the best.


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Classifications of LW Aluminum Decking

Slip Resistant Aluminum Decking
Slip Resistant Aluminum Decking

This Slip-resistant decking is your long-lasting safety option. It is made from aluminum and rubber inserts to minimize the risk of a person slipping. It is mostly used in homes, restaurants and hotels.

Aluminum Decking for Balconies
Aluminum Decking for Balconies

These non-combustible balcony decking with multiple width and size options are a must for your balconies or terrace. They are ready to install decking with excellent scratch and wear resistance.

Fire Rated Aluminum Decking
Fire Rated Aluminum Decking

The fire-rated decking has 100% aluminum construction with an A2 protective coating to maximize fire safety. It is widely used in homes, schools and public buildings.

Wood-like Aluminum Decking
Wood-like Aluminum Decking

It is appealing to the people who want the finish of wood along with the capability of aluminum. The decking is especially powder-coated to give an effect of wood.

Waterproof Aluminum Decking
Waterproof Aluminum Decking

LW Aluminum takes your comfort level to the next step. We make sure to keep things dry beneath the decking by introducing an interlock waterproof system to prevent water from entering anywhere.

Pontoon Aluminum Decking
Pontoon Aluminum Decking

Aluminum has been the top pick for the decking of the pontoon boat. Our Pontoon decking is made with the finest quality of aluminum to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers.

Marine Aluminum Decking
Marine Aluminum Decking

The marine decking can be used for docks and gangways. In addition to the anti-corrosion and slip-resistant qualities, this decking has the additional capability of heavyweight holding.

Pros of LW Aluminum Decking


Aluminum is considered to be the most durable and low maintenance metal. This is the reason for LW Aluminum Decking to be the most durable and lasting choice of decking you will ever make.

Thermal conductivity

Thanks to its high conductivity, LW Aluminum Decking remains cool in even scorching heat of the summers. You can fearlessly and smoothly walk on it.

A-rated floors

LW Aluminum Decking remains unmelted when exposed to fire and thus is the most widely used decking nowadays. The special powder coating and A-Rated floors make it a great choice to resist flames.

Weather Resistance

LW Aluminum Decking is rustproof. It can’t be affected by rain or snow nor does it crack or splinter like traditional wooden decking. Moreover, it remains unaffected by sun rays.


LW Aluminum Decking is lightweight. But Contrary to its lightweight, LW Aluminum Decking is two to three times stronger than other choices of decking.

Ease in cleaning

There are no hard and fast cleaning techniques to clean the LW Aluminum Decking. You are just recommended to clean it with soapy water and your decking is sparkling as it is new.

Specification of LW Aluminum Decking

  • Standard Size

The standard length of LW Aluminum Decking is 12, 16, 20 and 24 feet respectively. The standard width is 5 to 9 inches and the thickness varies from 1 to 3 inches. (Sizes can be customized according to order)

  • Additional Features

In addition to the mentioned advantages, LW Aluminum Decking gives you the additional benefit of;

  • Stain and Dust Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Salt Resistance
  • High-Quality Powder Coating

 Application of LW Aluminum Decking

Aluminum Decking for Backyard
Aluminum Decking for Balconies
Aluminum Decking for Boats and Pontoons
Aluminum Decking for Boathouses
Swimming Pool
Aluminum Gazebo for Garden
Aluminum Gazebo for Backyard
Aluminum Decking for Boathouses
Aluminum Decking for Restaurants
Aluminum Decking for Docks
Aluminum Decking for Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

LW Aluminum- the Globally Eminent Name in Aluminum Manufacturing and Supplying

We manufacture Aluminum decking that fits almost your every decking space. We further cut and mold the decking in any shape and form according to your preferred specifications.

LW Aluminum uses aluminum 6005-T5 and T6 series for the decking. We strive to be your trusted one-stop solution from selection and customization to purchase and timely delivery of your selected decking.

Our new-age innovation in decking has been proven the smartest choice you can make.so what are you waiting for? Get a quote now.

Feel free to visit our site and explore the extensive range of Aluminum decking to give your imagination a new sky to fly in.

High Quality Aluminum Decking Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Are you planning a new exotic project with an aluminum deck, it definitely will uplift the look, isn’t it? Aluminum decking is the most beautiful and durable option to grab.

Would you like to have an aluminum deck in bulk?

You must be having several questions in your mind and this FAQ Guide could help you much in answering all your questions with clear understanding.

Aluminum Decking – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Is Aluminum Good For A Deck?

Yes, aluminum will be a very suitable option for a deck. However, when getting it installed every single material you plan to buy would have its own pros and cons.

Aluminum is a very durable material and when it comes to choosing an aluminum deck you could rest assured that it would last much longer being an extremely durable choice.

