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When considering aluminum E Channels, there are many factors you should weigh. 

Aluminum is a lightweight option that can be easily cut and formed to your specifications. It is also easy to weld and will not rust, even in extreme weather conditions.

Aluminium has been used in many aspects of both commercial and domestic construction because of its versatility and cost effectiveness.

Aluminium E channel is a premium quality aluminium extrusion. Not only do these channels offer a stylish, modern look and feel, but they are also considerably lighter than their copper counterparts. This allows for easier installation and handling when compared to other materials like steel or wood.

Aluminum E Channel are very easy to use, available in a range of lengths and thicknesses and the cost effective solution to a wide range of different applications.

Our aluminum e channel is a cost-effective solution that are easy to install and provide many benefits like increased durability, weather resistance and reduced mechanical damage.

Aluminum E Channels are ideal for heavy traffic areas, commercial and industrial applications. They resist corrosion and can be easily bent, cut and formed to your needs.

Aluminum E Channel

LW could provide different sizes and shapes for aluminum E channels. They are an essential component and could be used in different construction projects. 

These high quality channels are made of aluminum, which makes them highly durable and long lasting. 

Aluminum E Channels have excellent conductivity and high heat tolerance compared to other metal materials, making them widely-used for electrical applications such as power transmission or electronics cooling.


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In the modern world, everything needs to be manufactured. There is a high demand for aluminum E Channels and some are not being manufactured as quickly as they should be. This could mean that your products won't be delivered, you won't receive your money, or worse yet - you don’t have what you need to produce another product just waiting on E Channel to complete assembly.

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We are a professional manufacturer, we specialize in all kinds of metal products including aluminum channel, steeE Channel and stainless steeE Channel. Besides, the products can be used as pole and pipe, building material, construction materials and many other purposes. Therefore, they are very popular in various industries with their high quality and competitive price.

Precision-Fit Your Needs

We make Aluminum E Channel to your exact specifications, allowing you to choose a size and shape that fits your needs. Aluminum E channels with different shapes and specs, LW could custom the accurate dimensions based on your projects.

Cost-Effective Manufacturer

We can make your aluminum E Channel at a very affordable price because we know what it takes to be cost-effective without sacrificing quality. We promise that you won’t regret allowing us to manufacture your aluminum E Channels.

Reasons You Should Be Using Aluminum E Channel

The Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio

 Aluminum E Channel can be used for many reasons, but they have been designed primarily with protection in mind. They help prevent dirt and debris from entering your building via the gap created by the flooring meeting another surface. The aluminium material also provides thermal insulation, helping reduce energy loss through heat from cold floors such as concrete.

Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Made from high quality aluminium, our threshold channels are ideal for use as a strong and durable alternative to carpet underlay or wood. With many properties, such as a superior resistance to high temperatures, ability to absorb sound, low maintenance and lightweight nature; this product is guaranteed to improve your home’s appearance and better its energy efficiency. The Aluminum E Channel are an excellent choice for doorways, staircases and hallways.

Where You Can Use Your Aluminum E Channel

Aluminum E Channel for Domestic Applications
Domestic Applications
Aluminum E Channel for Commercial Buildings
Commercial Projects
Aluminum E Channel for Door Thresholds
Door Thresholds
Aluminum E Channel for Window Sills
Window Sills
Aluminum E Channel for Window Frames
Window Frames
Aluminum E Channel for Floors

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Aluminum E Channel are ideal for use in domestic and commercial projects. They can be used in a variety of applications including door thresholds, window sills and window frames to protect against water damage from rain, snow or ice build up. 

Aluminum E Channel are suitable for use on concrete floors or timber floors which have been sealed with an oil based stain or varnish.

Aluminum E channels will make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your building, reducing the time and costs associated with store maintenance. 

 These aluminum channels will outlast steel and most other metals, making it ideal for many uses such as holding up gates or fences. 

Lightweight, easy to install and requiring little maintenance these aluminum channels provide an economical solution for your requirements.