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LW: Durable Aluminum Dock Frames

If you are the owner, manager or a dock worker at a marina, you know just how important it is to have the best materials possible on hand to make your general day-to-day work easier.

If this is your goal, then choosing aluminum dock frames as an option for your facility will be a great choice. Below are some of the many benefits that these frames offer you.

Aluminum Dock Frames are of interest to boat owners, because they are durable and do not rust. 

Use them to improve the functionality of your boat docking dock, create a good area in which your boat can operate with ease and comfort, provide better security, and protect your investment. 

If this sounds like something that would be useful as part of your business operations or general recreational activities, then we recommend you look into Aluminum Dock Frames and their advantages here at LW.

Aluminum Dock Frame

Aluminum is a great material for almost any outdoor area. Not only is it lighter and more durable than steel, but it also requires fewer components to assemble. 

Because most aluminum dock frames are made from extruded aluminum, they rarely require tedious assembly work. You can simply bolt them together and they’re ready to be used. 

They’re also far easier to transport than steel frames, which means you can move them around as needed without having to hire anyone for assistance.

Aluminum dock frames are ideal for transporting your boat and keeping it safe in the water. 

Aluminum is a lightweight material that makes it easy to lift and transport your boat, but it’s also durable enough to last through years of transport.

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LW: Aluminum Dock Frame Experts

Superb quality control over any manufacturer.

Our aluminum sliding frame experts have over 15 years of experience, having worked in all aspects of the industry before starting their own business. We take pride in our vertically integrated manufacturing facility because it gives us more control over quality and ensures that each product is built to last.

High-quality raw materials.

LW only purchase new aluminum, which is then cut, bent, welded and finished by hand to ensure only the best quality. All of our frames also come with a limited lifetime warranty, meaning you don’t have to worry about them rotting or rusting before their time.

Competitive prices due to in-house experts.

We build our frames with aluminum to ensure strength, durability, and longevity. Because we manufacture our products in-house, we have a higher level of quality control ensuring you will receive a better product at a lower price than most other manufactures out there.

Customize your order.

We are a professional aluminum sliding dock frame manufacturer, who provide high quality products at reasonable prices. We specialize in the production of customized and standard aluminum docks, like marine docks, floating docks and floating stairs etc.

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Why You Should Be Using Aluminum Dock Frame

Built to last.

 Aluminum dock frames are built to last. Aluminum is stronger than steel, meaning that it will hold heavier loads for longer periods of time. What’s more, aluminum dock frames provide greater stability with less maintenance than steel kits. They cost less to ship and arrive at your facility in good condition; they’re also easier to handle when setting up.

Make your docks more secure.

The most important piece of equipment you need to make your dock safe, sturdy and functional is the framework. This series of aluminum dock frames is lightweight and easy to work with.  The aluminum tube creates a strong base for any dock construction project and these frames are available in a variety of sizes.

Common Aluminum Dock Frame Applications

Aluminum Dock Frame for Seaside Applications
Seaside applications.
Aluminum Dock Frame for Lighthouses

LW: Why We Are Aluminum Dock Frame Manufacturing Experts

We understand that there are many options for dock frames, which is why we work hard to bring you the best possible products. 

The materials we use to manufacture our aluminum dock frames are the best on the market. Since our company is a leader in aluminum dock frame production.

Our aluminum dock frames are made to last and are manufactured with high quality materials. They are designed to hold weight, while allowing boats to be easily moved in and out of the water.

 Aluminum Dock Frame is a premier supplier for commercial and residential dock frames, dock bumpers, and marine accessories. 

We offer excellent service and low prices on dock hardware and parts for any boat size.