Is Aluminum Good for a Deck

Is Aluminum Good for an Aluminum Deck

Does Aluminum Decking Get Hot?

It does get hot to a certain extent, if exposed to extreme sunlight all day along. However, if you choose a lighter color of aluminum deck it would not absorb as much heat as other decking materials do.

In comparison to other kinds of materials used, aluminum decking has proven to be a better solution that it won’t get as hot as other options do, also certain precautionary measures may be taken to avoid it.

Does Aluminum Deck Gets Hot

Does Aluminum Deck Get Hot

How to Build an Aluminum Deck?

Building an aluminum deck will require some effort and materials in the first place, many people choose to build their own aluminum deck as a DIY project, and however, professionals may also be hired.

Here we have suggested a few steps that are much beneficial in case of having your aluminum decks built.

  • Installation of Brackets

The very first thing that you will need is to install the floor brackets at first. Make sure they are installed on a leveled floor in upward direction. Before installing them, mark positions to make sure the distance is even.

  • Inserting Leg Support

In the upward bracket, you will now be installing the leg support with the help of bolts; this would give a platform for the entire aluminum deck to stand over.

  • Fixing the Angles

On each of the leg supports, you will have to install an angle with the help of bolts to make sure they are screwed properly and are tight enough to hold the weight of the deck.

  • Edge and Center Support

With the help of aluminum thick rod brackets, you will be required to set up support. Make sure to secure these support rods with the angles in the middle part, also secure it with screws on the edging as borders.

  • Installing the Final Plates

Once your structure base is ready you can one by one install the aluminum plates for the deck by securing them with the support blocks with the help of a screw, and your deck is all set to use.

Building an Aluminum Deck

Building a Deck

How to Clean Aluminum Decking?

Cleaning an aluminum deck is not much difficult, also it is durable so cleaning won’t harm it in any way, and you can follow these given steps and easily clean your aluminum deck keeping it shining.

  • The very first thing that you should do when starting with cleaning is to remove all the dirt and debris over the deck; you can do that by rinsing it with water.
  • Now make a solution of water and a neutral mild detergent, splash it on the deck properly.
  • Using a soft bristle brush, you can rub away the solution making lather and clean the surface properly.
  • In the end rinse, the entire deck with water and your aluminum deck is all ready to shine as a new one.

Cleaning Aluminum Deck

Cleaning an Aluminum Deck

How to Install Aluminum Decking?

Installation of aluminum deck is pretty easy, if you have a structure ready for the deck to be installed you can easily fix the aluminum deck plates over the structure with the help of screws.

In case if the structure is not ready you can either make a wooden based structure or use your concrete floor and create block posts over which you will be installing these aluminum deck plates.

Installation of Aluminum Deck

Installation of Aluminum Deck

Where to Buy Aluminum Decking?

China is known to offer the best and the most progressive collection of aluminum decks globally. You can easily choose the right kind of aluminum deck material in bulk quantity.

LW offers a wide variety of different styles and colors of aluminum deck and by simply having a look at our website you can make your choice and have your aluminum deck installed in no time.

Can You Paint Aluminum Decking?

Yes, aluminum decks can be painted. However, the best approach of painting an aluminum deck is to use a powder coating instead of the usual spray paint or oil paint.

Powder coating is a technique where powder color is mixed with resin and other chemicals and this mixture is introduced in a spray gun through which the aluminum deck is then painted.

Painting Aluminum Deck

 Painting an Aluminum Deck

Can You Put A Deck Roof Over An Aluminum Deck?

Yes! In most cases, you can add a deck roof over your aluminum deck. However, in order to achieve this you have to first add support columns in the structure and over it; you can get the roof installed.

Always make sure that the support you have added is sufficiently capable of holding the weight of the roof. In addition, the installation process should be strong enough so that you are at peace that your installation is perfect.

Roofing over an Aluminum Deck

Deck Roofing over Aluminum Deck

Does Aluminum Decking Scratch Easily?

If your aluminum deck is painted using a powder coat you need not to worry about the scratches at all, this powder coating is a protective layer that keeps the aluminum deck scratch free.

Many people get their aluminum deck painted using the usual oil paint and this may cause scratches to take the place easily. Most of the aluminum decks are powder coated and hence one may easily avoid scratches.

However, you should be careful and still use a soft piece of cloth or a soft bristle brush while cleaning the aluminum deck, as too hard scrubbing may cause scratches to take place.

Scratching of Aluminum Deck

 Does Aluminum Deck Scratch?

Does Anyone Make Solar Post Caps For Aluminum Decking?

Yes, solar post caps for your aluminum deck can be made and prove to be a very suitable choice enhancing the look of the entire aluminum deck.

