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LW High-Quality Aluminum Door

LW is an ISO-certified company in China and has been working for 15 years. We work as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aluminum-based products and aluminum doors are one of them. LW supplies its services both nationally and internationally.

LW is known for its quality products and quick service globally. From the manufacturing process of our products to the processing and supply, everything is covered under expert management.

We have an extensive range of aluminum doors in different designs, sizes, and colors. With LW coordination you can own rich quality aluminum doors for bathroom. In addition, LW also provides customization services to customers.

LW Aluminum Door

LW Aluminum Door Classification

Aluminum sliding door

These doors could be opened easily by sliding, usually parallel from the wall. Aluminum siding doors are great for areas where you want a clear view of the outdoors.

Aluminum sliding folding door
Aluminum Sliding Folding Door

These doors are open by folding back in sections. Aluminum sliding doors are stackable folding doors of multiple panels that slide and stack neatly to one or two sides.

Aluminum casement door
Aluminum Casement Door

These doors generally come with huge, clear glass panels that are attached to the mainframe with hinges. Aluminum casement doors give a giant look.

Aluminum hinged and french door
Aluminum Hinged and French Door

These doors allow opening the door whether in an inward or outward direction.

Aluminum-hinged doors can be manufactured as single or double doors. The double door configuration is referred to as the French door.

How is the LW Aluminum Door Manufacturer Different?

One-Stop Service

LW provides a one-stop service to its customers. We value your time and intentions so deal with us and save your time.

Rich Quality Products

LW has been providing high-quality products for the last 15 years. Our services validate the quality of our products. We provide free samples to our customers to ensure the quality of the products before purchasing.


LW also provides customization services to its clients by valuing our client's requirements. You can own quality aluminum products, in different configurations, sizes, and colors.

Processing of Products

LW uses different modes to process aluminum products. Our extensive processes include fabrication, milling, cutting, and bending of the products with great efficiency.

Excellent Engineering Team

LW has an excellent team with rich experience in manufacturing aluminum-based products. Our engineers are determined to provide excellent quality products to our customers.

Customer-Friendly Service

LW provides 24/7 customer care service. We are known for our excellent and fast delivery services worldwide.

LW Your Aluminum Door Manufacturer Expert

At LW you could get excellent quality aluminum doors. You could also customize them according to your


  • Various sizes

LW manufactures aluminum doors in a bulk of different sizes to meet the diverse needs of the customers. 

  • Countless designs

LW provides aluminum doors in a diverse range of unique designs. You can own these doors in your desired designs and could also customize them by dealing with us. To meet our customer’s satisfaction is our priority.

  • Diversity of colors

Diverse color options of aluminum doors are available including Pearl white gloss, surfmist matt, dune satin, paperbark satin, ultra silver gloss, woodland grey satin, monument matt, black satin, white birch gloss, evening haze, stone beige, jasper, primrose gloss, deep ocean, anodic dark grey, hammersley brown.

Applications of Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Door for Building
Aluminum door for showrooms
Aluminum door for home
Aluminum door for automobiles
5. Aluminum door for hospitals
Aluminum door for shopfront
Aluminum door for office
Aluminum door for elevator

Pros of LW Aluminum Doors

  • Reliable security

If you are looking for doors that fit perfectly in both beauty and protection then aluminum doors are the best option. Its premium quality ensures anti-burglary protection.

  • Corrosion resistance

Aluminum doors have a long life and are resistant to rust, corrosion, and termite effect.

  • Easy maintenance

They require minimal care and have a long life as compared to wooden doors.

  • Charming appearance

Aluminum doors provide beauty, warmth, and style. There is no need to paint or polish them.

  • Excellent thermal efficiency

Aluminum doors possess better thermal efficiency than wooden or uPVC front doors.

  • Lightweight

Aluminum doors are perfect if you are looking for great and lightweight doors that are easy to open and close.

LW- Trusted Company Aluminum Door Manufacturer

LW is the most trusted and popular brand in China. We deal with all kinds of aluminum-based products on a universal level. LW has established its reputation on the behalf of quality and good services both nationally and internationally.

LW provides the guaranteed quality of aluminum doors. We have earned the trust of millions of customers worldwide. Our mission is to continue providing quality products to our customers in the future.

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