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LW Aluminum Door Frame Production Company

LW Aluminum door frame is made with modern techniques. Aluminum door frames are made with fittings and brackets. 

We provide the best quality aluminum that is transformed into amazing door frame .LW Aluminum door frames are used for different construction application. 

We made it according to your priorities in different shapes. Our 15 years of experience is our quality sign.

Our competent team can provide constructive services as well. We also give offer free samples. We examine our products before and after manufacturing for their famed quality. We offer to deliver it in a very short time.

Contact us to customize your product according to your choice.

closed aluminum door frame
Aluminum closed Door Frame

One of the specialty of closed aluminum door frame is it consist of upright parts like head and side jambs. These aluminum closed door frame are made for protection of a home from outside dust particle etc.

glazing panel aluminum door frame
Aluminum Glazing Panel Door frame

As the name glazing shows that these aluminum door frames are designed in a way to glass of the main feature of these aluminum glazing door frame is it give excess sunlight from outside because of glass curtain.

Aluminum inward and outward opening Door Frame

Before choosing the door frame it is important to know that inward  opening aluminum door frame are that frame in which door will open by oscillate towards inside and outward opening aluminum door frame are the one which can only be open inward stance.

Aluminum Open Door Frame

These aluminum door frame are designed in a very special way that sill is not used in the base of open aluminum door frame. Upright parts are combined together to make open door frame.

Aluminum Pocket Door frame

Aluminum pocket door frames are mostly use in adjourned space where lack of space is present.these door frames are sliding as hinged is not used in its making.


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Why You Should Choose LW for Manufacturing of Aluminum Door Frame

LW Provides Reliable Quality Products

Usage of standard material is our uniqueness. Our expert team deeply checks the manufacturing process till end

LW prefers your choice

Our trained team customize the client`s desired product. Aluminum door frames can be tailored according to customer choice.

LW provides speedy shipping

Another benefit of choosing LW is we offer fast shipping 24/7. Our professional team takes order anywhere around the world and ship it in a possible mean time. Demo product shipment is also offer in LW.

LW gives extensive variety of products

LW Aluminum door frames gives a large variety of door frames. Inward and outward aluminum door frame,open aluminum door frame, closed aluminum door frame, glazing panel aluminum door frame, etc.

LW monetizes the products

LW has latest manufacturing machinery which is under observation of our experts .door frames are tailored with finest quality of aluminum which provides the long use of products.

LW a Skill Trader of Aluminum Door Frame

As door frames are available in LW in versatile shapes. These door frames are great to bring strength to door as they easily slide from one direction to another

  • Size of Aluminum Door Frame:

Aluminum door frame are availed in LW in range from 34 to 40mm .we customize the size according to the need of our clients.

  • Colors of Aluminum Door frame:

We use standard colors for aluminum door frame which are grey, silver depending on the color of interior.

Applications of Aluminum Door Frame

compartment aluminum door frame
glide aluminum door frame
Glide door
Main Entrance
Anodized Heatsinks for Cars
scullery aluminum door frames
Scullery door

LW the Superior Quality Aluminum Door Frame

LW has a trained team and latest machinery which make the top quality of aluminum door frames with 1000 to 7000 series of alloys. 

With the manufacturing with high level series of alloys and a material it gives the strength to door which can be used for long term.

Our services are our trade mark. We make aluminum door frames with latest techniques like cutting, process of carving and at the end drilling. 

We can give you the best manufacturing service which you want.

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