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Why to prefer LW Aluminum Enclosure Manufacturers?

LW is one of the leading constructors and suppliers of aluminum enclosures. We plan, design and make custom OEM aluminum sheet enclosures that are durable and light in weight for industries like oil and Gas, telecommunication cabinets, solar battery, electronics etc.

With more than 15 years of an experience in aluminum extrusions production and fabrications we produce quality aluminum enclosures that meet the NEMA standards and IP ratings. Our technicians with upgrade technology provide you with creative and innovative designs of aluminum enclosure for number of applications that will definitely meet your expectations of quality, merit and performance.

Provide you with one-stop design whether it is significant to planning, assembly or either it is related to installation and delivery. At LW all shapes and sizes of enclosures are available even the round ones to accommodate equipments like meters other than those of ordinary square and rectangular like enclosures.

We highly regard and ease our customers so don’t hesitate to place your order at LW manufacturers.


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Product Categories

Product Classification of LW Aluminum Enclosure:

Extruded Aluminum Enclosure
Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

Extruded aluminum enclosures are very useful as they give outclass protection to electronics and PCB’s and are made of two aluminum side rails beside a top, bottom, front or back panels.

CNC Aluminum Enclosure
CNC Aluminum Enclosure

LW manufactured customized machine enclosures. CNC aluminum enclosures are perfectly matched with your application requirement without compromising on its quality and durability.

Aluminum Patio Enclosure
Aluminum Patio Enclosure

Aluminum patio enclosure come along with framed walls and sometimes also include roof gave your patio fully coverage and protect it from bugs. Beside this it doesn’t require any cleaning.

Folded Aluminum Enclosure
Folded Aluminum Enclosure

LW Folded aluminum enclosure are produced in order to cover any small to small application made it secure and shield from electromagnetic interference.

Eightwood Aluminum Enclosure
Eightwood Aluminum Enclosure

Eightwood is a heavy duty aluminum enclosure specifically speaking electronic box with built-in slots for circuit boards or PCB.

Diecast Aluminum Enclosure
Diecast Aluminum Enclosure

It is used for housing sensitive electronic wiring. As it is weather-resistant so it can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Enclosure


Aluminum enclosures are weightless but highly strong and tough as they can’t easily break or crack and can endure huge impacts so prefer aluminum enclosures over other materials

Resistance to erosion

LW enclosures are extraordinary resistive to moisture, erosion, weathering, UV rays etc so it has long lifespan and most intelligent choice for your applications.


As it is excellent for EMI shielding, reflecting electromagnetic waves of that of radio etc and controlling electrostatic discharge it is best to house electronics.

Provide Natural RFI Shield

Aluminum enclosures naturally provide RFI shield as they block the passage of radio waves and in this way they make sure to shield sensitive devices and so mostly used for electronics.

Customized in low cost

LW offers low cost customization as it does not required to be molded in order to bring it in specific shapes and can be easily customized by drilling, riveting, laser cutting, welding etc.

Easy Installation

Multiple mounting options are available for you counting cushion-mounted, free-standing, shaft mounted, walk-in and wall mounted etc.

LW Aluminum Enclosure Manufacturer and Supplier

Aluminum enclosures make sure that extreme temperature does not damage sensitive PCB components due to its high heat dissipation quality. They are available in a variety of shapes and styles.

  • Sizes:

Aluminum enclosures whether they are waterproof or non-waterproof are available in diversity of sizes. Our   waterproof aluminum enclosures meet NEMA type 6, 12, 13, 6P, 4*, IP 67& 68 requirements. They are more often than not rectangular and box-like extending in measure from some square inches to being as huge as a room.

  • Finishes:

To meet your needs we provide an aluminum enclosure with many finishes that not only suit but also increase the beauty of the product. Various finishes include black anodizing, wet coat, polishing, powder coating etc.

Applications of Aluminum Enclosures

Aluminum enclosure for Electronics
Aluminum Enclosure for Transformer
Aluminum Enclosure for Telecom
Aluminum Enclosure for Data system
Data System
Aluminum Enclosure for Medical devices
Medical Devices
Aluminum Enclosure for Industrial Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Aluminum Enclosure for Transportation
Aluminum Enclosure for Handheld devices
Handheld Devices

LW- Leading Manufacturers of Aluminum Enclosures

LW the most recognized company in terms of extruded aluminum products is committed to excellence and our advancements in enclosure area is one of the instance of our commitment to our valuable customers.

