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LW Aluminum Dock Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW is one of the best lightweight aluminum suppliers from China. We deal with variety of aluminum extrusions, aluminum profile systems and aluminum docks. Our brand is widely known for the best manufacture and customization services of aluminum made products.

We have the best team that has helped us become an ISO certified company. Our Aluminum Docks are available in unique designs. They are used for almost everywhere in the world. We ensure you to provide quality products with great weather resistance and anti-corrosion properties. 

This makes us the most preferred for constructing aluminum docks as they are meant to be installed near water surfaces. Our products are long lasting and you can get the free samples to check their quality before buying. 

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LW Aluminum Docks

Classification of Aluminum Dock

Sectional Aluminum Dock
Sectional Aluminum Dock

These docks are installed in water with the help of legs. They are easy to assemble and easy to remove whenever you want. They can also be stored after removal in winters.

Wheel in aluminum dock
Wheel-in Aluminum Docks

These docks also contain legs but they differ from sectional aluminum docks is that they have wheels installed on the legs. The wheels makes it easier to move them in and out of water whenever you want.

Floating Aluminum Dock
Floating Aluminum Docks

    These docks are not installed inside the water rather they float on water surface. There are floating devices installed underneath them that helps the float over water. These are the good choice for areas where water level changes like sea.


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Advantages of LW Aluminum Dock Manufacturers and Suppliers

Eminent Experts Team

Our LW aluminum product experts are eminent in designing any type of aluminum made products. We can manufacture all designs of aluminum docks maintaining their quality as well.

Get all of the requirements under one roof

LW provides all of your requirements under one roof. We deal with all kinds of aluminum products and provide before and after delivery services.

Brilliant Quality

LW supplies the best quality aluminum products throughout the world. We have the brilliant quality aluminum docks that are used for variety of applications.

Good Services for Customers

LW team keep in touch with the customers day and night. We provide them with all the information about the products and get their doubts clear anytime. You can also book your product whenever you want. Our fast delivery services saves the time of our customers.

Finishing Choices

LW provides various finishing choices to the customers. Our team can treat the products with electrophoresis, milling, sand blasting, anodizing, powder coating, PVDF coating etc

Deep-Processing available

LW can provide their customers with deep processing services. Our team is expert in all processing techniques like punching, milling, cutting, bending, tapping, drilling etc.

Aluminum Dock

Expert Aluminum Dock Suppliers

LW is called a one-stop shop as it provides all the services to its customers under one roof. We tailor aluminum docks in all the sizes, designs and colors of your choice. 

  • Customized designs:

We can manufacture any shape and design of aluminum docks on customer’s request. We have a variety of designs available for our each and every product. You can choose any kind of product you want.

  •  Different color choices:

LW can customize products in color of your choice. We have a catalogue of various standard and customized colors for you to choose. The standard colors include black, white, silver, golden, bronze, champagne etc.

  • Get any Size:

We can customize our products in any size you want. We provide products for all residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Customize your product in any size of your choice.

Applications of Aluminum Docks

Aluminum Dock for Lake
Aluminum dock for sea
Aluminum dock for boat harbor
Aluminum dock for marina

A bulk of Aluminum Dock Suppliers WorldWide

LW is an aluminum industry that deals with provision of aluminum made products worldwide. We have an experience of 15 years in manufacture and supply of aluminum products like aluminum dock. We also provide ODM & OEM to our customers.

Aluminum docks are widely used for loading and unloading of materials near water surfaces. They also provide a platform or area to stand near water. They are also called deck over water. They are used in lakes, beaches and ports etc.

Standing aluminum docks are  the docks that are anchored inside the water through legs. They are called standing because they does not float on water. They are easily removable docks.

We have Quality Control department that strictly monitors the quality of our products. Our R & D department customizes unique designs and colors of the products. Our customers from all over the world are satisfied with our manufacture and delivery services. 

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Custom Aluminum Docks Supplier

Are you looking for the finest collection of aluminum docks to enhance the space you have undertaken to build?

Alternatively, do you want some amazing aluminum docks for your dock installation business?

Well, we have got you covered; you can get an answer to all your queries in our guide below.

Aluminum Docks – Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do Aluminum Docks Get Hot?

No, it doesn’t! You must be surprised to know about this but honestly, when it comes to choosing the best quality powder coated aluminum dock, it won’t get hot at all.


Even if the sun shines, you can easily walk on an aluminum dock barefoot without feeling the heat. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat but powder-coated docks don’t let it heat up and keep it cool.

Do Aluminum Dock Get Hot?

Do Aluminum Dock Get Hot?

How Much Is An Aluminum Dock?

The price of an aluminum dock will be somewhere between $200 to $400 per square meter depending upon the kind and style chosen.

This amounts to the material cost only and installation is charged separately.

How To Clean Aluminum Dock?

