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Our well-known Aluminum products are proof that our manufactured items including the Aluminum Enclosure Box are reaching the top mark in their universality and functionality. 

We manufacture fine quality Aluminum Enclosure Boxes for use at offices and in retail businesses for product packaging. Our Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure also protects from dust and moisture by covering the meter cases commonly in streets- for electricity in the houses.

Our Aluminum products are solely for use at homes, offices, and manufacturing sites. Therefore, we make sure they are safe to be around. So, we pay full attention to the details of the products, and manufacture your demanded.

Furthermore, we keep your instructions in our focus- to get your products made according to your choice. 

We also give a Minimum Quantity Benefit to our customers so that they can buy our products at a reasonable price.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for ordering your styled Aluminum Enclosure Box.

Aluminum Enclosure Box Products

Industrial Aluminum Enclosure Box.

Industrial Aluminum Enclosure Box

These enclosures are for controlling in them the electronic equipments. These are found in different colors and different widths. They can be mounted with accessories such as terminal blocks, fuse holders, electronic circuits, transformers, and control devices, inside them.

Circuit Board Aluminum Enclosure Box

This enclosure box is designed to function for circuit boards. They keep the circuit board in place with the help of its screws. These can be used indoors such as in washrooms and outdoors for air pressure.

2.Circuit Board Aluminum Enclosure Box.
3.DIN Rail Mount Aluminum Enclosure Box.

DIN Rail Mount Aluminum Enclosure Box

These lock the rail circuit boards in their slots that are designed inside to keep the circuit boards firm in place. These are heavy duty enclosure boxes that are used in other heavy machinery as well such as bridges.


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LW Aluminum Enclosure Box- Advantages


They are highly ductile so they have a high plasticity coefficient. They can be yielded in several shapes and forms of Extruded Aluminum Enclosure Boxes.


Our waterproof Aluminum enclosure boxes can be used for outdoor circuit boards because they are safe to work with especially around water, air, and light.

Electrical and Thermal conductivity

The Aluminum Enclosure Box holds electricity and thermal energy from dissipating into the environment. Rather, heat and electricity are utilized in the production of more electricity. These boxes reflect heat and conduct electricity.


Because the Aluminum has no volatile covering on its surface, it does not catch fire or combust sparks. The resistance of Aluminum to environmental factors make it a sole demand for the product manufacture.

Easy handling

The Aluminum Enclosure Box is non-toxic, therefore, it can be handled easily. The lids of the Aluminum Enclosure Boxes can be opened without resistance because they are light in weight with no obstacles.


Because Extruded Aluminum Enclosure Box is not toxic and an energy-saving metal, it can be recycled without polluting the environment.


The Extruded Aluminum Enclosure Box is resistant to corrosion and last longer than other metal alloys.

An Upgraded Aluminum Enclosure Box Maker

The light weight and extrusion properties of our Aluminum supplies make them commonly used in our products.

Our Extruded Aluminum Extruded Box have the following premium benefits: 

  • Mechanical strength

We make a strong structure of Aluminum Enclosure Boxes. These heavy-duty enclosures resist stress and pressure.

  • Non-magnetic

The enclosure boxes are stable because of their non-metallic nature. This keeps the circuit boards in place to get maximum electricity benefits from it.

  • Vibration resistance

Used on heavy appliances such as rails, construction, tunnel, construction, and automotive machinery, our Aluminum Enclosure Box are suitable for stability. The stability allows for a correct posture in these settings.

Numerous Applications of Aluminum Enclosure Box

Aluminum Enclosure Box for Electronics.
Aluminum Enclosure Box for Industries.
Aluminum Enclosure Box for Railway.
Aluminum Enclosure Box for Navy.
Aluminum Enclosure Box for Tunnels.
Aluminum Enclosure Box for Parking.
Aluminum Enclosure Box for Industrial Buildings.
luminum Gunnel Modeling

Customized Aluminum Enclosure Box

We manufacture your Aluminum Enclosure Box in a clean environment. We make friendly products for you so that you can utilize our products safely.

We understand your need of enclosure boxes for your home appliances and manufacturing purposes. Therefore, our craftsmen make Aluminum Enclosure Box of your choice. You choose the size, color and type of the enclosure box.

As professionals, we give benefits to our customers; we give our after-sale services to you. Our R&D department prefers your demand, and instructs us to manufacture on-demand products of your requirement. 

Moreover, we are a full package for all your Aluminum products needs.

So, do not wait any more to order your customized Aluminum Enclosure Box, and contact us to get a quote from us.