The best thing about having these solar post caps in place is that at night when the deck is used these caps light up and offer you a better experience of using the aluminum deck for sitting, walking and spending time.

Solar Post Caps for Aluminum Decking

Solar Post Cap for Aluminum Decking

How Long Does Aluminum Decking Last?

Aluminum is one of the most durable materials to be used for building up decks. People get aluminum decks installed because they know that it is highly durable and won’t rust or are corroded over time.

Most of the aluminum decks once installed may be used for years and years however, one thing that you should be sure of is, do not mix it with other materials, do not use a base of wood and deck of aluminum.

If you use steel screws and bolts to fix in the aluminum decks, the rust on steel might wear out your aluminum deck as well. Hence, the best approach is to use stainless steel screws and bolts.

If you take relevant precautions at the time of installation of the aluminum deck, you can easily have it in a usable state for years and years with no rusting or corrosion.

Aluminum is also water and moisture proof, hence, it won’t cause mold or mildew to grow and therefore this keeps the aluminum deck in good shape for a long time.

Also, make sure to invest into the aluminum deck that is powder coated, such aluminum decks are also free from fading and scratching and hence the quality of the aluminum decks stays maintained in longer run.

How to Assemble Aluminum Decking Around a 15x30 Oval Pool?

In order to assemble aluminum deck around a 15×30 oval pool you can follow the below suggested steps:

  • The first thing that you should keep in mind when assembling a deck around an oval pool is to start fitting as closely as possible.
  • You will need concrete blocks, since a 15×30 pool is an above ground pool you will need sufficient height before you start installing the aluminum decks.
  • Start marking the positions and placing these concrete blocks surrounding the pool and fix in galvanized brackets in each of the blocks, make sure they face upwards.
  • Take your aluminum plates and start fixing them with the screws in the brackets. It is preferable to use stainless steel screws and bolts so that you can protect the aluminum deck from rust marks.
  • After you have sorted and fixed all these aluminum deck plates in the form of poles, start creating a structure over them, by fixing the aluminum plates in horizontal direction as a layer over the poles.
  • Make sure to even add a border of the aluminum deck at the same time and this will make your entire structure ready.
  • Now, over this structure you will finally be fitting the aluminum deck sheets by fitting them with the aluminum deck plates.

This is how you can easily line up your entire aluminum deck surrounding an oval pool; it is pretty easy to do with the right tools.

Aluminum Decking Around Oval Pool

Aluminum Decking Around Oval Pool

How to Build a Wall on Aluminum Deck?

To ensure your privacy you might wish to install a wall around your aluminum deck; this may be in the form of a fence rail or panels whatever you are comfortable with and it can be built in the following way:

  • You will need screws, brackets, bolts and a drilling machine along with block posts and rails or panels to install a wall on your aluminum deck.
  • The  first thing to do is to make the positions to install the fence posts at first, after marking these points with even distance you should now start drilling the holes and fixing these posts with brackets.
  • When your fence posts are fixed, now if you want panels, you can take them or if you want rails, you can take those to be lined in between these posts, screw them in between the block posts.
  • Your brackets would have screw holes drilled already and if your posts need them, you can drill them using your drilling machine.

Wall around Aluminum Deck

Wall around Aluminum Decking

How To Care For Powder Coated Aluminum Decking?

Powder coated aluminum decks are the finest decks to have for many reasons; among them, its low maintenance is also a quality that admires people.

When you install a powder coated aluminum deck you can be rest assured that you don’t have to worry much about caring for it. The basic cleaning would be sufficient at certain intervals to keep it up to the mark.

However, make sure, when you are cleaning such decking, you’re using a non-abrasive detergent and with this, the piece of cloth or brush used for cleaning must also not be very harsh, it should be soft.

It is very important to keep your aluminum deck clean at all times, make sure to remove all the dirt and debris timely and also wash it every now and then so that it looks new every time.

How to Cut Aluminum Decking?

You can always cut aluminum deck using a miter saw, if you don’t have a miter saw you can use a saw blade too but make sure it is non-ferrous and is carbide tipped so that it doesn’t damage the material.

Moreover, it is suggested to have a metal file with you during the cutting process so that you can file down the pointed edges during the cutting process. You can follow these steps while cutting the aluminum deck.

  • Sharpen the Tool

First of all, make sure that your tool is sharp enough to cut the aluminum deck plates instantly so that no unfinished ends are left behind.

  • Take Measurements

Mark the points by taking proper measurements of how much of the aluminum plates you need to cut; you can mark these points using a marker.

  • Prepare yourself

Now, before you start cutting these plates make sure you are wearing your gloves and your eyes are covered too so that you stay protected against the tiny pieces of aluminum that might release during the cutting process.