Aluminum dock is pretty easy to clean and by using simple homemade ideas, you can easily get yourself a sparkling clean dock.

  • Daily Cleaning

If you are looking for a way to have daily, cleaning of your aluminum dock you can do that by way of removing all the dirt and debris first and then using a solution of mild soap and water, you can wash your aluminum dock.

Make sure to rinse with clean water in the end, the application of soap solution can be done using a soft bristle brush or a sponge.

  • Stain Cleaning

In case if your aluminum dock has been caught up with some stains you may do the stain cleaning easily using a mixture of water and vinegar in the ratio of 1:1 and apply it on the dock gently rub and wash with clean water.


In case if the stain is still there, take a lemon and sprinkle some salt on it, rub it gently on the stained area and it is totally clean and sparkling now, wash with clean water and your dock all is all new.

Cleaning an Aluminum Dock

Cleaning Aluminum Dock

How To Install Aluminum Dock?

The installation process of an aluminum dock is pretty easy, you can follow the below given steps and it installed:

  • Installing the Ground Bracket Post

The very first step to do away with the task of installing the aluminum dock is to install the mounting posts that have to be installed on the ground. This you do by mounting it properly with the brackets installed in the ground.

  • Apply Side Hinge

Now, you will have to mount the side hinge, although this step is optional but if you fix it, your aluminum dock would have an added support that is good for it.

  • Fixing the Water dock

Measure the water depth properly, and position the post in the leg lock, adjust the length as per the dock height and fix with screws.

  • Aligning the Dock

Now, bring the dock from shore and align it with the hinges, install the sections of aluminum dock, tie a rope on the hinge at the end of the leg dock and gently slide it to the water part with the help of a rope.

  • Installing Panels

Now repeat the same process and one after the other start adding the panels by aligning them with the hinges and level the dock as per your requirement by pulling the panel upwards from the post legs.

  • Adding the Rails

If you wish to add side rails on the dock, you can add that by first fixing the posts of rails with the dock using brackets and adding the aluminum rails on the edges of the aluminum dock.

This is how you can easily install an aluminum dock for marine activities.

Installing an aluminum Dock

Installing an Aluminum Dock

How To Anchor An Aluminum Dock?

The best way to anchor aluminum dock is using the criss cross way and this may be done in the below given two steps:

  • First, you need to attach a long chain on the right side of the dock, you need to fix this chain on its anchors on the right and then move it to the left side.
  • In the second step, fix that same chain on the anchor given on the left side and again bring it back to the right and fix in the anchor.

This approach is suitable for both kinds of aluminum docks be they floating ones or standing ones.

Anchoring Aluminum Dock

Anchoring Aluminum Dock

How To Build An Aluminum Dock?

To build an aluminum dock you may need to have the essential tools like a screwdriver, a drilling machine, screws and bolts, and the aluminum dock material.

You can follow the below given steps and build an aluminum dock with it.

  • First of all, you are required to create a frame, in order to do this take the long pieces of aluminum dock plates and cut them equally depending upon the size of dock you need.
  • Measure the same size as of frame’s length and cut another center support with the same length as of frame.
  • Now, cut down the width of the aluminum frame, this depends upon how wide the aluminum dock you need.
  • Attach the ends of the frame with one another, to do that you need to drill the holes on the edges and fix the ends with the bolts.
  • Once the frame is ready, you can add the center support in the same length as of the frame but exactly in the middle. This is also done using bolts.
  • Now, start adding the panels on both the sides by dividing the aluminum dock plates into two using the same width as of the frame.
  • To install the panels you will need to screw them with the center support.

This is how you can build an aluminum dock and to install it you have to add pole legs to the frame, which is then used to help the dock stand.

Building an Aluminum Dock

 Building Aluminum Dock

How Deep Can An Aluminum Dock Work?

In case of installing a stationary aluminum dock, the depth of it should be between 1 to 8 feet from the point of transition at the bottom of the lake.

How To Install Mooring Whips On Aluminum Dock?

You will need to install mooring whips on the aluminum dock to keep the boats secure with the edge. You can install it using the below suggested steps:

  • First of all, take a flush mount and on the edge where you want to fix the mooring whip mark the points to drill for screws.
  • On the marked point start drilling and once done with it secure the mount with the help of screws.
  • Fix the pipe of the mooring whip in the mount hole and pass a rope from the whip.
  • You will have two ends of the rope, one will be tied to the ship and one will be fixed in the cleats that you will install on the whip pipe.

This is how you may easily install the mooring whips and this will allow you to have your boats secured when not in use.

Installing Mooring Whips

Installing Mooring Whips

How To Remove An Aluminum Dock?

In order to remove the aluminum dock the best thing is to have a dock removal tripod.

