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Aluminum edge profiles are often used in corporate and commercial structures. Trimming the edges, boundary lines, and even the walls is great for rooms of all sizes in any business atmosphere. 

Aluminum edge profiles improve the building’s overall appeal while providing optimal comfort for both employees and consumers. 

Our aluminum edge profiles are built to withstand the rigors of demanding industrial situations. Additionally, the smooth surface is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, ensuring that it will retain its quality for years to come. 

Aluminum edge profiles have the benefit of being readily med to give a unique bespoke finish that properly fits your office environment. 

Each corner is offered individually, enabling you to save money by buying exactly what you need or by trimming excess pieces as needed. 

Aluminum edge profiles provide an infinite number of customization possibilities that guarantee they are tailored to your preferences and requirements while being visually beautiful.

Aluminum Edge Profiles

When it comes to office or home decor, aluminum edge profiles are a low-maintenance option that will last for years. 

They are machined from solid aluminum, ensuring they endure as long as your structure stands, and allow for a broad variety of customisation using the equipment you already have at home. 

The edges feature a mar-resistant coating, which means that even if a forklift scratches them, no damage will be visible. 

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Choosing the Right Aluminum Edge Profiles Manufacturer & Why It’s LW

Easy to Handle

No justification should exist for you to continue doing business with a firm that is unable to satisfy your requirements. They just don't grasp your demands and have no method of predicting their wants. This is why you must use LW Aluminum edge Profiles as they are created from high grade material and LW Aluminum edge Profiles is trustworthy and simple handling.

Little-to-to maintenance requirement.

They are often used for decorative purposes on edges of stairs or floors. When selecting materials, one of the most important factors to make is how long it will endure and how many times it may be used in total. Installing LW's aluminum edge profiles on aluminum tiles will ensure that they will last virtually a lifetime and need little or no maintenance.

Expertly Handcrafted Aluminum

The latest innovation in the aluminum edge profiles market has made its way to LW. Our experts have searched, tested and found a profile that fits your construction needs perfectly and has a reasonable price. To expand our product range, we have launched two series of aluminum products: interior and exterior. The interior aluminum edge profiles are a revolutionary product that can help you save money as well as time thanks to the ease of installation. Use them for installing decorative aluminum edge or for general construction work like underlayment, joists or subflooring. Available in large quantities at an affordable price, we guarantee that you will come back to us when your construction starts!

Extensive Inventory

LW offers the most competitive prices on aluminum edge products after more than five years of experience. As one of the leading manufacturers, LW can present you with a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses of metal profiles. Aluminum profiles last for up to 70 years. We provide affordable pricing and efficient shipping options to make sure that your order arrives promptly and is in top condition. Our extensive inventory will allow you to get started promptly on your next project!

Aluminum Edge Profiles

Why You Should Be Using Aluminum Edge Profiles

Easy-to-Use Aluminum Edge Profile

Aluminum edge profile is a high quality aluminum edge  designed to be used with aluminum edge. Aluminum edge profiles are made of high quality aluminum, making its color rich, bright and beautiful; more importantly, it is designed in a way that the edhe touches the floor easily, which avoids the occurrence of dust on the bottom edge of edges.

Increase the value of your application!

Many homeowners have begun replacing the typical vinyl edging around their pools with aluminum. Aluminum is a sturdy and durable material that will not have to be readjusted or mended for many years to come. Aluminum tile edge profiles may greatly boost the value of your home’s backyard extension, and are a snap to install!

Common Aluminum Edge Profile Applications

Aluminum Edge Profiles for Tables
Aluminum Edge Profiles for Doors
Aluminum Edge Profiles for Cabinets

LW: Well-Trained Experts and Specialists in Aluminum Edge Profile Manufacturing

The popular aluminum edge profiles from LW Manufacturing are known in the market for their elegant appearance, exceptional texture, easy processing as well as great corrosion resistance. 

To brandish your work of art more intricately, we offer a myriad of diverse surface treatments. They are made to make a refined finish on the aluminum edge profiles via various surface treatments including anodizing, silver plating, sand blasting, polishing and mill finishing.

LW can create custom aluminum edge profiles of all lengths, shapes, and curves. LW aluminum edge profiles are easy to install.

They could let you build work sites, improve safety and enhance the look of your aluminum  and they’re found in a variety of commercial applications, like aluminum tile trim profiles.

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