  • Cut Down Aluminum Plates

Now, keeping the top of the saw on the plates of aluminum cut down the aluminum plates for your aluminum deck.

Cutting Aluminum Decking

Cutting Aluminum Decking

How Much Is Aluminum Decking?

Aluminum deck is not a cheaper option to look into; it is a very expensive kind of decking mainly because of its quality of being long lasting and low maintenance.

As far as the material required for an aluminum deck is concerned it may range between $20 to $50 per square foot, and the contractor may charge about $4 to $8 per square foot.

However, you can save the installation costs by installing the aluminum deck on your own, but this could be a tricky process and needs sufficient expertise.

What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Decking?

Aluminum decks are considered to be beneficial for many reasons; a few of the advantages that you may enjoy by installing aluminum deck may include the following:

  • The very first benefit of having an aluminum deck is the fact of investing in an asset that will last much longer than other materials.
  • The powder coated aluminum deck is rust free and does not corrode or fade out; that means you don’t have to worry about its maintenance and the associated expenses at all.
  • Aluminum deck would never be impacted because of moisture, hence you are free from the hassle of worrying about mold or mildew and so it proves to be a suitable option when installed around a pool.
  • Aluminum decks don’t get much hot to touch, even if exposed to sun they will absorb a mild heat only that won’t harm you when touching.
  • Aluminum deck may be installed in several styles and designs, if you want a wooden look in an aluminum deck you can easily get that too.
  • Aluminum decks are sturdy, they don’t break down or chip off easily hence it is suitable to walk without any fear. Specially, if installed as a terrace it proves to be very strong and safe.

Is Aluminum Decking Waterproof?

Yes, aluminum decks are waterproof. It is one of the most desirable properties of aluminum decks that they are waterproof and hence no matter what conditions they are subjected to, they won’t wear out.

Certain other materials may also be waterproof but sooner or later they do tend to wear out due to impacts caused by water, sometimes termites, mild, mold and the quality also deteriorates specially if it is wood.

Therefore, due to this quality of aluminum decking being waterproof allows people to have a suitable and long lasting option.

 Is Aluminum Decking Waterproof

Is Aluminum Decking Waterproof

How Do I Keep My Aluminum Boat Deck Cool?

There are different ways that may help you keep your aluminum boat deck cool a few of which are laid below:

  • You can install a roof shade over your boat’s aluminum deck that keeps it cool.
  • You can also wash it with cold water on a hot sunny day to keep its temperature under control.
  • Having a carpet spread over the aluminum deck of the boat is also a solution to keep it cool.

Although the aluminum decks that are powder coated do not absorb much heat but maybe on a very sunny day they might get a little hot and you may follow these tips to control that.

Is Aluminum Decking Cheaper Than Wood?

No, an aluminum deck is expensive as compared to wood. Wood is considered to be the cheapest form of decking at its upfront; however, wooden decks demand a high level of maintenance.

This back and forth maintenance demanded by wood may in the longer run make it an expensive option and also you may need to replace it earlier due to its lack of durability.

Whereas, in the case of an aluminum deck it would cost you a lot upfront but it is a low maintenance deck and hence you don’t have to worry about its durability and maintenance expense much.

Is Aluminum Decking Cheaper than Wood

Is Aluminum Decking Cheaper than Wood?

What Is Aluminum Decking?

Aluminum deck serves the same purpose as any other deck would, like it may be an aluminum based part attached to your garden, terrace or around a swimming pool.

However, in comparison to other materials, an aluminum deck would prove to be a better choice due to its property of being sturdy and long lasting.

Aluminum is a lightweight and non-corrosive material that has a long life span and may be a very comfortable option in terms of being installed as a deck.

Even if you don’t like the look of aluminum as a deck you can have it painted in a look of wood, this option is available due to powder coat paint on aluminum deck.

Is Aluminum Decking Noisy?

Yes! Aluminum deck may be noisy at times. This could be one of the drawbacks of aluminum decking among so many positive sides it has.

Aluminum deck makes noise when someone with heavy shoes or heavy feet walk on it, even if someone runs over aluminum deck it could cause a lot of sound that many people might not find comfortable.

On the other hand, if so many people at once walk on an aluminum deck it makes a lot of noise, which may be bothersome.

 Is aluminum Decking Noisy

Is Aluminum Decking Noisy?

Is Aluminum Decking Slippery?

Not really, aluminum decks may be very much suitable when it comes to walking comfortably over a deck. If you compare aluminum decks with the rest of the materials, you may find them slippery but not aluminum.

However, if you are installing an aluminum deck in a place where snowfall is common, you may find your aluminum deck slippery due to the formation of ice and snow layers and you have to be careful in that.

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