  • You need to fix the hook of this tripod to the section of dock you need to remove.
  • Once the hook is fixed with the hinge of the dock, you can pull the rope back with the machine and your dock will be upright.
  • Remove the upright dock from the hinge it was previously aligned with and take the dock back.

Removing an Aluminum Dock

 Removing an Aluminum Dock

How To Repair Aluminum Dock?

Repairing an aluminum dock may be something you might not need too frequently, however still if you do, there may be two situations that demand repairs in case of an aluminum dock.

  • Broken Aluminum Dock

In case if the aluminum dock has breakage from any of the points, which is very rare because aluminum is a very strong material, but, still if you have then you may need to weld that point back and it is good to go.

  • Lack of Stability

Another thing that may require repairs with the aluminum dock is the lack of stability. Aluminum docks may be loose or out of level in many cases and for this, you might need to work with the adjustments of the posts.

Repairing an Aluminum Dock

 Repairing an Aluminum Dock

How To Replace Wood On Aluminum Dock

If the wooden walkway part on the aluminum dock has rotten, away you may need to replace it and for this, you should follow these steps:

  • First of all, you need to remove the rotten parts of the wood, for this you may need to hammer them out or if fixed with a nail take that nail off to remove those parts.
  • Now, measure the area of panels and how long and wide each wooden panel should be to be installed in your aluminum dock frame.
  • After you are done with measuring and marking, cut down the panels and drill the holes in them.
  • Now, screw the panels back with the help of rivets back in the frame using a screwdriver.

How To Rivet Wood To Aluminum Docks?

To rivet wood to aluminum docks the most important thing to have is an aluminum pop rivet, this will help you in fixing your wooden panels to the aluminum docks.

To fix these aluminum pop rivets you need to first keep them at the point of fixation and marked so that you can drill the holes.

Now you can fix these rivets using a screwdriver with the help of screws introduced between your wooden panels and aluminum dock frame.

Repairing an Aluminum Dock

Repairing an Aluminum Dock

How To Secure An Aluminum Dock?

In order to secure your aluminum dock the most important aspect is to have them fixed with the concrete anchors, these are the best options.

In addition, you can make use of a galvanized chain and weights so that your dock stays intact with the ground. You can introduce the galvanized chains in a crisscross way to secure your aluminum dock.

Securing an Aluminum Dock

Securing an Aluminum Dock

What Kind Of Aluminum Do They Make Docks With?

Marine grade aluminum is used usually to make aluminum docks.

This grade of dock is very much suitable to be installed in the form of an aluminum dock and is capable of holding the pressure from the water and sun at the same time.

Do Aluminum Docks Often Need Repairs?

No! Aluminum is the only kind of material that requires very less repairs. You can use aluminum docks for years and years and they do not wear out.

The quality of aluminum is top notch, they are light in weight, and they are free from rust and corrosion and are very strong.

Therefore, the hassle of repairs is almost zero; however, accidentally sometimes it may be needed.

Are Aluminum Docks Good?

Yes, aluminum docks are very good. They are very durable and strong. The biggest benefit is that they are light in weight and hence safe, easy to install and remove as well.

Moreover, there is no hassle of getting away with the aluminum docks; one may be rest assured that they will last longer with no rusting, no rotten parts or corrosion.

They are easy to clean and maintain, moreover, they don’t get hot even on a bright sunny day since they have powder coated aluminum making.

Are Aluminum Docks Good?

 Are Aluminum Docks Good ?

How Long Does An Aluminum Dock Last?

Aluminum docks may last for a period of more than 30 years provided that you take care of them.

When it comes to maintaining aluminum docks nothing much is required just the basic care is enough to maintain them.

Could I Custom Aluminum Dock?

Yes definitely, customizing an aluminum dock is always a very good idea and will give you a luxurious vibe. Every single step taken on a customized dock will make you feel good about your aesthetic sense.

Many people look forward to customizing their aluminum dock and them come up with great outcomes that are pretty durable and nice looking.

Are Aluminum Docks Safe or Dangerous?

In case of safety, aluminum docks are perfect. Hence, when it comes to installing aluminum docks you can be rest assured that you won’t face any kind of problem.

Aluminum docks are lightweight and have no chance of rotting away hence this allows them to last for years and years and keeps them away from accidents.

What Should be the Height of Aluminum Dock?

The height of the aluminum dock should be about 13 to 18 inches above the water height. This is the safest and the ideal height to have for an aluminum dock.

Height of Aluminum Dock

Height of Aluminum Dock

Is Aluminum the Best Material to Build a Dock?

Aluminum has become a very commonly chosen material these days to choose for making a dock. It has a lot of impressive properties that tend to provide for ease.

Since it is durable, many people prefer having hands on an aluminum dock.

Is Aluminum Suitable for Floating Dock or Standing Dock?

Aluminum is a very suitable material for both kinds of docks, no matter whether your dock is floating or standing one, aluminum is going to serve both the purposes very well.


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