Our unmatched aluminum enclosures are available for you even for some minute purpose.  We with our skilled engineers, experience and market knowledge are designing and fabricating such products that others can’t.

Currently we are serving at number of industries including automotive, electrical etc.  

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Supply Premium And Professional Aluminum Enclosures In Bulk

You must have an idea of how perfect aluminum enclosures are to do away with their purpose. So, having them should be something very important for your clients, isn’t it?

In addition, if you need to order aluminum enclosures in bulk, why don’t you have a look at this FAQ guide and get an answer to all your questions in mind.

Aluminum Enclosures – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Which Type Is Right For You, Aluminum Enclosure Or Plastic Enclosure?

Aluminum enclosures are very durable if you consider them in terms of their durability. Aluminum enclosures are also rust and corrosion free.

However, aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and hence may not be suitable for certain electronic devices and might block radio frequency, so you may choose them if these two things don’t persist with your purpose.

However, as far as plastic enclosures are concerned they are also rust-free and corrosion-free but might eventually break or chip off.

Plastic enclosures do not conduct electricity nor block radio waves, so if you need them to serve any of these purposes you may choose a plastic enclosure.

Aluminum Vs Plastic Enclosure

Aluminum Vs Plastic Enclosure

Does An Aluminum Enclosure Block Wi-Fi Signal?

Yes, to a certain extent aluminum enclosure will end up blocking Wi-Fi signals because aluminum doesn’t have a transmission property within it.

Aluminum enclosures may require you to install a separate antenna for better signal transmission for your Wi-Fi signals.

Does Aluminum Enclosure Blocks Wifi Signal

 Does Aluminum Enclosure Block Wi-Fi Signal

How To Drill Aluminum Enclosure?

In order to drill aluminum enclosure you must have a step drill bit. It is far more beneficial than the other kinds of drill bits as it allows you to drill as much as you want, the size of the hole may vary as per your requirements.

  • First of all, on the aluminum enclosure sheet, keep your screws and mark the hole.
  • Now, take the step drill bit and start drilling at the same point as much as needed by the hole marked.
  • You can drill more or less the same hole if required and the best part is that your enclosure sheet is not harmed, if you have mistakenly marked a smaller hole.

    Drilling Aluminum Enclosure

    Drilling Aluminum Enclosure

Will Piezo Trigger Through Aluminum Enclosures?

Yes, a piezo will trigger through aluminum enclosures. In most of things, aluminum enclosures are used with piezo to make a better combination out of these.

If I Put A Circuit Board Directly On An Aluminum Enclosure, Will It Short Out?

Maybe and maybe not! There are a lot of factors here to consider in this case. Some circuit boards are covered with an insulator and if you are using such a circuit board, it won’t let it short out.


Secondly, it also depends on your aluminum enclosure, if your aluminum enclosure is equipped with anodizing then even chances of such a thing are very less.

You also must fix all your fuses and breakers properly and this will also play a vital role in assessing whether or not it shorts out.

Circuit Board on Aluminum Enclosure

Circuit Board on Aluminum Enclosure

What Are The Solidification Methods Of OEM Aluminum Enclosures?

These two methods may be used as a solidification method of OEM aluminum enclosures.

  • Layer by Layer

In order to solidify the aluminum enclosure using this method, the very first thing to do will be to separate the solid and liquid layer, if you don’t do that the process won’t be completed.

Once you have separated the solid and liquid layer using a boundary line and as soon as the temperature starts to decrease the liquid layer, starts to reduce and the solid layer get thicker.

  • Solidification Through Pasting

In this method, the temperature of the OEM aluminum enclosure is usually flat. You need to pass solid and liquid layers in the form of cementification.

In this process, the solid as well as the liquid layer will coexist and run together that makes them form a paste for solidification.

The process of solidification of OEM aluminum enclosure is a very essential one because it will determine the quality of your aluminum enclosure.

How Much Do Custom Aluminum Enclosures Cost?

The cost of custom aluminum enclosures may range somewhere between $10 to $30 depending upon the size and style of the aluminum enclosure.

Custom Aluminum Enclosure-

Custom Aluminum Enclosure

Are Aluminum Enclosures Waterproof?

Yes, aluminum enclosures may be waterproof. You will come across both the choices of the aluminum enclosure, some will be waterproof and some won’t, you can specify your requirements while purchasing if you need waterproof.

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